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0 Chapter List 2436 Di Shi Grand Wedding
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

After receiving Jia Zhengjin's response, Meng Xiaoting finally let go of her hanging heart, looked at him and said, "Thank you..."

     "Anyway, you feel happy!" Jia Zhengjin smiled and nodded, "It's a bit late now. Tomorrow I will let Nuwa prepare everything. Uncle and aunt are also ready, tomorrow..."

     "Since you both decided to get married, shouldn't you change your mind?" Meng Mu squinted and smiled.

     "What's the rush? Don't you have to change your account tomorrow?" Father Meng said.

     "That's right. By the way, will you prepare for a Chinese or Western style wedding?"

     "Chinese style? After all, we are Chinese."



     Nüwa’s efficiency has nothing to say. After receiving the instructions, she prepared everything overnight. The wedding house was the most luxurious house purchased before, and it was a bit similar to the mansion in the Chinese territory of the magic star building.

     In terms of manpower, no need to be worried, Daxia and Xiaomei, as well as their surprisingly large number of lobster soldiers, are completely sufficient.

     Besides, there is Bai Jingjing to help, and Monkey King also finds it very interesting and strongly asks for assistance in the wedding. Probably I saw it on TV, full of interest asking to be the best man.

     Monkey King is the best man, Jia Zhengjin really didn't expect this situation, doesn't know at all how to react. But he really wanted to help, which was pretty good. After all, who is treated like this, Great Sage Equal To Heaven is the best man...

     Yu Xiaoman and Ning Ning were surprised when they received the notice on their way here. They want to know who is he exactly the bride who suddenly appeared from the boss, and how to hide it so well. And they are required to sing at the wedding, and other singers are not allowed.The most exaggerated is Wang Jingxuan. This guy was so excited to learn that Master Jia was about to get married. As a result, he announced an amnesty to the world on the China network news that day. As long as it is petty theft or some minor sins with less than one year's punishment, all pardoned, and Publicly announce the good news of Master Jia's marriage in front of the people all over the country.

     After that, the entire royal family was mobilized, and countless luxury cars and even planes carried their grandiose.

     The emperor and the entire royal family rushed over, can civil and military officials fall behind? Since then, civil and military officials from all states across the country also took the plane and prepared gifts to congratulate.

     What the emperor called the master, that is the emperor! Although everyone is confused, where did this emperor come from? How so young.

     joke! The emperor, royal family, civil and military officials have all gone. Can the domestic aristocrats, celebrities, and rich people let go of this opportunity? So they also rushed to the magic capital.

     The demons are so lively, why do you miss reporters? Not to mention that even the emperor must be dispatched, that is the biggest and biggest headline news.

     The magic city itself is very lively, and it turns out to be hundreds of times lively in an instant, as if the whole city is full.

     It turns out that there are many civilians all over the country who are idle, and even some tourists who are traveling in the magic city. They gathered after hearing about it. The emperor’s public itinerary like this, even all members of the royal family, civil and military officials from all over the country came here, how can you miss the rare level of excitement in the world?

     Headlines exploded at home and also swept abroad. Countries around the world have reported that the Emperor of China celebrated the wedding of his "Master" with high profile, and the result is well known in the world!The development of not expected at the outset made Jia Zhengjin regret to inform Wang Jingxuan, which is too exaggerated!

     Speaking of the news, the mobile phones were about to be blown up. It turned out that the people around this World clone appeared one by one.

     Childhood playmates, all the classmates and teachers from the kindergarten to the social life, the former neighbors of the family, the seven aunts and eight aunts and various relatives pop up.

     In fact, in the memory of this clone, except for a few people who do have memories, no one else knows who it is.

     But somehow they came to congratulate, can't they refuse?

     Furthermore, Jia Zhengjin didn't need to make arrangements. Wang Jingxuan had already sent people to send cars, and even sent planes all over the country, and even went abroad to pick up these people.

     Jia Zhengjin was more scared than this sudden situation, let alone the Meng Xiaoting family.

     In their view, isn't it just a nothing special wedding, and the family called some friends simple won't it be fine? It was suddenly known to the world that even foreign reporters rushed over by plane, and the grassland outside the mansion as far as the eye can see was sent by Wang Jingxuan to become a banquet. It stretched for more than a dozen miles and it was utterly staggering. The scene was crammed with money, power, and the highest status in the entire country. Reporters and cameras were also long in line, and they couldn't see the edge at a glance.

     This made Meng Xiaoting nervous enough to find Jia Zhengjin many times in a row. It is certain that the wedding will be filmed by countless media reporters at the time, and will face the existence of the most powerful and powerful state in this country.

     What can Jia Zhengjin say? He didn't expect such a development, so Meng Xiaoting could not think too much.

     Here are all preparing for the wedding, on the other side of the world, inside an invisible spaceship."How is it, is there any gain?"

     "I didn't find any valuable information. Are we sure we are in the wrong place?"

     "Probably not! Is it really in the future?"

     "Then do we need to go to Future World?"

     "Wait until the ancestors come back! By the way, Zeus!"

     "Captain has any instructions?"

     "Help me search today's world information, and see there's nothing about it useful information!"

     "Command received!" The intelligent AI immediately showed a virtual projection and began to broadcast world news in turn.

      At the same time, several shadows were sent into the control room.

     "Yo, are you back?" The black-robed man who was talking with Captain Yu turned his head and smiled.

     "Ancestor, do you have any gains?" the captain asked quickly.

     "There is no clue!" Dressed up as the first magician, he sighed with a wand in his hand, "This World can't use magic, otherwise Magic Power can help me find it!"

     The people behind also shook their heads, with disappointed expressions on their faces.

     "Let's take a look at the current world today's information, and then discuss whether to go to Future World to find it!" said the black robe.

     "Find what?" Dressed up in a heavy helmet, a swordsman came forward and looked at the projection screen.

     "There is no information yet..." the captain sighed.

     The others also gathered around, staring at the screen carefully.

     "Wait!" the man holding the wand suddenly shouted, "Let Zeus go back to the picture just now."

     The captain immediately ordered: "Zeus, go back!"The projection screen immediately jumped back to the previously played message. When the screen turned, the person holding the magic wand suddenly stopped: "Wait a minute, pause here!"

     The projection screen stops immediately.

     "Emperor Master Demon Capital's big wedding, the emperor of Hua Guo personally presided over, the world is a sensation..."

     "Ancestor, is this what's the problem?" the young captain asked respectfully.

     "Let Zeus zoom in, I want to see this person's face!"


     "Di Shi, the one who wants to get married!"

     "Zeus, zoom in!"

     The projected picture is immediately enlarged several times.

     "Kean!!" The captain's several "ancestors" different mouths, same voice, all showed surprise expressions.

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