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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The story was not made very carefully, but Meili and Tartanier were too simple and immediately believed.

     "There is such a thing? You are too lucky!" Tartanil exclaimed.

     "Which store did I buy it? I want a set too!" Mei Li asked hurriedly, "How much?"

     "No need to ask, can this kind of magical armor can be seen everywhere?" Jia Zhengjin said, "I can buy it is very lucky, how can it be the same magical armor in the same region/place? It’s not a magic armor store, not to mention this kind of unrecognized magic armor is not so common."

     "That's..." Mei Li was very envious, "Cohen, no! Captain Cohen! This is the first time in my life to see magic equipment so close, can you let me feel its power? I have worn it once and experienced the feeling of magic equipment. It’s worth it in my life! Please let me try it on and experience what magic equipment is like, OK?"

     "Do you want to wear this outfit?" Jia Zhengjin asked.

     "Yes! Captain, as long as you let me wear it once and experience it, you will say that I will never go to the west if you go east!" Mei Li eagerly raised her head and looked directly at him.

     "Then if I don't wear it for you, you won't go west?"

     "I, I didn't mean that..." Meili suddenly became somewhat worried.

     "Alright!" Jia Zhengjin knew that she was a very innocent girl, so he nodded, "Go back and talk about it first, wait until the task is handed in in the city, and let you experience it at that time."

     "Really? It's a deal!" Meili is happy cannot be more.Tatanil was very envious, but these armors were all fighters, she couldn't wear them.

     The team returned to Copper Mountain City and first went to the Adventurer Guild to deliver the task.

     When the three of Jia Zhengjin reported what had happened in the stone castle, including the last descent of the dark guild and the "Mysterious Expert" who passed by, Guild Master Hal was particularly surprised. It made people quickly complete the entire process of the handover task and brought the three of Jia Zhengjin to Upstairs asked again slowly and carefully.

      With great difficulty Come from Adventurer Guild, first accompany Meili and Tartanier to the orphanage, buy supplies and send them there.

     Now that the orphanage has the gold coins allocated by Meili and Tartanier, life has become much better. The children can eat every day, and there are more happy laughter and cheerful voices.

      At the same time, because of sufficient funds, the dean has taken in many children with no home to return to these days, which is more lively than before!

     Although the pressure on their shoulders is greater, both Meili and Tatanil feel very happy.

     Those children are also sensible, and those who are close to adulthood are working hard to learn vocational knowledge, hoping to become adventurers and make money together to relieve the pressure on the two sisters.

     These orphans don't have any blood relationship with each other, but they are even closer than real brothers and sisters.

      At break time, Jia Zhengjin borrowed the equipment without the slightest hesitation.

     After Mei Li went back to the room and replaced it, she was very excited when she arrived in the yard. She was extremely excited when she wore magic equipment for the first time. She practiced against Tartanil in the yard for a while and enjoyed the power of magic equipment very happily.Later, it was somewhat reluctant to part with, and after taking it off, it was returned to Jia Zhengjin: "Captain Cohen, thank you! I didn't expect that I could experience the power of magic equipment in this life, no regrets!"

     "Then your pursuit is too low, right?" Jia Zhengjin said, "In fact, with your current financial resources, it is also possible to buy cheaper magic equipment."

     "Our money should be reserved for the children," Meili said. "The magic equipment is too expensive. The price of one piece is enough for the children to eat in the first half of the year or even a year! That's only the cheapest. Such a luxurious thing. It’s enough to experience it once."

     "Yeah!" Tartanil said with a faint smile, "Even if you are backed by a big tree, you can make more money with this adventure group, and the burden on your shoulders is heavier. There are so many children who need our help. , Even if it’s a tiny bit, it can’t be wasted in such a place.”

     Hearing this, Jia Zhengjin glanced at them approvingly: "You two are very responsible, those children are lucky. Don't worry! Our adventure is still long in the future. If you are lucky, you will get magic equipment not a system problem. Facts. There are many opportunities in Exploring Missions. As long as there is something suitable for you, I will keep it for you!"

     "That probability is too low!" Mei Li smiled, "Getting magic equipment in Exploration Quest, although I often hear people talk about it, but in fact, people you meet in reality can be counted on one's fingers. But still thank you! "Jia Zhengjinxin said that the chance of encountering normal people is indeed very low, and I am different. Owning the system can kill monsters, especially the probability of BOSS monsters is not small. It can also come out when you open a treasure chest, and even Mission Completion sometimes rewards. Not to mention a set of magic equipment, it is not a system problem to gather a complete set of artifacts.

     Naturally, I wouldn’t say this in person, so I smiled at the two female adventurers: "All right, the supplies here have been delivered, let’s go back to the base! Or, you two live in an orphanage today, I 'll go over by myself?"

     "Is that okay?" Mei Li asked hesitantly, "Everyone came out together, but we stayed in the city and let the group leader return to the base alone?"

     Tatanil actually wants to stay in the orphanage overnight, after all, it is the most familiar place. But the same idea as Mei Li, the three came out of the base together, but after Quest Completed, they left the group leader and stayed behind, letting him leave alone?

     "Okay! You stay," Jia Zhengjin saw what they were thinking, so he got up and said, "Adventurer Guild will gather tomorrow morning, is it all right?"

     "No!!" Meili and Tartanier looked at each other, repeatedly nodded.

     "Then it's settled, you are busy, I will withdraw first!" After speaking, he got up and walked outside the courtyard.

     Watching Jia Zhengjin leave, Mei Li sighed softly, "Cohen is really a good person and trusts us so much."

     "That's right! Such precious magic equipment, I don't say anything further to lend you to wear it." Tartanil said with a nod, "If it is someone else, I'm afraid I can't do it."

     "Don't talk about other people, I can't do it myself!" Meili turned her head to look at her, "how about you?""I can't do it!" Tartanil smiled. "If you really want to have this kind of magic equipment, you must cherish it very, very much. I don't even want to touch it."

     "So this kind of person like Cohen is too rare!" Meili said, "Oops, I think I like him a little bit."

      "Is that right?" Tartanier eyes narrowed, "Really?"

     "How about you?" Meili sidestep the question, "Do you think Cohen how is it?"

     "Um... I don't know!"

     "do not know?"

     "Yes! I'm very curious."


     "Well! I want to know more about him." Tatanil smiled, "And the longer you get along, the stronger the thought."

     The two looked at each other and showed knowing smiles.

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