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0 Chapter List 2272 China National Security Agency
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The police officer took a look at Nuwa: "The police are handling the case, please step aside for irrelevant people!"

     "These two are the security guards of Master Jia, you'd better think clearly!" Nuwa smiled, "Quickly let the people go, I can treat them as whats the matter didn't happen."

     "Madam, we are only handling the case according to law, please don't obstruct law enforcement!"

     "Excuse me! You really can't take the person away." Nu Wa stretched out her hand and took out a document and handed it directly to the police officer. "Do you know what is this? If you don't know, please call and ask your boss!"

     The police officer glanced at the ID in doubt. There was a picture of Nuwa and a series of digital codes on it, but he didn't know what the hell was.

     "What's going on? Don't you take people away?" At this moment, a police officer came over.

     "Captain!" The police officer passed Nuwa's strange credentials.

     "What is this?" The police officer was also confused.

     The police officer shook his head, and the two looked at each other in dismay.

     "What is this?" The officer turned to Nuwa, waved the document in the hand.

     "If you want to know what is this, you can ask your boss to call the China National Security Bureau for inquiries!" Nuwa said with a faint smile, "Or you can ignore it and take people away in front of me. It's just that you want them in time. It’s not so easy anymore!"

     The police officer thought she was talking a little strange and didn't want to bother at first. But I felt that since the other party dared to say that, he must have something to do with it. At the moment he hesitated to dial the secretary's phone: "Director, do you know the China National Security Agency?"

     "Why do you ask this?""I have a lady here. She didn't let us take people away, and she gave me a strange ID with only a photo and a string of digital codes. She said that you can call the China National Security Bureau for inquiries."

     "Hua National Security Agency? Number code?" Director Pondered, "You can report the number!"

     "Yes..." The police officer reported the digital codes on the documents in order.

     The director here uses a computer to log on to the official website of the China National Security Agency, enter all a series of digital codes, and click search.

      "Shuā!" The image of Nuwa immediately appeared on the screen.

     "Code-named Nuwa, SSS-level security, authority: supreme. If there are any requirements, local departments must cooperate fully. Information: insufficient permissions Unable To View."

     Seeing this message, the secretary broke out in cold sweats on his forehead.

     The information found on the official website of the National Security Bureau of China is impossible to falsify (Nuwa said it was strange).

     The National Security Bureau of China is very mysterious. I have only heard of positions like him, and seem to be responsible for secretly handling various national affairs. And this code-named Nuwa is actually Highest Jurisdiction, how big an official is that?

     I heard that those who retired from the China National Security Agency can basically make a regional big shot. Where can I afford to offend such a small role?

     I was so scared, I quickly called.


     "Listen, the other party belongs to the China National Security Bureau, and the rank is not generally high!" said the director. "If you have any requirements, you must be satisfied, and you must not neglect!"

     "Director, what unit is the China National Security Bureau?" the police officer asked."I'll know when you get to my position," the director said. "Anyway, don't provoke such a big boss."

     "But Chief, Sister Hong is over..."

     "Do you have any pitfalls in your mind? No matter how great Sister Hong is, she is just a businessman."

     "Then do we need to notify Sister Hong?"

     "No! I won't be able to save the gods if I get caught up with such a big man! These years, she has become accustomed to tyrannical abuse, and sometimes even we don't pay attention to. Let her emerge and perish on its own!"

     The panic in the chief's voice was heard, and the police officers at the scene became nervous.

     The woman in front of her was obviously less messy than Sister Hong. In other words, Sister Hong couldn't get her eyes at all.

      thought until here, hand back the certificate to Nuwa respectfully.

      "How is it? Can people be released now?"

     The officer next to him turn the head and looks to the officer, asking for instructions with his eyes.

     "Release!" The officer nodded decisively, and ordered the officer to let go of the prawn and sister shrimp.

     The police officer was very surprised. It seemed that the woman in front of him was not easy to provoke! The above is relieved, she is more terrible than that Hong sister?

     The police quickly released Daxia and Meimei, told them to return to Nuwa, and then immediately closed the team.

     When I got into the police car outside, someone quickly came over and frowned and asked the police officer: "What's going on? This is not the same as saying yes! Why not bring people back to the bureau?"

     "The police do not need to report to you!" The officer lightly snorted, motioning the officer to drive.After the police left, the man outside looked at the direction of the hotel, took out his mobile phone and burst out a number: "Hey! Sister Hong, the police have withdrawn! Yes! They didn't take the person away, they released it on the spot! I don't know... Maybe the other party has some background. The police didn't reveal any information, what should we do? You want to see the chief in person? Okay, I will arrange it right away!"

     Hotel interior.

     "They just left?" I thought that the two bodyguards would be taken away by the police, but found that whats the matter didn't happen. Ningning and Yu Xiaoman came out of the room and faced Nuwa with surprised expressions, "What credentials did you show them just now?"

     They can observe the outside through the door hole in the room.

     "Secret!" Nu Wa smiled, "These two bodyguards stay here to ensure that doesn't have any people can harass them. And the police won't intervene anymore, don't worry!"

     "The police came obviously because of Sister Hong, so they left without doing anything? Who are you? No, who is it?" Ning Ning stared wide-eyed.

     "In short, it's your luck to meet Master Jia." Nuwa smiled, "You don't have to worry about Sister Hong. Leave everything to me and promise to be appropriate. You two rest in peace, isn't there a concert tomorrow? Master Jia likes to listen to Miss Yu’s Manman Long Night. I hope you can perform more seriously and try to satisfy Master Jia."

     After speaking, Nuwa left the big shrimp and sister shrimp, walked quickly into the elevator, and quickly disappeared in front of them.

     Ningning and Yu Xiaoman look at each other in dismay, after closing the door and returning to the room, you look at me and I look at you."What kind of people are they actually?" Yu Xiaoman really couldn't figure it out. "Why did the police leave after seeing the ID? Is there anything special about that ID? But I have never seen such a strange type of ID. The police left, it means they Sister Bihong is not easy to provoke. Who is this Nuwa? What is the origin of Master Jia?"

     Compared with Yu Xiaoman's doubts, Ningning was particularly excited: "No matter what, they are indeed better than Sister Hong, are they? Did I have a big luck here? Then I don't need to worry about Sister Hong anymore? "

     "Don't think about it so simple!" Yu Xiaoman said, "Sister Hong has an absolute position in the record industry. Even if she can't stop you from leaving, you can at least make you unable to mix in the entire singer industry! No matter how powerful you are, you can't settle accounts with her!"

      "Right!" Ning Ning's expression deteriorated again upon hearing this.

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