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0 Chapter List 2271 Revenge
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Personal secretary? Have you negotiated my contract in a while?" Ning Ning was somewhat surprised, and turned to Jia Zhengjin, "What exactly is it?"

     Jia Zhengjin didn't speak, but Nuwa said with a faint smile: "Master Jia is the most powerful, powerful, and richest person in this world! All beings in the world are ants general existence in his eyes, and at this moment it is just a game. It’s an honor for you to meet him!"

     Upon hearing this, Ning Ning and Yu Xiaoman both showed weird expressions. They said that this personal secretary would really flatter him, wouldn't it be embarrassing to tell the employer like this?

     "Nuwa!" Jia Zhengjin told her not to talk nonsense, and then turned to Ningning and Yu Xiaoman, "The matter has been resolved. When their company is willing to terminate your contract to advance negotiations, I will take you there. Then I will sign in directly. The company will have resources for you."

     "It's not so simple!" Ningning and Yu Xiaoman looked at each other, "Sister Hong is not such a simple person, and her temper is not very good..."

     "No matter who she is, not worth mentioning in front of our Master Jia!" Nu Wa said with a faint smile.

     Jia Zhengjinxin said that I am more than two thousand years old, Master Jia? Thank you for thinking of this title.

     "You don't know!" Ningning was very worried, "Sister Hong is the most intolerant of such things as openly digging a wall. It's okay for me to directly breach the contract, but if other companies dig a wall, they will suffer serious retaliation. You said it was done, but in case Sister Hong sends someone over...or should we change a place to hide? Otherwise..."

     "Otherwise how is it?" Jia Zhengjin asked."Sister Hong is very well-connected, I'm afraid someone will come over and make trouble soon!" Ningning felt afraid, "Let's go quickly!"

     "Yes! I heard that Hong Jie's company knows many people in society..." Yu Xiaoman was also worried.

     For Jia Zhengjin, this is nothing.

      turn the head and looks to Nuwa: "Look and deal with it!"

     "I will arrange for two bodyguards to guard outside Ningning's room!" Nuwa said.

     "It's given to you." Jia Zhengjin nodded.

     "Bodyguards? Is it useful? Should we leave the magic city and hide in other cities?" Ning Ning said worriedly.

     "What are you afraid of? Isn't Yu Xiaoman having a concert tomorrow? You don't want to be her guest?" Jia Zhengjin smiled.

     "The company is already very angry. If I go to Xiaoman's concert to interact with her again, then..."

     "I have decided to leave that company, what are you afraid of?" Jia Zhengjin said, "I am your new boss, I have the final say if I can join!"

     "Really no need to leave? If there is someone from Sister Hong's side, I can pretend not to know you, pretend that I don't know it!" Ning Ning was terrified.

     "Just put your heart in your belly." Jia Zhengjin wanted to keep Ningning here, so that Yu Xiaoman could keep it together. It's a rare opportunity to see the original song of my favorite song so close. However, considering the current situation, he said, "Go back to your room and rest assured. No matter who comes over there, I will handle it properly."

     At the moment, Ningning seemed to have no choice but to resigning to one's fate.When she went downstairs with Yu Xiaoman back to the room, Jia Zhengjin turned to Nuwa: "Where do you arrange bodyguards? Are you reliable?"

     "Captain, you are really an eminent person has short memory thing!" Nu Wa smiled, "Aren't the prawns and sister prawns the best bodyguards? With them, even High Heavens Immortal may not have it. Cheap!"

     "That's right!" Jia Zhengjin nodded when he heard the words. With the existence of two demon-level immortals, would he still be afraid of the gangsters in society? He said immediately, "Then Ningning and Yu Xiaoman's safety is left to you."

     "Order received!"

     Back in the room, Ning Ning looked at the messy furnishings, but she was actually quite scared. I can imagine how angry the company's agent and other company members were when they searched it.

     Had it not been for Yu Xiaoman, she would have escaped immediately and find a safe place to hide.

     Two people with great difficulty tidy up the room, and they dare not call the customer service to help. Who knows how they will spread it?

     After finishing packing, I heard footsteps in the corridor, and suddenly stopped outside the door.

     This made the two people more afraid, somewhat flustered for a while, not knowing what to do.

     Ningning hid, but Yu Xiaoman nervously walked to the door and looked out through the small hole in the door.

     It turned out that it was not the people in Ningning's company, but two strangers who didn't recognize them at all, a man and a woman, keep silent guarding the door.

      they are who? Yu Xiaoman looked back and saw Ning Ning secretly asking with his eyes inside, so he shook the head, saying that he didn't know the identity of the other party.

     Ningning felt strange, cautious and solemn approached and secretly checked through the door hole, and didn't know them either.The two did not dare to open the door and go out to ask, so they could only hide in the room to talk in whispers.

     It was only quickly discovered that it was wrong, because outside did not know at what time, noisy sounds began to appear, as if someone was fighting.

     The two of them were more frightened, and quickly looked out through the door hole. I saw a few well-dressed men in suits who looked like ordinary men, now confronting a man and a woman at the door.

     I really can't imagine that there are only two people here, and the other party is not at all opponents. In front of them, the child who was bullied by the adult was beaten to be utterly defeated in a short while.

     Soon the security of the hotel appeared, and those members of the public didn't run away immediately, instead they stayed and let the other party hold them.

     The hotel security can only ask these members of the public, as well as the two people guarding the Ningning gate, to come down first to solve the problem.

     There was a big quarrel between the two parties, and it didn't take long for a police car to appear and directly broke in.

     The people in the hotel felt very confused. After all, without other customers at the scene, their people did not call the police. In that case, how did the police car come.

     Moreover, after the police came, they would take away these "social figures" and prawns and sisters.

     At the moment, both of them are in human form. If they come to blows in front of the police, they will cause a lot of trouble for the owner.

     So they can only accept the police interrogation, thinking they will pass soon.Unexpectedly, this question took a lot of time. In particular, the police decided to take him back, but only said a few words casually, and let those "people in society" leave first. It is estimated that it was also arranged. "

     Seeing that the police are about to take them away, Daxia and Meimei are considering whether to show their original form, but they think this will affect the owner's owner.

     At this moment, Nuwa appeared in time, came straight here, and spoke to the police officer who was in charge of inquiring the problem of prawn and prawn sister: "what's going on? Please tell me what happened!"

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