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0 Chapter List 2003 Li Hu Kaitian?
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Yo! Why did you come?" Above the clouds, Min Wenshu smiled and looked over.

     "Come on, watch me the whole time, you guys don't know the reason why I came here?" Jia Zhengjin glanced at the three in front of him, "I want to know if Yu Xiaoman is this Yu Xiaoman, it is Yu Wanniang what's going on!"

     "This seems to deviate from the gambling agreement between us, right?" Liu Jing smiled.

     "Correct a little, the gambling is between me and Yue Lang, it has nothing to do with you!" Jia Zhengjin put his hands behind his back, "I just want to know what Yu Wanniang is going on, it shouldn't be difficult. If you don't help, I will Don't mind breaking World Law, use your own way to get the answer."

     Liu Jing, Min Wenshu, and Yuanjun looked at each other and showed depressed expressions at the same time.

     This is the hedgehog in front of him, he can't move, he must walk along. It really annoys him, and when he stabs himself, it is a tragedy!

     As the Four Heavenly Emperors, he doesn't like being called by others.

     But this kind of untouchable, unprovoked hedgehog, you can't get angry with him, otherwise it's yourself that hurts.

     No way, bear it!

     At least before Yue Lang completes his bet and sends him out of this World, let's cooperate.

     "Do you want to know everything about Yu Wanniang?" Liu Jing moved her bronze mirror and placed it in front of Jia Zhengjin. "No problem! My red-chip mirror records all the changes in the world. You can start from the birth of Yu Wanniang in this World." Look at it for a moment!"

     "How?" Jia Zhengjin stretched out his hand.

     Liu Jing hurriedly stopped him: "I'll come, I'll come!"He doesn't want his treasure to be touched by others, what if the other party takes it away?

     Cast a spell and a wasteland immediately appeared in the mirror.

     There is nothing on the wasteland, there are only endless weeds.

     Jia Zhengjin stared at the screen for a few seconds, puzzled: "What about people? Didn't you record everything about Yu Wanniang?"

     "Look at this!" Liu Jing pointed out, and the picture immediately zoomed out, and his finger was just stuck on a small bug on the top of a certain blade of grass.

     "What is this?" Jia Zhengjin glanced at the strange bug that was so small that it was almost invisible, and felt that the other party was fooling him, his tone a little blunt.

     "Lepidoptera!" Liu Jing replied.

     "Lepidoptera? What does it have to do with Yu Wanniang?"

     "By the way, you don't understand our this World at all." Liu Jing patted his forehead and snapped his fingers.

     A more primitive picture appeared in the bronze mirror immediately, and then he listened to him to explain to the side: "The world is a chaos, and a giant named Li Hu was born in the chaos. Li Hu woke up and saw that the world was dark, and he swung his axe. Split the chaos, the clear ones rise, the muddy ones fall"

     "No! Shouldn't it be Pangu Parted The Heavens?" Jia Zhengjin asked in shock.

     "Pangu?" Liu Jing, Min Wenshu, and Yuanjun glanced at each other, all showing doubts.

     Jia Zhengjin knew that as soon as the words were spoken.

     Because here does not belong to oneself through the previous galaxy, nor the earth.

     But since there is a legend of the so-called Lihu Kaitian, and the scene is almost the same as Pangu Parted The Heavens, but the name is different, it shows that this Yishang galaxy is really related to the Milky Way!It's just that there is something wrong with Pangu Parted The Heavens, because it is Lihu, but not oneself knows Pangu, so the world moves in a completely different direction.

     I'm afraid this is Parallel World!

     "You continue talking!" He stretched out his hand for Liu Jing to continue.

     Liu Jing thought for a while, and continued to follow the words just now.

     Just as Jia Zhengjin thought, the story of Li Hu Kaitian and Pangu Parted The Heavens are mostly the same except for a few deviations.

     Only after Li Hu died, there was no One Qi Transforms to Three Purities like Pangu, and there was no mythological story similar to that on the earth, including Nüwa mends the heavens, none of them existed!

     Listening to Liu Jing's words, Li Hu's body has transformed into everything in the world, which also includes this world's first life form-protozoan.

     And this everywhere protozoa is actually the original form of living in the current world, including humans, it is also produced after hundreds of millions of years of evolution.

     The protozoan that Liu Jing was referring to turned out to be the most primitive starting point for the emergence of Yu Wanniang.

      The understood Jia Zhengjin doesn't know what to say. Although let you start from the beginning, it doesn't have to go back to the era of protozoan, right?

     "Can you skip these unnecessary stages directly?"

     "Then adjust one hundred million years later!" Liu Jing cast a spell, the bronze mirror screen turned rapidly, and finally fixed in a primitive forest.

     In the forest, a group of apes gather together and are hunting for a creature that resembles a giant rabbit.

     Not to mention, there is a female among the apes with a face that looks particularly like Yu Wanniang."Is this Yu Wanniang?" Jia Zhengjin corner of the mouth twitches, somewhat unbelievable. Could it be that Yu Wanniang is a great ape? And lived for hundreds of millions of years? "

     "If you insist, she is Yu Wanniang's first form of humanity." Liu Jing replied, "This ape will plunge into a river and drown in 3 years, then reincarnated to yet another ape-man tribe, and then died of life. The reincarnation has been going on and on, eventually becoming the current Yu Wanniang."


     "Reborn by reincarnation, don't you know?" Liu Jing said, "After Li Hu died, the Four Heavens Palace and the Nether Realm appeared in the world. Even though neither the Sitian Palace nor the Nether Realm were a soul in sight at that time, they functioned normally. When any creature in this world dies, it will automatically enter the Netherworld and return in a new form through the Netherworld reborn by reincarnation. Your world, don't tell me there isn't reborn by reincarnation?"

     Yes, yes, and it seems to be similar

     Jia Zhengjin secretly said in the heart.

     "You can take a closer look. All the reincarnation processes that Yu Wanniang has gone through, as well as her shape in each life, are very detailed!" Liu Jing pointed to the picture, "It's just the name of each life differs to some extent, and occasionally reincarnates into other creatures. , Such as fish, wolves, birds, etc. But when she was reborn as an adult, her appearance was the same as now. This is the form of the soul. What do you think she is before? Does it mean that there are also in your world? Someone who looks exactly the same as her? I'm very interested in this!"

     "Why?" Jia Zhengjin asked.Liu Jing smiled and looked at him: "Because I discovered that not all creatures can stay in this World after being reborn by reincarnation. The same is reborn by reincarnation, we already have found countless cases of souls that have permanently disappeared in this World. At the same time, also I found that souls from the other world appeared occasionally and reincarnated as beings in the current world. Perhaps this is what you call the traverser. I really want to know what this traverser is all about!"

     Jia Zhengjin was shocked when he heard this: "This World has souls that are reborn by reincarnation inexplicably disappeared, and there are souls that shouldn't belong to the current world, from the other world?"

     "In fact, I suspect that many worlds are interlinked. The souls between the worlds occasionally exchange, or unilaterally transfer to yet another world." Liu Jing replied, "This should be the traversal in your mouth. But I don't understand traversal very well. Meaning, I don’t know what it means!"
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