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0 Chapter List 2435 Meng Xiaoting's Request
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Eh heh heh~ interesting, interesting!" In the luxurious villa room, the monkey was lying on the sofa, holding a huge flat peach in his hands and watching TV. After a bite, laughing heartily, it turned out that the TV show was exactly the Journey to the West, which happened to be the part where he learned art from a teacher.

     Since Jia Zhengjin cooperated with Tathagata to complete the Journey to the West, history has been changed. Thousands of years later, Future World has also produced various products such as Journey to the West, TV, and movies.

     "Master, do you really want to bring this monkey?" Bai Jingjing glanced at Monkey King's direction, frowning and turning to Jia Zhengjin, "It's not like a master who can be disciplined!"

     "Of course I know!" Jia Zhengjin also had a headache, "Just his temper, it's really hard to discipline."

     "It's better to throw him out!" said the bone spirit, "you are the body of a saint, he is not your opponent."

     "That's what it says, it's just..." Jia Zhengjin looked at the monkey jumping in excitement on the sofa, feeling that after being handed over to the Tathagata, he became the so-called fighting sacred Buddha. Losing the nature of this monkey felt a bit pitiful.

     "At least, don't let him run around like this monkey!" Bai Jingjing reminded, "Master, there is nothing on the spaceship. This is the human world, and now it is a time when immortals and gods rarely appear."

     The place where they are currently is a luxurious villa that Jia Zhengjin asked Nu Wa to buy. It just seems a bit of a coincidence, very similar to one of the buildings in the world of Magic Star.

     Currently, I need to wait for Nuwa to arrange everything about the company and prepare a way out for my clone in this World.

     After all, the clone was merged by himself, and he used the clone identity to do a lot of things, and he had to make him disappear reasonably.Putting Monkey King in this villa right now, if he is idle and bored, and ran out without paying attention, wouldn't it frighten others?

     Feeling that Bai Jingjing's words are very reasonable, she walked to the front of the sofa, looked at the monkey and said, "Great Sage!"

     "Just call me old grandson!" Monkey King threw away Pan Tao, got up and patted his chest with a smile.

     "Okay! Old grandson, now we are in the human world, you are always bad like a monkey!" Jia Zhengjin said seriously, "The entire world is almost non-existent at the moment. If you are seen by others, it will definitely cause riots. Do you understand what I mean?"

     "Hey! Lao Sun understands." Monkey King laughed, "When Lao Sun went through a human town, he was frightened everywhere. Understand, understand!"

     "Since I understand, then..."

     "Easy!" Monkey King took on a new lease of life, all the monkey hair disappeared, and the tail behind his butt was instantly hidden. The armor on his body was also transformed into normal casual clothing, and he became a modern young man directly. But I still put my hands on my chest like a monkey, a little awkward, "How is it?"

      72 Changes are still quite amazing, this dress should be remembered in his mind when he watched TV, and it changed together at this time.

     "Your Transformation Technique is very good," Jia Zhengjin said. "It's just that you still need to learn more about your words and deeds, and try to behave like a human. Also, whatever happens must not just become a monkey and show your true shape!"

     "Old Sun remembered it!" Monkey King said with a chuckle, "Can you continue to watch TV now?"

     "Look, see!" Jia Zhengjin was helpless."Okay!" Monkey King happily jumped back on the sofa, holding up the big flat peach again, gnawing and biting, still like a monkey, these movements seem to be more conspicuous after transforming into a human.

     Jia Zhengjin shook his head helplessly, hoping that he could correct the problems of these monkeys as soon as possible.

     At night, Nuwa came to report to her work.

     The handover of the company was very smooth. Yu Xiaoman and Ning Ning were a little bit shocked. They didn't know why the boss suddenly transferred the shares and gave such a large asset to them both. So I decided to rush back from the shooting base as soon as possible, and ask in person, I can arrive around tomorrow afternoon.

     Jia Zhengjin didn't think what's the problem, anyway, let Nuwa input some false memories for the two of them at that time, and it would be easy to confuse the past without any trouble.

     As for the current world avatar, preparations are in full swing, and it is necessary to find the most appropriate time for him to "die".

     Only then can you leave the current world and return to the magic element star.

     When Nuwa finished reporting these trivial matters and sent them back to continue processing, Meng Xiaoting hesitated to come to his room and followed her parents.

     "What happened?" Jia Zhengjin doubtfully asked, after all, the expressions of the family of three were not the same as usual, they all looked very serious.

     "Zhengjin, I want to talk to you!" Father Meng came to him.

     "Sit down and say!" Jia Zhengjin asked the three of them to sit down separately, and then looked at the family, "Is there anything important?"

     "Xiaoting, did you say it yourself?" Father Meng turned the head and looks to his daughter.

     "Mom, why don't you tell me?" Meng Xiaoting was a little embarrassed."This is your own thing, of course you want to talk about it!" Mengmu said to her, "I just came to cheer up with your dad."

      "Right!" Father Meng said, "Xiaoting, speak up!"

     "What's the matter?" Seeing this family of three mysteriously, Jia Zhengjin cannot bear ask.

     Meng Xiaoting hesitated for a moment, then spoke with great difficulty summons courage, staring at Jia Zhengjin: "It's... it's about the matter between the two of us!"

     "The two of us, are you with me?" Jia Zhengjin pointed to her and then to himself.


     "You said."

     "That's it," Meng Xiaoting said hesitated a moment, "This matter should be done soon. You said you want to return to the wives of Mo Su Xing before the resurrection. Although I get along well with you now, I have no name and share. , See you then, they will inevitably be embarrassed. Moreover, what if they disagree and force you to separate?"

     "Um~ I think you have thought a lot about this!" Jia Zhengjin scratched his head, "They think differently from normal people. In fact, when living with them before, they basically tried their best to treat all kinds of women Push towards me. On the contrary, I racked my brains to refuse. Therefore, if they want to know this, they may be more enthusiastic than you.""Ah?" Meng Xiaoting was taken aback when he heard the words, and pondered said, "Really? That's really special...but I just feel uneasy. So, I hope I can have a name before I leave, at least when I don’t. It would be too embarrassing. I want to say...Can you get married here now before you leave? At least this world is still a familiar environment to me. Isn’t the magic element star you said very different? I want to hold a familiar wedding in a familiar environment..."

     "Is that so?" Jia Zhengjin turned the head and looks to Meng's father and Meng's mother. "That uncle and aunt opinion...?"

     "We are here to support Xiaoting!" Mengmu said.

      "Really? In that case, so be it! I will let Nuwa arrange it as soon as possible!"
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