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0 Chapter List 1947 The Truth Is Out
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Chasing! Chase!"

     "It ran over there!"

     "The stone hit it!"

     "Be careful not to hit the young master's book!"

     "Don't let him get into the thorns, it will scratch the young master's book!"

     "Intercept it from there and drive it to the main road!"

     "Brother Sun, help! Stop that wild cat!"

     "Little brother, my master will have a reward for catching the cat!"

     "Uncles over there, please do me a favor! My young master's book was taken away by a wild cat!"


     "The wild cat ran over there!"

     "It's going out of the village!"

     "Stop it! This book can't be damaged!"


     Jia Zhengjin ran all the way with the book in his mouth, and the Yang Jia Ding frantically chased after him. Yang Jie also took the book boy Yang Lian, and the two close servants who got the news desperately chased.

     During this period, many villagers who had a good relationship with the sheep family also joined the chase.

     Before long, Jia Zhengjin rushed to the vicinity of the Taoist Temple, but did not stop, and passed directly over the two thatched huts.

     In a short while, dozens of people chased over and searched around the Taoist temple.

     "What's going on?" The wild cat rushed over. Of course Liu Jing and Min Wenxue in the thatched hut knew about it, so they came out to look at the noisy team and asked.

     Chu Daya was in Liu Jing's thatched hut, looking outside in confusion.

     On the other side, Qian Xiulan stayed in Min Wenxue's thatched hut and did not show up.

     "Monk, I'm sorry to bother you!" The Yang Jie who came back gasping for air, his eyes were full of anxious look, "A wild cat just passed by?"wildcat?

     Liu Jing and Min Wenxue looked at each other. Even if they didn't see them in the house, they were very clear. The wild cat did run past. But they all shook their heads in denial: "We practiced in the house and we didn't see it!"

     "It's just a wild cat, how can you start a teacher?" Niu Bao walked out slowly from Min Wenwen's thatched hut.

     "Our young master's book was stolen!" Yang Lian hurried over and glanced at Niu Bao curiously, "Uncle Niu, why are you here?"

     "Send some wild vegetables to the monk." Niu Bao looked at the sheep's family, "How can the wild cat steal the book?"

     "That is, how can the wild cat steal the book?" Liu Jing asked curiously.

     "My young master had fish for a while, and he read a book as soon as he finished the meal. Maybe the smell of fish got on the book!" Yang Lian explained according to his own understanding, "That wild cat is too stupid, I probably thought he stole the fish... ..."

     "There is such a thing?" Liu Jing, Min Wenwen and Niu Bao all showed speechless expressions.

     The same applies to many family members and villagers who helped.

     "Found!" At this time, someone yelled nearby.

     After a while, I saw a housekeeper coming over with a book: "Master, Found! Your orphan, fortunately, no damage!"

     Yang Jie eagerly reached out to take it, frowned after careful inspection, and gently stroked several tooth marks on the edge of the book: "No damage? What is this!"

     "Master, this book was not scratched by the wild cat, only a few tooth marks have been very lucky." Yang Lian hurriedly said, "If you accidentally cut the pages of the book by branches or thorns...""Yes, Master, a few tooth marks are a blessing." The two maids also hurried over, "It should be possible to smooth them if you take them back..."

     Holding the book, Yang Jie still felt heartache: "Where is the cat? What about the wild cat?"

     "Master, we found the book on the roadside, and the cat is gone!" Jia Ding replied loudly.

     "Find that cat, this young master is going to skin it!" Yang Jie was very angry now.

     "Quick! Find that cat quickly!" Yang Lian hurriedly ordered the family members to go into action.

     There is a mess here, but Jia Zhengjin is standing on top of a pine tree, live high and look down secretly watching.

     Its gaze was focused on Niu Bao who was beside Min Wenxue, his eyes narrowed into a line.

     Niu Bao just went to Da Liu's house and wanted to drink with him.

     Why is there another Niu Bao here?

     The people of the Yang family and the villagers who helped did not know this, but Jia Zhengjin witnessed it all the way.

