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0 Chapter List 2068 Omori
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Cen Pei and Diao Jun led their troops to retreat and set up obstacles, delaying the army of Miao County.

     Arrived in Bashui County three days later, ready here.

     The two returned to the city to return to the prefect.

     "You are doing a great job!" Jia Zhengjin showed a quite satisfied look, "It is gratifying. As expected, the general did not misunderstand the person!"

     "Thank you General!!" Cen Pei hurriedly stepped forward and bowed his hand.

     "Thank you General!" Diao Jun also learned something.

     "How long will it take for the enemy to arrive in Bashui County?"

     "Give it to the general," Cen Pei replied, "It is estimated by the end that the enemy will arrive outside the city at noon tomorrow."

     "Tomorrow at noon? Very good!" Jia Zhengjin said, "then set up an ambush and give them a meeting ceremony first. Zou Yan!"

     "The end will be!"

     "You took Yang Ting, Chen Sheng, Zhu Yan, Chen Tong, Yang Min, and Zhao Shun, and led 5,000 soldiers to ambush outside the city! No direct confrontation, and the ambush is immediately withdrawn. Is there a problem?"

     "The final commander!" Zou Yan responded loudly.

     "General," Cen Pei asked, raising his head, "Brother Jun and I are more familiar with the enemy's situation, why don't we help with them?"

     Diao Junxin said that you are always going to die, where is the danger?

     But he dared not talk casually.

     Fortunately, Jia Zhengjin's changed General Who Snaps and Charges shook his head and said to him: "Cen Pei and Diao Jun, you two have just turned back, this matter is still left to others. Moreover, the city needs to be defended by generals!"

     "Yes..." Zen Pei lowered his head in response, but his face was a little depressed.On the contrary, Diao Jun was relaxed. He would rather fight the enemy under the protection of the city wall than rush outside for direct confrontation.

     Jia Zhengjin arranged the tasks of the generals, leaving Diao Jun and Zinc Pei specially.

     "Diao Jun!"

     "The end is here!" Baffling was left behind, and Diao Jun was panicked and hurried forward to respond.

     "Are you thinking, why did this general leave you and Zempe?"

     "The general makes sense to do this!" Diao Jun replied.

     Jia Zhengjin lightly smiled: "Actually, it has nothing to do with Zim Pei, but you two stay together inseparable as form and shadow! Do you want to know why?"

     "Please make it clear to the army!" Diao Jun looked up at General Who Snaps and Charges.

     Zen Pei also looked up respectfully.

     Jia Zhengjin stood up, walked down the steps and came to Diao Jun, looking down at the two people kneeling on one knee: "Last night midnight, a monk suddenly came to this general's tent, calling himself Jia Chong."

     "Father Jia?" Diao Jun was taken aback.

     "This monk is powerful and awesome."

     "Fr. Jia is indeed an expert." Diao Jun hastily nodded.

     "The monk calculates the future for this general, saying that you Diao Jun is my lucky general and can help this general a lot in the future!" Jia Zhengjin said with a faint smile, "This general also feels that the monk's words are correct, this period of time you showed My strength makes me very satisfied!"

     "Thank you General! It's just that Diao Jun doesn't have such strength..." Diao Jun hurriedly denied.

     "Huh, be humble," Jia Zhengjin turned around and took a long spear from the side weapon rack and handed it directly to Diao Jun, ?Catch!"

     "This..." Diao Jun hesitated to reach out his hand.Cen Pei at the side was anxious, and quickly pushed him: "The general has given you weapons, why not take it soon?"

     Diao Jun stretched out his hands and held it respectfully.

     "Thank you General!" Cen Pei pressed Diao Jun's head and thanked him for his gratitude.

     "Actually, no need to thank me, this Qinglong spear was given by Brother Jia!" Jia Zhengjin said, "This general is just transferring it for him!"

     "Brother Jia gave it to me?" Diao Jun was somewhat astonished, "but I already have a spike..."

     "This Qinglong spear is said to be a magic weapon, it can behead monsters and eliminate demons, and it is infinitely powerful!" Jia Zhengjin said, "You have to use this magic weapon to kill the enemy well for this general!"

     "This..." Diao Jun showed a tangled expression. He is very grateful for the kindness of recognizing sb's worth and employing him of General Who Snaps and Charges, but in his heart he is not very happy to be a soldier, and now he can barely stay without any choice.

     "Thank you General!" Cen Pei was worried when he saw that he didn't respond. He stretched out his hand and forced his head to thank him.

     Diao Jun was not angry, but turned his head to look at his eyes a little depressed.

     In Jia Zhengjin's eyes, Zen Pei and Diao Jun shared their lives and deaths in the war, and seemed to have established a quite good friendship: "Diao Jun!"

     "The end will be!"

     "I hope you will kill more enemies for this general in the future, and pacify the world for Daqi Country!"

     "Here!!" Under Zen Pei's eyes, Diao Jun lowered his head in response.

     "Get up!"

     "General Xie!"

     The two stood up, bowed their heads respectfully and did not dare to move.Jia Zhengjin returned to his position and looked down: "By the way, Brother Jia has another sentence for this general to convey to you!"

     "Dare to ask the general, what did Brother Jia say?" Diao Jun asked hurriedly.

     "He asked this general to send a message, so you don't want to go back to Qimu Town again!"

     "Why?!" Diao Jun was anxious when he heard these words, "Qimu Town is the home of the final general. Brother Shao and Xier are waiting at home, how can they not return?"

     "The monk said, if you don't return to Qimu Town, you will have an open career in this life, Half Step Green Cloud!" Jia Zhengjin said indifferently, "But if you return to Qimu Town, you will suffer a great change. From then on, one stumble, unable to rise Qimu Town is already a place of bad risk for you. Don’t approach it! It’s best not to step into this life!"

     "Impossible! Impossible..." Diao Jun shook his head vigorously, "Monk how can it be saying this?"

     "Can this general lie to you?"

     "General, where is Brother Jia? The final will want to see him and ask him face to face." Diao Jun hurriedly clasped his fists and asked.

     "After the monk had a chat with this general yesterday, Tengyun left and disappeared." Jia Zhengjin waved his hand, "I can't find these immortals."

     "Which direction did the cultivator go? Can the general give the final general some time to find the cultivator to ask the truth!"

     "Now Bashui County is about to fight, how can I leave?" Jia Zhengjin frowned and looked at him, "This general needs you, so naturally I can't let you go!"

     "But the general..."

     "This way! After this battle, our country will be able to consolidate the defense of Bashui County, and you will be given some time." Jia Zhengjin said, "but we still need to come back earlier to serve for this general!""This..." Do you have to wait to finish this battle? Diao Jun was extremely anxious, where should he go to find Brother Jia?

     Cen Pei secretly patted his back, and then said for him: "Thank you General! The final two must spare no effort and defend Bashui County to the death!"

     "Very good!" Jia Zhengjin said with satisfaction, "Today you two will go down and rest first, preserve and nurture one's spirit. When the enemy strikes tomorrow, command the army to defend the city as the general, and let me put a soldier in!"

     "Here!!" Cen Pei and Diao Jun have different mouths, same voice.

     "Okay! Get out!"

     "The final will retire!!" The two saluted, turned and left the prefectural palace side by side.

     Outside, Zin Pei whispered: "Brother Jun, how dare you talk to the general just now? Fortunately, the general is amiable and approachable, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous!"

     "I'm so confused now, you Don't say anything." Diao Jun ignored him and walked forward directly.

     :. :
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