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0 Chapter List 2696 Hunt
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

While Mei Li, Tartanier and Lena were talking quietly, Jia Zhengjin watched the situation in front, and quickly arranged fixed traps based on the movement trajectory of the Fanged Rodent on the Virtual Map, and then retreated to wait quietly.

     "Has the trap been set up?" Seeing him coming, Lena asked in a low voice.

     Jia Zhengjinxin said that you really didn’t see the outside, even looked doesn’t look at her, and turned to Meili and Tanier to say silently: "Without my order, never act blindly without thinking. My trap is set to the distance Far away in the nest, the wild fruits inside can attract the lone fang rodent. Don’t hesitate when it falls into the trap, and immediately rush to the front with me! Before the other fang rodents hear their companions, go ahead. Quick kills that will fall into the trap. Must be efficient! Understand?"

     "Understood!!" Before Meili and Tartanier could speak, Lena immediately responded.

     The three of them glanced at her and said in their hearts that none of your business, huh?

     Meili and Tartanil shook their heads helplessly, and then responded in a low voice: "Understood!"

     Jia Zhengjin made a quiet gesture and hid the cat waist behind the tree.

     The two female adventurers learned everything and hid quietly.

     Lena hid near the three of them, not taking herself as an outsider at all, and regardless of whether the other party ignored her at all, as if she was a member of this action.

     What Jia Zhengjin can do is to ignore her, hoping that the noble lady can leave by herself after getting tired of playing.

     In his opinion, as long as she is completely ignored, this noble lady who is used to the protagonist will be surrounded by his subordinates and will naturally leave when the time comes.The more you care about her, the more likely it will make her feel excited.

     Everyone waited quietly, and after a while, there was a lonely fangs rodent. According to Jia Zhengjin's calculated trajectory, he found wild fruits arranged in the trap.

     These fangs rodents leave the nest, either looking for food or drinking water, and naturally they will not let go when they find ready-made food.

     However, it was also cautious enough. After deviating from the track and approaching the trap, it did not step on it immediately, but kept turning around the trap. Even if the food is to be almost within reach, I am not eager to harvest, but keep patrolling around.

     This made the waiting Meili and others burn with anxiety. The three girls clenched their weapons and stared at the fangs rodent.

     Only Jia Zhengjin looked indifferent, he knew that after setting the trap, all he had to do was to be patient.

     Finally, after a dozen or so laps of the fangs rodent, finally cannot bear jumped into the trap and pounced on the wild fruit that Jia Zhengjin laid down.

     "Puff!" The trap stepped down, and the Fanged Rodent fell directly into the deep-dug hole, the wooden spiked lid on it fell, and the entirety blocked the exit.

     The potholes of this degree can't control the Fanged Rodent, it can easily climb the wall by itself.

     It's just the wooden spiked lid that blocked the hole, densely packed toward the wooden spikes inside the hole, and when it rushed up, it pierced the animal skin. The pain made the big guy instinctively retreat and return to the bottom of the hole.

     "Quick!" Jia Zhengjin rushed over at the moment it fell.

     Meili and Tartanier follow closely behind sb or sth.

     Lena also chased over, just to participate in it.It was just that Jia Zhengjin arrived first and raised his iron spear fiercely to stab into the pit. Tatanil drew his bow and set an arrow, and shot through the gap in the wooden spiked lid. Mei Li came over, and took advantage of the opportunity of the fang gnawed beast to jump towards the entrance of the cave, and slashed with her sword.

     The attacks of the three people, coupled with the fear of the Fanged Rodent, kept hitting the wooden spiked lid, and soon died of severe injuries.

     Lena had no time to intervene, and the battle was already finished.

      "Withdraw!" In the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, before there is time to celebrate, Jia Zhengjin turned around and ordered, taking Meili and Tartaniel to leave hurriedly.

     Lena had just ran there and saw them approaching, so she turned around and ran with the three of them, and quickly returned to her hiding place.

     As soon as the four of them hid, a large group of fang gnats rushed over, appeared near the trap, kept spinning around the trap, and screamed at the corpse inside.

     It turned out that the Fanged Rodent that fell into the trap just now called for help in horror, and attracted its race.

     Fortunately, the Fang Rodent had a limited IQ. Although he heard the call for help, he rushed to the trap but only saw the corpse of his companion. He was completely confused about whats the matter happened. After turning around for a few times, I found that there was no response inside, so I gave up decisively, turned and returned to the vicinity of the lair.

     Seeing this scene, Jia Zhengjin waved gently to Meili and Tatanil, and lowered his voice: "One! We will change positions immediately!"

     "Why change positions?" Mei Li asked in a low voice, "Just open the trap again and move the body out, then won’t it be alright?"

     Tatanil and Lena also looked at the same eyes, and thought the same as Meili.Jia Zhengjin shook the head: "From the actions of these fang rodents, it can be seen that they have a certain intelligence, although not very high. But they will no longer trap with their companions and be counted on the corpses of their companions. Therefore, We need to change the place, and it is an area away from the smell of blood, and reset it."

     "So troublesome?" Lena asked in surprise.

     Jia Zhengjin looked doesn't look She glanced, as if she hadn't heard her, she continued to say to Meili and Tartanier: "Now, you two are moving with me, try to maintain silence."


     The three of them turned around from the outside, and turned to other positions of the circle formed with the nest as the center.

     Lena follow closely behind sb or sth, and it doesn't matter if they ignore themselves at all.

     After finding a new location, Jia Zhengjin immediately digs the second trap and arranges it. After returning, he patiently waits for the second fang rodent to be counted.

     Sure enough, after changing to a new position, Fang Rodent forgot what happened just now, although still very cautious, he still fell into the trap.

     Still the same as before, when the Tusk Rodent fell into the trap, Jia Zhengjin immediately greeted Meili and Tartaniel to rush forward and kill the second one alone.

     Lena was very depressed, but still couldn't catch up, so she could only watch them turn around and return after processing.

     The third and fourth also used the same method to lure them into a new trap nearby and hunt them, and they also did not give Lena any chance. This made her particularly unhappy, thinking inwardly.Hunt one more, and the task is complete! According to the method just now, they moved to a new location, letting Meili and Tatanil wait patiently, Jia Zhengjin went to dig new traps and arranged bait.

     Afterwards, he returned and lay in wait with everyone, waiting for the last fangs to enter the trap.

     Everything went well, and the fifth fang-toothed beast of quest requirements was finally attracted, and quietly approached the trap, began to wander around the trap, and investigate carefully.

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