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0 Chapter List 2183 Master Zu
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Master Patriarch!" Yuan Xiaoxian understood in the pit, the feeling that this monk is not so young on the surface, and even the master of the three great ancestors. It turned out to be my own, so no need to be worried! Now he shouted with a melodious voice, "Master Grandpa, Xiaoxian knows that I was wrong. I will correct my mistakes in the future and will never let Grandpa Grandpa down. I also ask Grandpa Grandpa to spare Xiaoxian and don't let Xiaoxian dig in the mud again!"

     "Children should play more mud," Jia Zhengjin said back, "Keep digging!"

     "Master Grandpa~" Yuan Xiaoxian shouted at him in a coquettish tone.

     "Do you want to be scratched or spanked?" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and immediately several water snakes appeared around her.

     Yuan Xiaoxian was shocked, and quickly picked up the stone shovel obediently and honestly to dig the mud.

     "Master, your punishment method is too..." Yuan Muping felt a little distressed when he saw Yuan Xiaoxian who was dirty.

     Not to mention her, even Huo'er and Long Ying have similar expressions.

     Yuan Xiaoxian was here with them, it was because she was holding it in her mouth for fear of dissolving, she held it in her hand for fear of falling, and each of them treated her as a treasure.

     Seeing her little cute become embarrassed like a savage, can you not feel bad?

     "Master, Xiaoxian is very well-behaved. If you make a mistake, you will definitely correct it." Long Ying pleaded, "Please let her go first?"

     "Master..." Yuan Muping and Huo'er looked at him with pleading expressions at the same time.

     Jia Zhengjin stretched out boredly, and glanced at the three female apprentices: "I never take back what I have said. If she can't learn well, don't even think about going back. Of course, you want to take her back. still one way!""What method?" Yuan Muping and the three hurriedly raised head up.

     "Well~ I can break through my water dragon and defeat my water dragon, then you can take her away!" Jia Zhengjin smiled, "I will not care about her then, how do you like to teach how to teach."

     Yuan Muping, Huo'er, and Long Ying looked at each other, focusing on the approaching water dragon array, and then looked at the water dragon that showed off one's military strength at the feet of Master, which caused extreme terrifying pressure.

     "Master, since you have the heart to teach Xiaoxian, it is her honor!" Yuan Muping glanced at Yuan Xiaoxian's direction distressedly, "If you can get your guidance, it would be good for her! Disciple return to Longcheng to wait!"

     "Master, Huo'er has retired first!"

     Long Ying saw that the two senior sisters had both resolutely chose to retreat, considered that there was probably no way to deal with the water spout and the water dragon. The most important thing was who could beat Master?

     Besides, since Master knew Xiaoxian's identity, it would not be against her.

     Although it will suffer a bit, it may also be an opportunity for Xiaoxian.

     Wouldn't it be great if she could get the guidance of her master like herself?

      I thought until here, and backed decisively: "In that case, the disciple and two senior sisters will return to Longcheng first, and I hope that the master will treat Xiaoxian kindly!"

     When the voice fell, the three female disciples turned around at the same time, wandering quickly before the waterspout arrived.

     why is it like this? Yuan Xiaoxian wants to cry but doesn't have tears, she had hoped that the three great ancestors could make them home safely, but they actually retreated first."Are you tired of digging?" After the three female apprentices left, Jia Zhengjin cancelled the water spout and the huge water dragon, returned to the watershed, stood at the edge of the pit and bowed his head, looking down on Yuan Xiaoxian kindly.

     Seeing his tone changed, Yuan Xiaoxian relaxed, and said that perhaps the ancestor master knew his identity, so he would not be so aggressive towards him. A cute expression appeared at the moment: "Master Grandpa, I'm so tired~ Can we take a rest? If we can't dig a hole, that would be even better!"

     "Okay!" Jia Zhengjin full of smiles, "As long as you are obedient, Master Zu will hurt you. Are you tired from playing in the mud? Master Zu will take you to a fun place?"

     Hehe! It seems that Master Zu was defeated by my cuteness too!

     Yuan Xiaoxian was secretly delighted: "Master, where are we going to play?"

     "A very amusing place!" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers and asked Nuwa to teleport.

     In the next second, he and Yuan Xiaoxian both left Underwater World and appeared in the control room of Captain Nuwa.

     "Wow~ Where is this? It's so interesting!" Yuan Xiaoxian looked left and right happily.

     "Wait a minute, I will get to a more interesting place!" Jia Zhengjin smiled and looked at Nu Wa, "Teleport, Cretaceous, the age of dinosaurs."

     "White Goose Chicken? Empty Dragon Really?" Yuan Xiaoxian couldn't understand, looking back at a loss.

     "Captain, what are you doing?" Nu Wa asked curiously.

     "Go to a fun place!" Jia Zhengjin's mouth curled up slightly, "I will definitely have a good time, start time skip!"

     "Order received!"

     The Nuwa departed, Travel Time reached the Cretaceous.After landing, he disappeared immediately and disappeared in the primitive forest beside a beach.

     "Boom! Boom! Boom..." Heavy footsteps were everywhere outside, and the earth shook every time.

     Yuan Xiaoxian didn't know what happened, but looked curiously at the future instruments inside the Nuwa.

     "Nuwa, you can move freely with prawns." Jia Zhengjin said with a faint smile, then waved at Yuan Xiaoxian, "Xiaoxian~"

     "Master Grandpa!" Yuan Xiaoxian immediately ran over happily, "This is somewhere? I've never seen such a strange house! By the way, why is there a boom outside?"

     She thought that Nuwa was a house, and she was curious why the noise outside was so loud and the ground kept shaking.

     "Want to know?" Jia Zhengjin said with a faint smile, "Come with me and take you out to play."

     "Okay, okay!" Yuan Xiaoxian nodded happily and quickly followed him behind him.

     After a few minutes.

     "Help——!! Patriarch, help!!" On the beach, Yuan Xiaoxian looked pale, running desperately with a pile of wood in his hand.

     Behind her, several raptors were chasing after her.

     "What about spells? What about your spells?" Jia Zhengjin sat on a slanted coconut tree and shook his head helplessly.

     Yuan Xiaoxian just remembered, and quickly threw away the wood in his hand, turned around and summoned a water whip to fight the raptor.

     Her combat effectiveness is also isn't bad, and she quickly slapped a few raptors away because Jia Zhengjin forbids her to kill.When the Velociraptor ran away, she quickly picked up the wood and ran to Jia Zhengjin in embarrassment, threw it to the ground and raised her head and shouted: "Master Grandpa, you lie to me! It's not fun at all here! And it's dangerous!"

     "Eh eh eh! Forgot what I said again? Be civilized and polite!" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and the sand under Yuan Xiaoxian's feet immediately formed a whip, directly on her ass.

     "Ah!! I was wrong!" Yuan Xiaoxian covered his butt in pain, with a grievance on his face.

     "Then what should you say?" Jia Zhengjin asked with a smile.

     "Master Grandpa, you still have any instruction?"

     "That's right!" Jia Zhengjin pointed to the ground, "There is too little wood. Go and cut a little more. If the stone axe I gave you breaks, you can get a new one from my side. Before this evening, you have to go as soon as possible. Build a wooden house, otherwise you will have to sleep on the beach, you may be attacked by dinosaurs at any time!"

     Yuan Xiaoxianxin said what is the use of building a wooden house? These Behemoth(s) can be squashed with one foot. But he didn't dare to blame the ancestor, if he was spanked again, it would be very painful.

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