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0 Chapter List 2241 Hold Thigh?
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Brother Liang is so amazing!" Jiang Hui is simply the champion, and has been happily applauding since just now.

     "Hahaha~" Lu Liang was super happy, "Jia Chong, is it not wrong to choose to take an adventure with us? From From now on, we will protect you along the way, and we will definitely let you reach the wasteland mine safely! But you have to agree Join my team and follow me on adventures! Let me take you, where can't you go under the vast Heavens?"

     Song Yi smiled when he heard the words, and watched Lu Liang's eyes flashed with a petting smile.

     "I'm overwhelmed~" Apolastisa sat on Jia Zhengjin's shoulder, cannot help laughing.

     Jia Zhengjin nodded helplessly, said with a smile: "Then this journey to the wasteland mine will trouble you!"

     "It's easy to talk!" Lu Liang laughing heartily, "Don't worry, follow me in the future and promise you won't regret it! Should we just return the hotel and stay here tonight? It's still early, I can expand here and collect Some materials allow Yiyi to make furniture and arrange it into a warm and safe basement."

     "Forget it!" Jia Zhengjin shook his head, "It's too troublesome. I'll be halfway there next time, and I won't have time to reach the human city."

     He has to search for the Pearl of the Holy Spirit with Apolastisa tonight, so it is more convenient to sleep in the city.

     "That's right!" Lu Liang pondered, "Anyway, I have arrived in Jinliu City today, so be it! I'll show you the others! Didn't I get a lot of stones from just now? there's some left metal. Yiyi, trouble you Can you be a melting pot?"

     "Yeah!" Song Yi smiled and nodded.

     Lu Liang handed over the materials immediately."It will take a few minutes to make the furnace. Wait a while." Song Yi clicked the craft button after receiving the materials.

     After all, this is not the original version owned by Jia Zhengjin, and the production speed is slower.

     Moreover, Jia Zhengjin has the skill to reduce production time. Song Yi, a subsystem of the pure manufacturing system, does not have skill bonuses.

     When Jiang Hui heard this, he said to Lu Liang: "Brother Liang, in that case, why don't we go up first and let me show it? The animal pen requires a lot of materials, we need to collect it slowly, but there is a stone hoe, I You can farm!"

     "Come on! Jia Chong, let Yiyi make the furnace first, let's go to it." Lu Liang said immediately, "You are lucky today and can witness the miracle yourself! There will be more miracles waiting for you in the future, don't you feel honored?"

     "Yes ~ my pleasure ~" Jia Zhengjin once again perfunctory.

     The three returned to the ground and found an empty grassland.

     "It's here!" Jiang Hui carried a small stone hoe, first removed the weeds on the ground, and then cultivated a small piece of arable land, "I can use a stone hoe for arable land, it is very simple. Then just find a seed... ...Are there any seeds around here?"

     "Use this!" Lu Liang grabbed a handful of grass seeds directly from the top of a weed on the side.

      "Oh!" Jiang Hui took the grass seeds and threw one directly on the cultivated land.

     The seeds fall on the cultivated land and immediately take root and sprout.

     "Did you see it? It sprouted so quickly, isn't it amazing?" Jiang Hui asked excitedly.

     Lu Liang dumbstruck: "Awesome! Awesome! Wouldn't it be easy to grow food?""It's very simple!" Jiang Hui said happily, "and will grow up immediately after watering. If you make some fertilizers, the growth rate is simply unimaginable! Different plant seeds can have different harvests, in fact, we can find them now. Settle in a place where you can eat and drink for a lifetime just by farming."

     "We don't have to worry about eating and drinking now," Lu Liang said.

     "Yes! We have a million in cash!" Jiang Hui nodded with a smile.

     "How about it, amazing?" Lu Liang patted Jia Zhengjin on the shoulder.

     Apelastisa avoided his hand to avoid being photographed.

     "Awesome, very powerful!" Jia Zhengjin said against his will, "It seems that you will no need to be worried in the next adventure!"

     "That is!" Lu Liang returned to Jiang Hui and hugged her, "Huihui can build animal pens, which is said to be able to tame giant beasts. As long as we have giant beasts and can direct them to do things, where can we not go under the vast Heavens? With the abilities of Yiyi and I, the three people together can create a New Era! You are fortunate to be a witness to this new era, and you are still one of them. Excited? You help me solve the crisis of the unicorn, I I promise to take you with me, so that you also have the brightest future."

     "Really? Thank you so much~" Jia Zhengjin answered with a smile, but secretly said in his heart, you guys are really floating! But it's okay, anyway, I will give you a wishing stone, each with a subsystem, just to avoid some small troubles on the road. At that time, I won't have to shoot, just look at yours.

      While speaking, Song Yi’s voice came from below: "The furnace is built!""Quick! The melting pot is ready!" Lu Liang immediately pulled Jiang Hui, and at the same time urged Jia Zhengjin back, "Come down, I will show you something more exciting!"

     It's endless! Jia Zhengjin shook his head helplessly, but could only follow into the basement.

     Song Yi had placed the melting pot of the ship in the corner. Seeing Lu Liang came down, he took the initiative to meet him and hold his hand.

     Lu Liang took the two women to the furnace, glanced at carefully, greeted Jia Zhengjin, and at the same time asked the women to step aside first: "Come on, now I will show you something more interesting!"

     While talking, directly threw the iron ore obtained from the stone into the furnace, and put a few pieces of wood as fuel.

     The melting furnace burning fiercely, the temperature rose suddenly, making the entire basement warm, and even slowly getting hot.

     "This furnace is very good! Not only can it smelt metals, but it also keeps us warm at night, so that we won't be too cold." Lu Liang stood in front of the furnace, "and the melting speed is very fast, and iron ingots will appear immediately... Look! This one! followed by one..."

     After a while, all iron ore turns into iron ingots.

     Lu Liang handed them to Song Yi: "Next, Yi Yi, make me an iron pick!"

     Song Yi put the iron ingot into the virtual backpack and opened the crafting interface to find the iron pickaxe. After confirming that the materials are sufficient, click crafting immediately.

     A sharp iron pickaxe appeared in her hands without warning."Did you see it? Did you see it?" Lu Liang was extremely excited, "Iron is coming out! Then I can use to find more metals and make more tools! Even Yiyi can make scientific Weapons and Equipment , Improve our chances of surviving against the monster."

     "It's just that overwhelming majority technology tools and weapon materials are very demanding, and there are certain pre-requirements. It is very time-consuming to make it!" Song Yi said, "At present, we can only get the basic tools out first. Although the tool is very useful, it takes a lot of time to complete."

     "Enough is enough!" Lu Liang said, "In short, we have all encountered gods and are given formidable strength. You have to hug your thighs tightly and seize the opportunity to follow me firmly!"

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