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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Early in the morning, the sky was just getting bright.

     Audra Lena Eukins appeared at the entrance of Adventurer Guild.

     "Miss," Panice and the other female guards were full of worried looks, "Shall we secretly follow to protect you?"

     "No!" Lena stubbornly shook her head, "Since you promised someone, you can't follow. Otherwise, he will regret it and refuse to return the necklace to me?"

     "This...but we are worried about your safety!" Panis said.

     "What is there to be afraid of? With my strength, I can protect myself from no problem." Lena said, "The other party is also the only one nearby adventure group, except for everything. It will not be stupid enough to be detrimental to me, and it is impossible to let I get any harm. With his strength, what else is there to worry about?"

     "But miss, what we worry about is how he will embarrass you..." Panis and the female guards looked worried.

     In fact, Lena was also a little uneasy. After all, Panis and others rarely left her side, and suddenly wanted to be alone, and she had to follow others and obey the orders of her. Even if he kept telling himself that it was impossible for the other party to make excessive demands on the daughter of the city lord of the seaside city, he still couldn't help being afraid. What request did he make to embarrass himself?

     Can I really survive this whole day?

     Do not! You must get through it, otherwise the necklace won't get back!

      Thought until here, Lena secretly decided that no matter how difficult the other party makes, she must bear it: "Retreat! Don't follow me. If I can't get the necklace back, you only ask!"Upon hearing this, Panis and the female guards looked at each other in dismay, their worried expressions could not be concealed.

     But the lady has ordered, without any means.

     Panis said: "Miss, we don't need to follow you, but before the other party comes over, at least let us stay around."

     "Good!" Lena nodded slightly, "Then wait until he comes over."

     "Yes!!" The female guards responded in unison, and then Panis took out a glittering and translucent colorful gem from her arms, cautious and solemn put it in Lena's hand, "Miss, you take this magic stone, no Don’t use it until only when absolutely essential. It is sealed with quite powerful power, but it can only be used once, and it will consume a lot of magic power, causing you to temporarily fall into a weakened state of magic consumption.”

     "Hmm!" Lena not saying anything further took the magic stone and hid it in her arms.

     After waiting for a while, I saw two female adventurers not far away coming together, talking and laughing along the way.

     When I arrived at the door of Adventurer Guild, I saw Lena and her female guards, and I was shocked: "y-you how..."

     "So it's you two?" Lena found Meili and Tartanier coming together, and looked around subconsciously, "Where is he?"

     "He?!" The two female adventurers were taken aback first, and then reacted.

     "Do you mean Captain Cohen?" Mei Li asked.

     "Who else is there besides him?" Lena said coldly, "Is this guy not coming with you?""We lived in the city last night, and the captain returned to the base." Tartanil said, "but we have arranged to gather here, and time is almost there. You still come for the necklace? How about me? Help persuade the head of the group, don’t you guys, OK?"

     "That's right! This is a city. Violence can easily recruit guards and you have to be locked up and go to jail." Meili said.

     Lena glanced at them, silent.

     Meili and Tartanier were standing on the side. Big eye stared at small eye, not knowing what to do.

      For a good while, Jia Zhengjin finally appeared, riding the Shadow Leopard slowly over.

     "Head of Cohen!!" Meili and Tartanier immediately ran over happily. After all, they felt very nervous facing Lena. The other party is a big man, with so many guards!

     When Lena saw him, she finally heave a sigh of relief, feeling a little complicated. On the one hand, I was afraid that he would not come, Decieve Oneself; on the other hand. Because he came, I was very nervous and worried that he would make problems for himself and embarrass himself. After all, I don't know what the other party thinks, or how he will embarrass himself.

     "Morning!" Jia Zhengjin was smiling, arrives in front of and turned over.

     He watched the "movie" with his wives all night, and the family was bustling and in a good mood.

     Sleep did not affect him and his wives much. Go to bed, time passes faster at night. If you don't sleep, it is actually full of vigor.

     "Cohen, they are here again!" Seeing him smiling, Mei Li whispered, "What should I do?"

     "Don't fight in the city, it's very troublesome!" Tartanil reminded in a low voice.Jia Zhengjin smiled and waved his hand to let them not worry, and his eyes fell on Lena: "It was early, but I seem to have said that irrelevant people shouldn't come over?"

     "They won't follow!" Lena turned to Panis, "You act automatically and wait in the city."

     "Yes!" Worried, worried, she still had to obey the lady's order, and Panice immediately greeted the female guards and moved to the hotel location reluctant to part.

     After they left, Lena looked at Jia Zhengjin again: "Okay! According to the agreement, I must be here. You can give me any order for this one day period. But you must remember your own guarantee, no Any excessive demands!"

     "What, What does it mean?!" Upon hearing this, Meili and Tatanil looked at Jia Zhengjin with a confused face, "Head? Nothing? What order?"

     Jia Zhengjin ignored them and looked at Lena with a smile: "You say that, as long as you can’t accept it, you’re asking too much. Why should you come? I can only guarantee that all orders are at the bottom line and will not make you unacceptable. However, Actually, it’s hard to say, after all, your status is noble, maybe a small request is also a shame to you..."

     "Don't worry, as long as I don't exceed the bottom line, I will follow any order!" Lena said, "but only today!"

     "Isn't this as it should be by rights?" Jia Zhengjin said with a smile, "All right, the three of you will come in with me and get today's task inside first."

     "Oh!!" Meili and Tatanil are still a confused face, completely confused about the situation, but first follow Jia Zhengjin in and talk.Lena took a deep breath, with tension and a little fear, followed them into the guild.

     Going to the counter, Maureen chose a mission to explore the strange rock forest in the west and picking rock top mushrooms at the same time, adding Lena to the temporary team, and then coming out of the guild together.

     Meili and Tatani were on the horse, Lena was also preparing to mount her mount, but this time, Jia Zhengjin said to her: "Wait! You store the mount at the guild."

     "What does it mean?" Lena turned to look at him questioningly.

     "Weird Rock Forest is not far away, it's only a few kilometers." Jia Zhengjin said, "You are responsible for leading the Shadow Leopard to me and walking all the way!"
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