     Niu Bao, who was supposed to be in Liu's house, appeared here, but Qian Xiulan, who had just come all the way, disappeared.

     It stands to reason that Qian Xiulan should have come out of the thatched cottage in Min Wenxue...

     The answer is obvious, because Qian Xiulan can't show up from Min Wenxue's thatched hut. The two people do not intersect at all. Especially when she said to go to Mother-in-law Jin's house, she was near the Taoist temple.

     Niu Bao shouldn't be here, but appeared; Qian Xiulan should be there, but disappeared.

     Whether it is the second Niu Bao who appeared here or Qian Xiulan who disappeared inexplicably, they are all connected with Liu Jing and Min Wenshu.

     The answer is ready to appear at the call, and the other party finally makes a slip.Then there is only one question—is this person Yue Lang or Yuanjun?

     When Jia Zhengjin thought about it, he noticed a sudden gaze.

     Niu Bao, who shouldn't be here, turned the head and looks to himself hidden in the tree.

     "Meow~" Jia Zhengjin tilted the head, raised his right paw and placed it beside his mouth, sticking out his tongue to lick his fur, and learned the behavior of wild cats imitate to perfection. Then he raised his right leg to tickle himself.

     "Niu Bao" focused his gaze on himself for a few seconds, then looked at Yang Jie, Yang Lian, and the two close servants, as if thinking about something.

     And Liu Jing and Min Wenxue's attention has always been on those four people.

     After searching for a while, the sheep family who could not find the wild cat finally retreated. After all, it was getting dark, and the Taoist temples were all cemeteries. Normal people did not like this atmosphere.

     When these people left, "Niu Bao" looked at Jia Zhengjin on the tree again: "Will there be a problem with that wild cat?"

     "It's been calculated long ago," Liu Jing also glanced back, "It's just an ordinary wild cat."

     "This is because the other party deliberately confuses us," Min Wenshu said, "then take the opportunity to inquire! You'd better go back quickly and don't let the other party see the problem. I think the young master of the Yang family is very suspicious, only he can mobilize so many people Don’t let him go back and see this person elsewhere."

     "I don't need to remind you!" "Niu Bao" was talking, and turned around to look like Qian Xiulan, and looked sideways at Chu Daya behind Liu Jing, "You come to calculate this wild cat and make sure it is okay! ""Okay!" Chu Daya actually began to make calculations, she was too proficient, and she was completely unlike a beginner who had just started practicing.

     Good deed...this is not Chu Daya! At least does not belong to oneself The first time I saw Chu Daya!

     Jia Zhengjin finally understood that the people of the Four Heaven Palace were all gathered!

     After waiting for half a month, I finally found my goal by myself!

     Yue Lang, Yuanjun, Liu Jing, and Min Wenshu are all here. It is estimated that Yuanjun is the strongest, and the one who becomes Qian Xiulan is naturally Yue Lang!

     Qian Xiulan...

      In other words, when she became Niushun, Qian Xiulan had already discovered herself?

     But at that time he could find himself, why can't he see it now?

     Still, Niu Shun was tempered by him in advance...

     "Chu Daya" calculated with my fingers, turned his head and said: "This wild cat does not have any abnormality, it conforms to World Law."

     "But at present, the objects we suspect are all in line with World Law!" "Qian Xiulan" seriously said.

     "That may be we do not have looking for the right direction." "Chu Daya" said, looking back at Jia Zhengjin's direction, "If you are really worried, just keep this wild cat by your side?"

     "..." Qian Xiulan looked at Jia Zhengjin in thought for a long while, "How can becoming a cat change the game? I'm afraid I overthought."

     "I feel so too." Liu Jing nodded, "It's been half a month since you said, are you not ready to do it? You will lose by then!""Don't worry! No matter what, you won't lose. I'll go back first, and you will investigate carefully to see which of the sheep's family has changed." After the voice fell, Qian Xiulan disappeared in front of everyone.

     First set a small goal, such as 1 second remember: Shukeju
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