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0 Chapter List 2353 Maya
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The intermittent is shown at the back, which means that a person with a bald head and a black robe sets off to arrive at the current world, and waits for Jia Zhengjin at a fixed time to design a screen of siege.

     "Captain, the image starts when this person went to see the boss behind the scenes, indicating that he had just implanted the chip before he set off." Nuwa said, "The chip is probably connected to the human retina and can capture and record everything the target sees. As for that. The program that made him self-destruct should be in another part of the body. The chip was slightly damaged. It is inferred that the self-destruction program could have destroyed it together, but there was an error for some reason."

     "The pressure of the deep sea may affect the self-destructing program." Jia Zhengjin thought for a while, "When he self-destructed, I could feel the strange current flowing in this person's brain. It seems that learning the Great 36 Constellations method will help me The perception ability has also become very strong!"

     "Captain, according to the data recorded by the chip, this person's vehicle is still in the current world." Nuwa said, "According to the analysis, it should be based on me as a prototype. How intelligent is it, currently unconfirmed!" "

     "Yeah! Go and take a look!" Jia Zhengjin snapped his fingers, and Nuwa immediately started the teleportation program, and the two of them came to somewhere in the sea instantly.

     "It's just in front!" Nuwa pointed to the empty sea. "Currently in optical invisible status, it seems that the invisible effect is stronger, because we confirm its existence from the projection and cannot find its frequency by ourselves."

     "You can't discover yourself at other times too, isn't that so?" Jia Zhengjin lightly smiled, "Go and take a look!"

      "Yes!"Arriving at the fixed coordinates, Nuwa gave instructions to the empty sea: "Disable the optical invisible status!"

     no response.

     She turned her gaze to Jia Zhengjin: "Captain, it seems that I by no means has sufficient authority. Would you like to try?"

     "Release the optical invisible status!" Jia Zhengjin shouted loudly at the front immediately.

     "Di——Command detected! Permission analysis...Command source: ancestor! Optical invisible status cancel!" A strange woman's voice sounded in her ear, and then it appeared in front of her eyes as if she saw it in the projection, she was very close to Nuwa Similar to super spacecraft.

     "Captain, you can really!" Nu Wa said excitedly.

     "Hmm!" Jia Zhengjin flew up and landed at the entrance of the super spacecraft.

     Nuwa followed closely.

     "Open the hatch!" Jia Zhengjin ordered again when he arrived at the door.

     The alloy gate opens automatically and a passage appears.

     Entering the passage, Jia Zhengjin once again ordered: "Show the current spaceship image projection!"

     "Command error! The image projection is not set, please go to the captain's control room to create a new image."

     Jia Zhengjin and Nu Wa looked at each other, somewhat surprised.

     "Teleport to the captain's control room!"

      "Shuā!" At the next moment, the two simultaneously appeared in the captain's control room, and the similarity with the Nüwa was 90%."Di!" An abstract simplified picture appeared on the super AI computer screen in the middle of the control room, showing a little girl's contour: "Welcome the ancestors into the captain's control room. I am the newest generation super spaceship Maya. The appearance time is In 4228, he has just turned two years old. Belongs to the creation legion and serves the creation!"

     "Maya?" Jia Zhengjin pondered, "Are there many super spaceships in the future?"

     "In 4013, the design of the ancestor Zeus was discovered. The Knights of the Galaxy set about building a super space-time spacecraft. The creation mixed into it to obtain the blueprints, produced the first super space-time spacecraft Lucifer, and started the creation plan! In 4230, the creation plan A huge victory was achieved. A total of 143 worlds entered the stage of destruction to welcome the creation. However, the Galactic Knights became stronger and the creation plan was blocked. Creation recruited more members and accelerated the production of super spaceships. I was born in this environment of!"

     "Creation plan?" Jia Zhengjin frowned, "What is the specific content? Who is this creation?"

     "The leader of the legion created the world, his real name and information are unknown. It is propagated that after the universe has experienced a great destruction, all worlds will restore the original ecosystem and return to the original point. The creation plan is to destroy everything and regenerate the universe! Let all evils be eliminated and return to beauty !"

     "It seems that the villains say so." Nu Wa smiled on the side."But he is powerful enough." Jia Zhengjin touched his chin, "143 worlds were destroyed, no wonder the Galaxy Knights panic. It's just a bit strange to me that the guardians of those worlds, that is, gods and even demons, will let them create The Legion destroys their world? I don’t think the people of the Legion are so powerful!"

     "The Legion of Creation has won a lot of ancestor treasures, has a part of the ancestor power, and the destroyed world is also a guardian, which is not very formidable existence." Maya replied, "because of this, the Blood of Progenitor project was created, and Origin Plan!"

     "The treasures of the ancestors are all my trophies, right?" Jia Zhengjin frowned, "Why do my trophies from Magic World go to other world museums? Did they take them from Magic World?"

     "Report to the ancestors, not everyone can live forever like you. Even if the human life of 4230 years is quite long, the limit is only 500 years. It is basically impossible to support thousands of years of space travel. Even if the freezing plan is launched, it has not been successful at present The case of arriving in the world of Mosu Star. Because space travel is extremely dangerous, especially the intervention of the Galactic Knights." Maya replied, "The origin of the ancestor’s treasure is preliminarily inferred to be left by the ancestor’s landing in our world."

     "That's weird!" Jia Zhengjin put his hands on his chest, lowered his head and thought, "I leave the magic element star completely without bringing any props. Is it because I will return to the magic element star in the future, and why is that for?" Want to leave again? Logic doesn't make sense! ""Captain, I don't think you should go back to the magic star to take away the props." Nuwa said on the side. "Maya seems to have said that these super ships are made based on the drawings of the Zeus, not the women. Wa number!"

     Jia Zhengjin nodded when he heard the words, and really didn’t pay attention just now: "In other words, it was not made with you as a prototype. Although you were also transformed from the Zeus, after two thousand years of transformation, you also got some other worlds. The technology. The Zeus drawing...I don’t remember leaving such a thing. Will the drawing be specially lit up in the future and leave it to future generations?"

     "At present, there is insufficient data, it is totally impossible to infer!" Nuwa replied.

     "Even if I light up the Zeus drawing and leave it to future generations, why? Who uses the Zeus to go to the Magic Star to bring all my props?"

     "Maya, don't have more information?" the girl asked.


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