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0 Chapter List 2040 Magic Craft
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The deserters captured were all in the barracks and were strictly guarded.

     Including Diao Jun.

     The lieutenant guarding here does not actually know why these deserters baffling back near the barracks.

     Maybe it was a ghost or other beast on the road, and he lost his way while escaping in a hurry, so he turned back?

     Because they are all in a coma, they cannot be confirmed.

     The lieutenant sent someone to lock them in the barracks, and made a special trip to wait for General Who Snaps and Charges to come back and decide, to see how to deal with these deserters.

     Incarnate as General Who Snaps and Charges Yu Cheng, Jia Zhengjin praised this lieutenant named Zou Yan to his face and let him take care of the deserters. Once the deserter wakes up, report to himself immediately.

     After that, he took someone to deal with the wolves.

     Coming to the fierce battlefield, Danyang soldiers were still carrying the bodies of those colleagues who died in the battle.

     Jia Zhengjin went straight to the huge monster wolf corpse and knelt down to explore.

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained Complete Demon Pill (Gold)!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained Fang Necklace (Legendary)!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained Fang of the Demon Wolf!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained Xuan Tie!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained [Magic Craft]!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained experience pill!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained 50 taels of gold!

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained treasure map!

     This loot is pretty good, besides the treasure map, there is also a legendary quality necklace.[Fang Necklace] (Legendary) Attack 128, defense 70, agility 55, power 60, automatically obtain [Summon Giant Wolf] and [Beast Affinity] after being equipped. Equipment Request: 40 points of strength and 40 points of agility.

     【Summon Giant Wolf】Consuming 20% of current mana, summon a giant wolf to help out. When the mana is low, at least one giant wolf is summoned. The more mana, the more giant wolves are summoned, and the stronger the attributes.

     [Beast Affinity] All beast creatures and monsters have a positive affection for you by 10 points.

     The legendary necklace with very good attribute, although it requires 40 strength and 40 agility, the requirements are not low. But only for ordinary people. Jia Zhengjin’s current attributes are surpassing by far requirements.

     The skill of summoning giant wolves depends on the mana value to determine the number and attributes of the giant wolves summoned. It should be quite practical.

     Of course, for Jia Zhengjin, who is begging for death, it seems meaningless.

     As for the beast affinity, it can increase the favorability of beast creatures and monsters by 10 points.

     The equipment with a favorable impression is not likely to appear, but in fact, nothing else means, after all, Jia Zhengjin does not need a favorable impression.

     Of course, for the legendary quality, still wear it.

     【Demon Wolf Teeth】The monster wolf’s teeth, a low-level magic weapon material.

     【Black Iron】Common spirit mine, low-level magic weapon material.

     [Magic Treasure Craft] After using Skill Learned [Magic Treasure].

     This is a set!

     Two materials, one skill book.

     magic weapon?

     It is Liu Jing's mirror, Min's book of golden bowls, and mythological story, which often appears in mythological story, and is the bottom prop of various gods.Unexpectedly, there will be a skill book for making magic weapons, which makes Jia Zhengjin particularly interested.

     Use the skill book to learn!

     It seems that spell skills will not be repelled, and will not be Unable to learn like magic.

     Could it be said that magic and science are interlinked?

      probably not?

     Then why can't I learn magic, but I can learn all Magic Skills?

     Could it be that... is your physical problem?

     Or is it the cause of System Update?

     Or in a new world, after the system adapts to the current world and reset it, the Magic Skill tree is not closed?

     Regardless of the reason, it is a good thing for yourself, that's enough!

     【Experience Pill】Get 100,000 experience points immediately after taking it!

     This is the existence of similar experience books in Magic World. You don't need to hesitate at all. Open your mouth and swallowed in one bite, so that General Who Snaps and Charges Yu Cheng's Soul Projection ranks quickly.

     50 taels of gold are useless, and Jia Zhengjin is not short of money.

     As for the treasure map, I don't even bother to dig it, and throw it into the virtual backpack with the gold.

     After counting the spoils and opening the manufacturing interface, the magic weapon production option appeared.

     It's just different from other production items. This magic weapon production interface only has one huge background pattern of the cauldron, plus five squares in the middle, bottom, left, and right, and the [refining] button below each.

     So simple to make a bar.

     And there is no formula!

     There are marks in the five boxes, the largest in the middle is [Main Material], and the surrounding four are [Accessories].completely without any description.

     How can I do this?

     Looking at the simple interface for making magic weapons, Jia Zhengjin turned his gaze to the two just exploded low-level magic weapons materials in the virtual backpack.

     There are only two, but it has five boxes...

     and many more! These demon pill fragments, as well as the introduction of the complete demon pill, suddenly added 4 words of magic material, meaning it can be used?

     How about... Do it and see? Although there is no formula at all, I don't know if it can succeed.

     After thinking about it for a minute, Jia Zhengjin made a decision.

     First took out the teeth of the demon wolf and the mysterious iron, and after weighing the left and right, decided to use the teeth of the demon wolf as the main material and put them in the middle grid of the magic weapon interface.

     Then put the black iron on the top accessory grid.

     Then take out the complete metallic demon pill, place it in the auxiliary material grid below, and put two metallic demon pill fragments in the auxiliary material grid on the left and right respectively.

     After all the grids are full, Sudden Appearance above the [Refining Treasure] button will prompt: "According to the current material analysis, there is a 95% probability of a low-level magic weapon, a 5% probability of a middle-level magic weapon, a 0% probability of a high-level magic weapon, and a super magic weapon. The probability is 0%! Attribute [Gold]."

     Hey! It is possible to analyze the quality probability of magic weapon according to the material, interesting!

     But without the type of magic weapon and other information, could it be random?

     Moreover, it is metallic, which is obviously related to the attributes of the demon pill.

     95% low-level magic weapon is actually almost equal to 100%.

     The probability of 5% of the intermediate magic weapon is completely negligible.

     It is said that they are all low-level materials, how can there be an intermediate magic weapon probability?Could it be because of this complete demon pill?

      Thought until here, try to replace the complete metallic demon pill with demon pill fragments. Sure enough, the probability of the low-level magic weapon becomes 100%, and the others are all 0%.

     Refining like this? Or try your luck with the metallic demon pill? Although the probability is only 5%, what if European gas breaks out?

     Besides, I don't feel bad about this stuff.

     Try it!

     Jia Zhengjin once again put the metallic demon pill in, and directly clicked the treasure button.

     The interface immediately shined, all the materials gathered in the middle, and the raging flame burned in the cauldron.

     [System] Successfully refining treasures!

     [System] Congratulations! You have obtain low-level metallic magic weapon [Spike Cone]!

     [Spike Tooth Cone] (Gold) low-level magic weapon, lock the target and throw it, causing 100 points of fixed damage, and 10% chance to make the target into a bleeding state, losing 1 point of HP per second for 60 seconds.

     It seems that European spirit has not appeared, it is still the lowest level magic weapon.

     Fixed 100 points of damage, 10% bleeding, for most people, quite powerful. But to myself, what a rubbish!
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