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0 Chapter List 2181 Scratch Your Feet
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Jia Zhengjin easily got rid of Dragon City's army and took the oval face girl into the deep sea, away from the Safe Zone.

     The girl with the oval face is without any means breathing underwater, and she will be submerged by the sea when she leaves the Dragon City.

     Jia Zhengjin wears water god jade and can use all water spells.

     Therefore, I used a water separation technique to create a spherical space to wrap the two people. It is also as if treading on level ground underwater, without a drop of water in the ball.

     In the more dangerous deep sea canyons, all around are huge sea creatures, glare like a tiger watching his prey to them.

     An incomparable gigantic shark rushed over and opened his mouth to swallow them. Jia Zhengjin raised his hand to release a water dragon and directly knocked the shark out. Other giant sea creatures around were frightened and fled in panic.

     "Let go of me! You hateful fellow! Let me go! Do you know who I am? I can let you and all your teachers fall to the ground!" The oval-faced girl was carried by Jia Zhengjin like a kitten. The collar, constantly struggling.

     "Puff!" Jia Zhengjin threw her down smoothly.

     As soon as the oval face girl was free, she immediately got up and attacked.

     As a result, before the whip arrived, Jia Zhengjin snatched it over and went directly to the virtual backpack.

     "Return my whip! You return my whip!" The oval-faced girl was anxious, condensing mana and quickly punched and attacked.

     Jia Zhengjin at a moderate pace, moving slowly just like walking around, accurately avoiding attacks every time, making her futile.

     Until the oval face girl gasping for air and stopped with heavy hands, he said with a faint smile: "Is it tired after a while? Continue!""You! You wait for me! When my three great ancestors come over, they will tear you to shreds!" the oval-faced girl said angrily.

     "Tsk tusk tusk! Rude!" Jia Zhengjin beckoned, and the sea water outside turned into a water snake and swam in, quickly entwining the oval-faced girl, making her unable to move.

     "Let go of me! what do you want to do?" The oval face girl was anxious, struggling desperately but totally ineffective, "Do you know who I am? Bold!!"

     "No matter who you are, basic politeness to learn!" Jia Zhengjin said calmly, "Now, Pacifying Heart, Calming Qi, earn your anger, and then apologize to me most and sincerely and say sorry!"

     "Apologize to you? Are you worthy?" The oval-faced girl loudly said, "Furthermore, you obviously hit me first!"

     "So what?" Jia Zhengjin shrugged, "If I ask you to apologize, you have to apologize!"


     "Just because I'm better than you!" Jia Zhengjin smiled, "Aren't you also because of oneself, so you expel fish heads, tease Lao Yasha, and then beat the clams and even throw them into the deep sea cemetery because of a little collision? It can be so arrogant, I can be more arrogant than you if I am better than you! Hurry up and apologize to me earnestly and sincerely!"

     "Dreaming! If you want to apologize, you also apologize to this princess!" The oval-faced girl said angrily.

     "Tsk tusk tusk~ disobedient children are usually punished." Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and the water snake lifted the oval-faced girl, her feet off the ground.

     Immediately afterwards, two other water snakes made of sea water appeared, took off her shoes from below, and respectively turned to extend their tails to the soles of her feet."What do you want to do?" The oval face girl was taken off her shoes, losing one's head out of fear.

     "Come on! Apologize to me!" Jia Zhengjin looked at her with a smile.

     "Don't think about it!"

      "Pā!~" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and the tails of the two water snakes below quickly scratched at her bare feet.

     "Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ~" The oval-faced girl felt the soles of her feet terribly itchy, couldn't help but raise her head and burst into laughter, and loudly shouted, "No...don't...ok. Itchy...Don't Ah... Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha~ Help Ah... ”

      for a good while, when she laughed and tears came out, Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers to stop the water snake: "How is it? Do you want to apologize?"

     The oval-faced girl's breath was disturbed, and she kept gasping: "Hugh...Don't think about it...I must...I will definitely let several great ancestors tear you to shreds..."

     "I didn't learn it!" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers.

     "Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha hahaha~ don't~ don't~ help~" The oval-faced girl just spirit slowly recovers, and she was tickled again immediately, she was going crazy, "How can this be? Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ~no! Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ~I'm going crazy~ Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ~Stop it..."

     "How about, are you ready to apologize?"

     "I...I won't apologize to you!"

      "Is that right?"

     "Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ~ why are you here again? Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ~ I can't do it! Itchy~ I must kill you~ ah Ha Ha Ha Ha ha~"

     After a long time."I was wrong! I was wrong!" The oval-faced girl had already laughed so badly that her hair was shaking her head desperately during the "execution" and it became messy. At this moment, I was so panting that I didn't even have the strength to speak, "Spare me! Please forgive me!"

     "Is it wrong now?" Jia Zhengjin smiled and walked to her.

     "I was wrong! Big brother, please forgive me! Xiaoxian is young and ignorant, not deliberately offending." The oval-faced girl showed a miserable expression, I felt pity, "You let me go!"

     "It is not impossible for me to let you go!" Jia Zhengjin said, "but you have to satisfy me first!"

     " is it?" The oval-faced girl showed a frightened expression.

     "Little girl, don't indulge in flights of fancy," Jia Zhengjin said indifferently, "If you want to go back, you have to change yourself first. At what time I think you have completely changed and you can leave at any time."

     "What, What does it mean?"

     "From now on, you will be by my side. Let you do whatever you want, you know?" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and the water snake tying the oval-faced girl disappeared. She was finally free and landed directly on her feet.

     As soon as she was free, the oval-faced girl turned around and wanted to escape.

     In the next moment, the water snake reappears and drags her back to Jia Zhengjin.

     "Where do you want to escape?" Jia Zhengjin looked at her and said calmly, "Get out of here, the pressure of the sea outside is enough to squeeze you into meatloaf in an instant, do you want to die?"

     Hearing this, the oval face girl Huarong paled: " is it?""If you want to go back alive, just obedient!" Jia Zhengjin asked the water snake to put her down again, "I'm not kidding you. Get out of this circle, you will definitely die! So, it's best to stay by my side."

     The oval-faced girl knelt down, curled up in a ball and looked up at him in fear.

     What should I do if I can't beat and beat, and can't escape?

     He will how is it to me? In case he is rude to me, I...

     Just as the oval-faced girl was in a panic, Jia Zhengjin started talking: "From now on, you have to learn polite language, and any rude, unruly, and willful behavior is forbidden. If there is a reward for good performance, it is necessary to perform poorly. be punished."

     "Stop scratching the soles of my feet!" The oval-faced girl exclaimed.

     "Don't worry, there are so many punishments!" Jia Zhengjin's mouth curled up slightly, "It's more crushing than scratching your feet, do you want to try?"

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