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0 Chapter List 2254 Saint Gold Pearl
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Brother Liang, I'm afraid..." Jiang Hui grabbed Lu Liang's clothes nervously, because several bones could be clearly seen behind Shimen.

     Song Yi also held Lu Liang's hand tightly, her expression not very good.

     "Don't be afraid, I am here!" Although Lu Liang said so, his body was shaking slightly, "Jia Chong, you, look at the situation inside..."

     Seeing that all three of them were so frightened, Jia Zhengjin shook the head, without the slightest hesitation, walked in from the broken stone gate and carefully checked the white bones on both sides: "It seems to have been poisoned to death, and some of the bones have turned black. Be careful. There may be dangerous and highly poisonous creatures in this place."

     "Are you safe around you?" Lu Liang hurriedly said.

     Jia Zhengjin scanned the surroundings, "So far, no traces of creatures have been found. You'd better follow me. No one knows if dangerous creatures will come in through the hole."

     Hearing this, Lu Liang quickly led Song Yi and Jiang Hui across Shimen and ran directly to Jia Zhengjin's side.

      During this period, Lu Liang also deliberately looked at the bones, hoping to find his father from the scraps of their weathered clothes and accessories.

     Of course, there was no clue to the father in the photo.

     "Keep up!" Jia Zhengjin took the iron spear and walked in front, watching every direction vigilantly.

     The three of Lu Liang didn't dare to be too far away from him. They felt it was safer to follow Jia Zhengjin, blindly follow suit and follow him.

     Walking along the gloomy road, there are a lot of moss on the ground, and bones continue to appear on the side of the road, making people have one's hair stand on end. Those who didn't know thought they had entered a mass grave.After traveling a certain distance, Jia Zhengjin, who opened the road in front, suddenly stopped, and the iron spear pierced up quickly.

     "Puff!" A half-meter-long scorpion was pierced, using its dangerous tail with poisonous needles to stab the iron spear desperately, trying to struggle away.

     After struggling for a while, he became stiff and motionless.

     Jia Zhengjin threw its body to the side, does not turn round and said: "pay attention a little bit, similar poisonous insects may appear on the top of the head, under the feet, or in any cracks on the wall. I believe the bones in front are the adventures that broke in before. They died at the hands of these poisonous insects."

     These words made the three of Lu Liang extremely nervous, and they took extra care every step they took.

     Sure enough, the more poisonous insects go inside.

     They are all dangerous creatures such as big centipedes, scorpions, and spiders. The smallest is half a meter, and the largest is about two meters.

     It was not a threat to Jia Zhengjin, they were discovered before they even launched an attack, and then died of an iron spear attack.

      Follow behind see with one's own eyes Lu Liang, Song Yi, and Jiang Hui think Jia Chong is particularly good.

     With only an iron spear, he can calmly kill such a terrible giant poisonous insect, which is hard to believe.

     I am also fortunate to form a team with him, otherwise even if they have special strength, their three people will not be able to last a few minutes in this place.

     The all the way tortuous, difficult.

     The most terrifying of them is the giant poisonous insects, and there is no idea where they are hiding.

     At least Jia Zhengjin doesn't attack, Lu Liang, Song Yi, and Jiang Hui don't know at all where poisonous insects are hiding.Walk all the way in, through a stalactite cave, reappears the stone gate in front.

     A lot of bones were lying in disorder near Shimen, equipped with weapons all over the place, and the fighting was fierce.

     Among them was a corpse lying on the stone gate, holding a key in his right hand, keeping the action of inserting the key into the lock.

     "Look!" Apolastisa excitedly pointed to the key inserted in the stone gate, "Look at this key!"

     Jia Zhengjin looked carefully, although most of the keys were inserted in the stone gate, and only a small part was left outside, they could still be recognized. It was the one his father had hung in the previous photo of Lu Liang!

     Lu Liang also found out, and quickly took out a photo from his arms and compared it with the scraps of clothes on the white bone in front of the door.

     The clothes have been weathered long ago, and they can be turned into powder directly when touched, but they can still be seen, exactly the same as the photos.

     "Father..." He walked to the white bone, his voice trembling slightly.

     Even if I know that my father has not come back, this is almost the case, but when I see it with my own eyes, it is difficult to add to the inner grief.

     "Brother Liang!" Jiang Hui stepped forward and gently held his hand.

     Song Yi stood on the other side.

     "I'm fine!" Lu Liang patted the hands of two women, his eyes fell on a moldy backpack next to his father's bones.

     The backpack has also been weathered, only about half is left, and some other weathered things inside can be clearly seen.

     What attracted Lu Liang's attention was the square object that seemed to be wrapped in oil paper.

     It's something decades ago, and maybe it's weathered, but he still couldn't help but reach out and touch it.Surprisingly, the contents of the oil paper seemed to be unglamorous and did not turn into powder because of his touch.

     This made Lu Liang quite curious, and quickly picked up the thing he was holding on the oil paper and quickly took it apart.

     The greased paper has become moldy, so just remove it without effort.

     It turned out to be a diary inside, in addition to oil paper, it was also wrapped in several layers of special plastic, as if it were in a vacuum.

     Other things were weathered, but this diary was kept so well, Lu Liang quickly removed the outer layer of plastic and opened the diary.

     This is my father's diary, because when I open the first page, there is a yellowed picture of him and Lu Liang's mother, and a baby.

     Lu Liang's tears came out all of a sudden, and he squatted down tightly holding the diary.

     "Boom~" At this moment, Jia Zhengjin twisted the key, and Shimen began to rise slowly.

     Lu Liang looked up and saw that he had removed his father's bones before opening the door, so he heave a sigh of relief.

     "Lu Liang, I will explore it inside!" Jia Zhengjin turned around and said, "You can bury this corpse first."

     "Be careful!" Lu Liang nodded, he put away the diary and walked directly to his father's bones.

     Jiang Hui and Song Yi wanted to help, but Dan did not dare to approach the bones, let alone reach out to touch them.

     "I'll handle it myself, you are waiting on the edge!" Lu Liang turned around and said, "With the shovel made by Yiyi, you will soon be able to dig the grave."

     "Hmm!!" The two women relaxed, standing obediently and honestly on the side.

     On the other side, Jia Zhengjin crossed the stone gate and walked inside, looking for the holy gold pearl.Apelastisa concentrate one's attention completely surveying the surroundings and suddenly pointing forward: "Over there! The Holy Gold Pearl is over there!"

     Following the direction pointed by Apelastisa, Jia Zhengjin walked quickly and quickly reached the deepest part of the cave.

     A golden bead shining strangely, broke out of the ground under the guidance of Apelastisa, and soon arrived in his hand.

     "Holy Golden Pearl, this is all here!" Apolastiza held the Pearl in his hand, looking very excited, "As long as I absorb its power, I can restore my supernatural power! Thank you so much! If you don't have your help It’s basically impossible to get them in my current situation!"

     "Since the five jewels are all here, then it will be alright!" Jia Zhengjin nodded, "I have experienced it these days, this World is a bit boring. Nothing else is fun, I have to start again and go to the new world!"

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