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0 Chapter List 2112 The Memory Of A Zombie Clone
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

These zombies seem to be real, after all, System Notification will not deceive people after being killed.

     Depending on the situation, the city has been destroyed a period of time. I don’t know whether this is the case for this city alone or the whole earth.

     By the way, where is Nuwa? She, Yu Wanniang, Pseudolan, and Big Shrimp must have also fallen into the current world, after all, they have entered the time storm together.

     I don’t know now How is it going!

     Fortunately, Nuwa said that she is not a real life form, and she can repair herself even if the damage is severe.

     Yu Wanniang is a ghost, probably not a problem.

     One of the pseudolan and the big shrimp is a monster race, the other is a water race, they may be destroyed in the time storm, and they do not have their own resurrection ability.

     Of course, as long as you find Nuwa, Jia Zhengjin doesn't care about the two of them.

     The most urgent thing is to find Nuwa and figure out the difference between this earth and the earth where I was born.

     In other words, this earth is a level 5 civilization.

      Fifth Level Civilization can shuttle between Multiverse and develop the energy of other universes.

      In other words, there may be immortals and monsters in this planet, and it is estimated that there are also in this planet.

     Isn’t it just to find a target that can kill you when you come back from Magic World?

     Although... Although it seems a little hesitant now.

     It's just that there seems to be a mark (destroyed) in System Notification.

     Does the destruction of civilization also mean that the fairy and monsters in the current world are already left, or are all destroyed by what thing?

      no matter what, first find Nuwa and talk about it.Open the virtual backpack, which contains only the most advanced mining picks, shovel, axe and other tools, in addition not having anything at all.

     No, there are many inner sea pearls, but they don’t seem to be used as currency in this World!

     Even if it can be used as currency, there are no living people here.

     All the props are in the box of Nuwa!

     I didn't expect this to happen when I participated in the Dragon City Club.

     However, he is not worried, Soul Projection can be used anyway, and his original form seems to retain the new skills, but all Soul Projection is reset to level 1.

     King Tiger Howl’s Soul Projection was upgraded to level 10 in a row just now, and his body also automatically counterattacked to kill countless zombies and then upgraded to level 7. To be honest, facing these zombies doesn't have any pressure.

     Looking back at those zombies, pondered a little, and gave up the plan to search, because it was not necessary.

     These zombies are all ordinary. Without BOSS and elites, they will probably only produce some everything in disorder and insignificant spoils, and the chance of producing good things is small.

     Rather than wasting time, it is better to find the Nuwa as soon as possible and make plans.

     Jia Zhengjin, who turned into the Tiger Roar King, directly turned into a black wind soaring high into the air, and quickly flew high into the air to look around. It turned out that there was a lot of dense smoke in the south of the city, which looked a bit like a crash.

     The distance is too far to see the specific situation, but it may be the Nuwa.

     Hurry to fly toward the south of the city, preparing to investigate closely.

     While flying, I looked down on the entire city, and felt familiar and unfamiliar.Familiarity is because I can call out some places at a glance, and because I am unfamiliar because it has been more than a thousand years, and it may not be very similar to the earth when I traveled, so most areas feel fresh.

     Especially for the first time I was in a high Airborne Flight, overlooking the entire city in this way.

     The only regret is that there are only densely packed zombies on the city streets, rather than the bustling and prosperous memories of cars come and go and the stream flows without stopping.

     His eyes suddenly touched the familiar building, and his body shook slightly.

      can't help dive down and land on the top of the house.

     My hometown, a more discordant area in the city. This area is composed of low-rise brick houses, in sharp contrast with the high-rise buildings in the city.

     And my home is one in this discordant area.

     The zombie did not find Jia Zhengjin who was to drop from the sky, still wandering in the nearby streets.

     Jia Zhengjin followed the tiles and jumped directly to the corridor on the second floor.

     "Roar——!!!" Just after gaining a firm foothold, a zombie in the room roared and rushed over.

     How could Jia Zhengjin, who turned into Tiger Roar King, be afraid? Directly stretched out his left hand and grabbed the zombie's neck and lifted it directly.

     Just the next second, the whole person was stunned.

     Because the zombie that was struggling constantly in his hands turned out to be his own.

     Let me grin!

     Seeing the terrible appearance of himself as a zombie, Jia Zhengjin felt that he had one's hair stand on end, mainly because it was disgusting!

      In other words, this zombie is his clone in the current world. Or is he the clone of this zombie in the other world?In short, it is not clear who is whose clone, in short, the two sides are definitely related.

     "Roar~" The zombie Jia Zhengjin kept roaring and struggling, but couldn't escape from his own hand who became the King of Tiger Howl. I want to bite, but because my neck is held tightly, my chin can't bite.

     He scratched Jia Zhengjin's hand while struggling, but ignored him because he was immune to toxins.

     Replaced with Common Zombie, Jia Zhengjin might just kill him.

     The problem is that this is me!

     He never considered killing himself in yet another world, what's the matter would happen.

     But this own clone has become a zombie, what's the use of keeping it?

     As I was thinking, my head was in a trance suddenly, not knowing why.

     Immediately afterwards, the zombie clone that he was holding in his hand seemed to become blurred.


     Jia Zhengjin blinked, but clearly saw his zombie clone gradually becoming transparent.

      at the same time, as if there is a what thing digs into my mind.

     When the zombie clone baffling disappeared in his hands, he was in a trance again, and suddenly there was an inexplicable segment in his mind.

     In a school building, a young woman who looked unfamiliar but familiar screamed at herself in panic.

     He didn't know who this young woman was, but he felt flustered and anxious when he saw this picture.

     Before the zombie clone disappeared, the only Memory Frag?ment left to me was about this young woman.

     Must find her!

     This idea came to mind, and it was extremely strong!Who is she? Why does his zombie clone take so much attention?

     Jia Zhengjin only felt that being affected by the memory of the zombie clone, the mentality of Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters for thousands of years suddenly fluctuated, and hurriedly turned into a black wind and flew into the air, towards the school in Memory Frag?ment.

     "Roar~" The streets are full of zombies wandering back and forth, aimlessly walking.

     Jia Zhengjin ignored them, and quickly flew to the school building in Memory Frag?ment, searching around.

     The clip of that woman reappears, and Jia Zhengjin instantly recognizes where she is in the clip. He hurriedly flew to the fifth floor of the teaching building and brandished a gilt hammer to kill all the zombies blocking the road.

     I waited until the door of the room where the woman was, hesitated a moment, used Soul Projection to become my original appearance, raised my foot and kicked it a dozen times, finally kicked the door open, reached in and pushed open the furniture behind the door, and entered the room within.

     However, strangely, no one can be seen in the room.

     Looking around, suddenly his eyes were attracted by the only wardrobe left in the corner, and he quickly moved over to pull it away.

     The inside of the wardrobe is indeed the woman in Memory Fragment, but the ones who have been all skin and bones, motionless like a statue don't know dead or alive.

     She was surrounded by shredded snack packaging bags, with no food residue.
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