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0 Chapter List 2255 Awaken The Dead
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

In the gloomy tomb, the faint candlelight is arranged in a strange pattern.

     "Please forgive my ancestors, I also without any means!" Jia Wulong cautious and solemn reached out his hand, took out a string of necklaces from the urn where the funerary objects were placed, and turned the head and looks to the man in the black robe beside him, "What do you do now?"

     "Put the objects used by the deceased in the heart of the formation, and then follow me to recite the spell silently!" said the black robe man.

     Jia Wulong nodded, and slowly put the necklace on the center of the formation set out by the candles, and then followed the black robe man to recite strange spells.

     When the spell was finished, the flames of all the candles suddenly flew up and quickly gathered above the necklace. After fusion, the image of a woman appeared.

     "This is...?" Jia Wulong looked at the woman made up of fire and asked worriedly, "Did it succeed?"

     "One step away!" The black-robed man looked at the woman formed by the fire, closed her eyes motionless like a statue, smiled and took out a magic core and threw it into the fire.

     The woman made up of magic core and flame fuse into one. The woman instantly opens her eyes, looks at her own body blankly, and then looks around. She first looked at Jia Wulong with a puzzled expression, then her eyes fell on the black-robed man, and she suddenly exclaimed: "Dragon of Darkness!!!"

     "Even if succeeds like this!" The black-robed man is Dragon of Darkness Damianz. He looked up the woman made up of flames and said with a faint smile, "I wonder if I will meet again in this way?"

     "Are you my ancestor Mrs. Tina?" Jia Wulong looked up excitedly.

     "Ancestor?" The woman made up of flames turned out to be Tina. She looked at Jia Wulong in doubt, "who are you?""Ancestor, I am your 137th generation grandson Jia Wulong, and only one is detected to be unable to practice magic and martial arts!" Jia Wulong carefully explained his situation.

      "Really? Then you are somewhat similar to Keen..." Tina frowned and looked at Damianz, "It's just that as a descendant of our Jia family, why did you come together with Dragon of Darkness? Isn't it? Know that he was once the opponent of your ancestor Keen The Godswar? The appearance of Dragon of Darkness represents world destruction! Are you going to destroy this World with him?"

     "Destroy this World? Now I am uninterested!" Damianz smiled and looked at Tina, "I have higher demands and more interesting things to do!"

     "What do you want to do?" Tina frowned, turn the head and looks to Jia Wulong, "Child, if you are really a descendant of our Jia family, you definitely can't help Dragon of Darkness! Listen to me, he will deceive you, Let you be his pawn! When you are done using it, you will be wiped out without the slightest hesitation! Never believe in Dragon of Darkness!"

     "Ancestor, I don't believe him!" Jia Wulong raised his head and said, "I'm just making a deal with him!"

     "That's right! This is only one transaction!" Damianz laughed softly, "A fair and reasonable transaction, I have what I want, and he can get everything that belongs to him, there is no use! "

     "Everything you say cannot be trusted!" Tina looked at Jia Wulong, "No matter what he said to you, don't believe it!"

     "You don't know at all what I said, is it too arbitrary?" Damianz laughed."I can't trust you at all!" Tina said coldly, "Dragon of Darkness, don't harm this World!"

     "You are already dead, why bother about the survival of this World?" Damianz laughed, "Besides, I really have no interest in destroying it now."

     "Then you want anything? Dragon of Darkness represents destruction, which is known to everyone!"

     "Not anymore!" Damianz laughed, "If I really want to destroy this World, who can stop it now?"

     "What are you thinking! How do others know?"

     "You don't know at all my thoughts, how can you be sure that I am going to destroy this World? Isn't this a contradiction?" Damianz laughing heartily.

     "I don't want to hear anything from you!" Tina looked down at Jia Wulong, "Child, cancel this magic circle! It is immoral to disturb the soul of the dead!"

     Jia Wulong turn the head and looks to Damianz.

     "You can't go now!" Damianz laughed, "Because I need your help!"

     "I won't help you!" Tina closes the eyes.

     "No, you will!" Damianz said with a faint smile, "I have the wine of eternal life that can revive you!"

     "Resurrection?" Tina faintly shook the head, "I don't need it!"

     "No, you need!"

     "I don't want to hear you bewitched!"

     "Maybe you want to hear it?" Damianz said softly, "Kean's situation, don't you want to know?"

     "Kean?" Tina opened her eyes when she heard the words, "What happened?""Look! You want to know!" Damianz smiled triumphantly.

     Tina slightly frowned, and immediately closed the eyes: "You give up! Since this child is our 137th generation grandson, it means that more than a thousand years have passed. After such a long time, Keane must have found a way to crack the totem of immortality. Sleep forever like us!"

      "Really? But as far as I know, he is still alive!" Damianz eyes narrowed.

     "What?!" Tina heard this and suddenly showed a surprised expression.

     "Yes! You can imagine it, how much pain he has endured when he loses you, he wants to end his life and sleeps forever like you, but he can't succeed after thousands of years! You can't understand his pain, you can't understand his sadness ......" Damianz's voice sounded like a devil, "Eternal life is like a strong prison, trapping him in it and unable to leave!"

     Tina's expression became a little painful: "No, I don't believe what you said! Don't say it!"

     "Come on, kid, tell your ancestors!" Damianz looked at Jia Wulong, "Kean is not only alive, but also our will from yet another World Summoning, and even gave you a treasure! Show her!"

     Jia Wulong hesitated a moment, using system functions to make props directly in front of Tina.

     "This...this is really Keen's ability!" Tina was shocked, because the moment Jia Wulong made the props was more than 90% similar to the state of her husband in the memory, which shows that he also gained System, "how can it be?""Your husband is struggling in pain, trying his best to end his life in order to follow in your footsteps, but he has not been able to get what he wanted so far!" Damianz continued, "Can you feel at ease? You can watch him Do you continue to suffer? You don’t want to become undead, or other forms of immortality to stay by his side, now there is a better choice! I have the wine of eternal life, which can resurrect you in a true sense, and be undying and unextinguished like him Thus, he doesn’t have to fight desperately to die to die, you can stay together forever, isn’t that good?"

     "You want anything?!" Tina glared at Damianz, not believing that he was so kind.
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