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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The conch convoy moved slowly and soon arrived near the street.

     The guards carefully observed both sides, not daring to make any omissions.

     However, at this moment, a clam spirit suddenly rushed out of the right side, passed the guard's protective net at an unimaginable speed, hit the giant conch car in front, and fell to the ground.

     "Yeah!" The conch car shook, and the oval-faced girl in the car was startled, and quickly came out, "what's going on?"

     The guards hurriedly came to surround the clam essence and repeatedly pleaded guilty at the oval-faced girl: "Princess Xiaoxian, forgive me, it is our weak guard that caused this clam essence to crash into your car. I will deal with it immediately!"

     "The princess is forgiving! The princess is forgiving!" Clam Jing panicked and begged for mercy.

      "Pā!~" The oval-faced girl showed anger, and directly drew a whip, without the slightest hesitation, to the clam essence.

      "Ah!" The clam spirit screamed, showing fear, "Princess forgive me!"

     "You humble clam spirit, how dare you run into this princess!" The oval-faced girl swung her whip and beat her, completely without Heart of Mercy.

     Clam Jing kept begging for mercy, and then was whipped to the sound smaller and smaller, and finally dying, even the whip did not respond to the body, be badly mangled or mutilated.

     When the clam spirit stopped moving, the oval-faced girl put away the whip: "Come here! Throw her to the deep sea graveyard!"

     "Yes!!!" The guard immediately went into action.

     Clam Jing was carried away by the guards, and was thrown directly into the deserted waters outside the city.

     When the guards left, the clam spirit suddenly moved, and then took on a new lease of life to restore Jia Zhengjin's appearance.

     The whipping of the oval face girl had no effect on him.On the one hand, the defense of the fairy weapon is super strong, and on the other hand, the pain resistance has long been raised to the extreme, and I can't feel whatever the case.

     Jia Zhengjin, who had recovered his body, looked at the direction of Dragon City and smiled lightly.

     This offspring of Yuan Muping was really spoiled.

     They are really not good at education!

     Even if you can't educate little girls to be moral saints, at least they shouldn't be merciless and completely egoistic like this?

     She estimated that she did not treat the lower creatures of the Dragon Palace as a human being.

     But this is quite interesting, Jia Zhengjin chuckled and disappeared in place.

     Longcheng Market.

     "Haha~ Glazed Tile Pagoda!" Countless car interior sea pearls were delivered to the treasure pavilion, and the oval face girl successfully purchased the Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda and happily came out of it.

     As soon as I got outside, a young human cultivator flew toward Yujian.

     The guards found out, and immediately stopped in front and raised their spears to order loudly: "Human cultivator ahead, stop! Human cultivator ahead, stop!"

     However, it was too late. The monks of Controlling Sword Flight directly slammed into the guards, and the huge impact caused them to fall around.

      At the same time, the uncontrollable monk ran into the oval-faced girl head-on, causing her to fall straight back, and the glass tower bought from the 200,000 inland sea pearls came out.

     "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" After the young monk got up, he smiled and said to the oval-faced girl who was lying on her back, "Flying too fast to stop."

     "Bold!!" The girl with an oval face showed anger, striking across his face with a swagger.The young monk avoided it sideways and picked up the glazed tower that fell to the side.

     "Give me back the glazed tower!" The girl saw it and hurriedly got up and rushed over.

     "Bold lunatic!!" The surrounding guards also got up one after another and surrounded Jia Zhengjin.

      "Shuā!" The oval face girl drew a whip from behind.

     The young monk turned around to dodge, holding the Liuli Tower in his hands: "I said I'm sorry, why are you still fighting?"

     The oval-faced girl didn't answer, she danced her whip and attacked again and again.

     The surrounding Dragon Palace guards also rushed forward, raising their spears to kill the young monk, preparing to take him down.

     Unexpectedly, the young monk is agile, avoiding all attacks with no difficulty. While evasive, he said, "Don't fight! I'm welcome to fight again!"

     The oval-faced girl didn't care about this, and continued to swing and whip.

     "I'm so angry!" The young monk finally cannot bear, raising his hand to summon the mist in the sky, and the whole person seemed to disappear into the mist.

     The girl with an oval face thinks not to think and rushed in directly.

     The next second, before the Dragon Palace guards arrived, they saw the young monk laughed heartily, grabbing the oval-faced girl by the collar, and driving the mist toward the deep sea.

      "Xiu!" A ray of light appeared in the distance, trying to stop the young monk, but the fog disappeared in front of it.

     The light fell to the ground and turned into a Yasha, frowning and looking into the distance.

     "General Yasha, Princess Xiaoxian was captured by a human cultivator!!" The Dragon Palace guards ran over in a panic, shouting loudly around Yasha."Trash!!!" Yasha roared, "Hurry up and send the order to block the Dragon City, everyone will go into action, and you must find the little fairy princess! Also, you guys immediately return to the palace to apologize to the Dragon King!"


     The words are divided into two ends.

     But after the oval-faced girl left, Yuan Muping, Huo'er, and Long Ying continued talking and laughing, chatting very happily.

     I don’t know how long it took, suddenly a few Dragon Palace guards helter-skelter ran over and knelt down and shouted: "Your Majesty the Dragon King! What a mess! What a mess! The little fairy princess was captured by a human cultivator!"

     "What?!" Yuan Muping, Huo'er, and Long Ying were all shocked when they heard this, and hurriedly stood up.

     "Who is so bold, dare to be wild in my Dragon City!" Long Ying said angrily.

     "Quick! Take us there quickly!" Yuan Muping said anxiously.

     "Yes!!" The Dragon Palace guard hurriedly led the way, leading them to the location where the oval-faced girl was caught.

     The entire Dragon City is in chaos, and all Dragon City guards are busy, searching the world for the little fairy princess.

     Only after a long time there was no clue.

     Long Ying was furious and wanted to kill the Dragon Palace guard who failed to protect the oval face girl. Huo'er hurriedly stopped and told her to kill these dragon palace guards and no one could be found. They should have seen the appearance of a human cultivator. It is best to draw the other side's appearance immediately, so that the army can be sent out to search the whole process.

     Long Ying felt that it made sense, so he temporarily retained the heads of a few Dragon Palace guards and ordered them to immediately draw the human cultivator looks like what that captured Xiaoxian.The Dragon Palace guards hurriedly drew out the human cultivator they saw.

     Their painting skills have nothing in common with each other, some painting well, some painting poorly.

     But in the end, they were all successfully completed according to their own memory. The ones that resemble the real ones, and those that don’t, also show the main features of human cultivator absolutely clear.

     When the guards of the Dragon Palace handed over the paintings, Yuan Muping, Huo'er, and Long Ying watched them carefully, and their eyes rounded instantly, showing a hard to believe expression.

     Several people look at me, I look at you, for a good while different mouths, same voice: "Master?"

     "Why? I waited for more than seventy years to find Master, and thought he would never show up again!" Yuan Muping said in surprise, "Why is Master Sudden Appearance now and I took Xiaoxian away?"

     "No matter what, we must find Master and Xiaoxian as soon as possible!" Long Ying said, "What if Master doesn't know Xiaoxian's identity and accidentally hurts her? With Master's mana, Xiaoxian will instantly Can be crushed into powder..."

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