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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

After the thunderstorm night, they met on the third day.

     Diao Jun didn't talk to Huang Shao about the fate of poor gods and the fate of Jinyinshan. In his opinion, it would be better for the monk to directly rot in his heart.

     Only by leaving Brother Shao can you become a rich man and not suffer from suffering, which he cannot do.

     At the same time, I don't want Brother Shao to know that his own fate is so bad that he can't make him sad.

     Therefore, the monk just said he slept and disappeared.

     Huang Shao didn't doubt either, he only thought that the monks would leave without saying goodbye, and it was a pity that Diao Jun disappeared.

     Can't follow the monk to learn spells, the two brothers must live.

     So he went out every day to find work in the town, or dig some wild vegetables in the mountains outside the city.

     It's not bad to get one meal a day.

     On this day, the two brothers left the Temple of the Earth early, with gurgling stomachs, wandering on the street, hoping to get something to eat.

     It's just that the shopkeepers in various shops are reluctant to use them.

     The docks and warehouses where coolies are sold are enough for people, and it doesn’t matter.

     There are many beggars on the street. The two brothers dare not go there. They have tried before, and they never dare to beg for food after being surrounded by beggars.

     Beggars also have territories, and there is no vacant place in Yushan Town.

     Wandering around, not even a temporary worker.

     The brothers were so hungry that their chests were attached to their backs, and they discussed going out to get some wild vegetables to cushion their stomachs.

     As soon as I walked near the East City Gate, I saw a crowded crowd of people, mostly beggars and poor people.

     The scene was very noisy, but fortunately, officials from the government were watching over."The military master, what are you doing?" In the face of the turbulent crowd, Huang Shao was somewhat curious, so he asked the officers and soldiers.

     "Qiao's porridge!" The officers and soldiers didn't even look at him, deadpan.

     "Really smell the scent of porridge!" Diao Jun couldn't help swallowing, grabbed Huang Shao, "Brother Shao, I'm hungry!"

     "Then let's go have a bowl?" Huang Shao nodded, such a good thing as porridge is rare, of course you can't miss it if you encounter it.

     The two brothers squeezed into the crowd hand in hand, lined up for a long time, and finally squeezed to the inside.

     Sure enough, dozens of families in Qiao's family are busy back and forth, and the maids cook porridge on the spot. Several female families of Qiao’s family covered with a veil, serving congee for the poor. There were thankful voices everywhere, and even crying.

     When it was finally Huang Shao and Diao Jun's turn, the two brothers looked at the thin porridge in the bucket and thought it was bejeweled nectar, so they just wanted to enter it quickly.

     The female servant in charge of serving the porridge scooped a bowl, and Huang Shao immediately picked it up, said thank you to her, and wanted Diao Jun to come over.

     When I raised my head, a fragrant wind blew through, and the veil of the female family was raised with the wind, revealing a stunning beauty for a moment.

     Under the veil is a 16-year-old beauty, remarkably beautiful young lady.

     Huang Shao's eyes were straight, and he stood there blankly.

      When the remarkably beautiful young lady met his gaze, she smiled softly and charmingly, as if she was breathtaking.

     Holding a bowl of white porridge, he even forgot to be hungry, leaving only the beautiful face that flashed past in his mind."Brother Shao!" Diao Jun squeezed over. Although he was wondering why Huang Shao was doing this, he took the porridge that the female relatives handed over and took him away from the crowd to the open space nearby. Seeing him holding the porridge but not drinking it, he kept looking back at the place where the porridge was being served, and took a sip by himself, softly asked, "Brother Shao? Why not drink it? This porridge is delicious!"

     "Ah? Ah!" Huang Shao recovered his senses, "Oh..."

     "Brother Shao, What happened to you?"

     "No, nothing..."

     "It's very lucky today. The Qiao family actually served porridge. It is a family of great good!" Diao Jun was very happy.

     "It's Ah..." Huang Shao looked back at the congee making place, but it was a pity that the heads were surging, and there was no way to see the female relatives.

     "Brother Shao, why don't you drink it?"

     "Drink, drink..."

     The two brothers squatted in the corner after drinking the porridge and returned the bowl to the Qiao family.

     "After drinking the porridge, I feel much more comfortable!" Diao Jun felt like he was alive, and touched his a little stocked belly. "Brother Shao, go to the mountain to get some wild vegetables. I can deal with it today!"

     "Yeah!" Huang Shao still didn't see the face he wanted to see, and was slightly disappointed. I sighed faintly in my heart. It was the daughter of the Qiao family who served the porridge. Although she had never seen the remarkably beautiful young lady, she seemed to be the dominant one among the people who served the porridge. Only the youngest daughter of the Qiao family was the only one who served the porridge.

      The daughter of a rich family is a boudoir, and rarely goes out.

     Huang Shao only knows that Qiao’s family has a young daughter, but he doesn’t know how beautiful and beautiful she is, nor what’s your name.

     At first glance, the whole heart seemed to be grasped, almost unable to breathe.However, after that, he showed a sad look and scolded himself for wanting to be blind.

     Not to mention that the other party is the famous Qiao family. He is just a poor boy who can't even eat.

     How can I be worthy of such a celestial person?

     "Brother Shao?" Diao Jun found out that Huang Shao was wrong, and when he returned from the congee cooking scene, he stayed in a daze, not knowing what to think. In this situation, shouldn't I be able to go to the mountain to find wild vegetables with myself?

     Huang Shao's mind is full of that beautiful face, especially her smile, completely impossible to get rid of. So that you can't hear Diao Jun's voice at all.

      Unconsciously returned to the ruined temple, and waited for Diao Jun to let him in before reacting: "Why are you going home and not going up the mountain?"

     "Brother Shao, how do you go up the mountain like this?" Diao Jun helpless.

     "I...I'm fine!" Huang Shao said hurriedly.

     "Are you uncomfortable? Rest at home!" Diao Jun said, "Today, my one person is going to the mountain."

     "How can it work?" Huang Shao shook his head, "together..."

     "I think you are absent-minded, are you suffering from a cold? Let's not get sick!" Diao Jun said worriedly, "There is no money to treat if you are sick. Brother Shao, you must not catch the cold at home today because you have a fire at home. Let me go. Dig wild vegetables in the mountains."

     "Jun'er, I'm fine..."

     "I said it's okay. You've been in a daze since just now." Diao Jun held him forcibly and set a fire with a fire fold. "We really can't get sick, so we have to be careful if there is any signs."

     "Jun'er, I...""All right, wait for me to come back!" Diao Jun didn't give him a chance to explain. He turned to leave the Temple of Earth and ran all the way towards the city gate.

     Looking at Diao Jun's back, Huang Shao wanted to catch up.

     But that beautiful face reappeared in his mind, so he sat on the edge of the fire with his cheeks in his hands, adding firewood, and continuing in a daze.

     He didn't want this, but there was no way.

     The thinking period is coming, and there is no way to control oneself.

     On the other side, Diao Jun went out of the city and went straight to the nearest mountain forest. There were no large beasts and the mountain was not high, so it was safe near the city. The poor people in the city often look for food on this mountain, catching wild rats, hares, frogs, snakes, or wild vegetables and wild fruits.

     Because there are many poor people and limited resources in the mountains and forests, everyone can get so little food every day.

     If you are unlucky, you may be hungry.

     Diao Jun drank a bowl of white porridge. With a little bit of strength, he felt that today he could go to more places and find more wild vegetables.
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