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0 Chapter List 2723 Treasure House
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

After being touched by Jia Zhengjin, Greg was very cooperative and took the initiative to take them back to the previously frozen room, to an extremely subtle location, squatting down and gently sweeping away the dust with his hands. The area below was not very eye-catching, even severely weathered. , A stone tablet with a crack.

     On the surface of the stele are carved Long-eared characters.

     Greg stretched out his right index finger, jumped on the stone tablet to select 6 characters, and wrote them slowly and carefully according to their strokes.

      "Shuā!" When he closed his hand, the six re-traced words burst out golden rays of light, making the spectators onlookers surprised.

     Immediately afterwards, the ground not far to the left of the stele began to vibrate violently, and a crack slowly appeared and gradually separated.

     It turned out to be a stone gate buried in mud. After rising to both sides, the dust flew up and the entire room was covered by dust.

     Fortunately, there is an Earth Magic division in the team, who directly casts a spell to gather all the dust and create a huge mud ball to restore the room to normal.

     Looking at it again, the place where the stone door opens is a rectangular basement entrance, inside is a row of ancient stone steps leading to the dark ground.

     "The following is our Long-eared treasure house," Greg reached the entrance, turned and said to Jia Zhengjin, "All the treasures are inside."

     "Go ahead!" Albis handed him a torch, mainly because he was afraid that Greg deceived everyone, and it would be troublesome if there were dangerous traps on the ground.

     Greg didn't hesitate, took the torch and entered the basement decisively, and went all the way down the stone steps.Jia Zhengjin was about to follow, and Sco hurriedly reached out to stop him, whispered: "Leader, to be on the safe side, you follow the team! Albis, lead the team first, I am behind."

     "Good!" Albis complied, lit yet another torch, and followed into the basement.

     The group members lined up into the basement and marched in an orderly manner.

     Jia Zhengjin was guarded by Scott, at the back of the team.

     Walking along the stone steps to the end, also doesn't have any trap appeared.

     Greg led everyone into a vast basement, which was filled with large boxes, and even gold coins and silver coins piled in the corners.

     There are furniture like bookshelves all around, filled with books.

     There are also many weapon racks and wooden people used to place armors, which is dazzling at first glance.

     The team members were extremely excited and immediately ran towards their weapons and armors. After all, magic equipment is an extremely luxurious and precious existence for them. Even if you make enough money, you will hesitate again and again in the face of outrageous magic equipment in the store. Now that the Magic Weapon equipment that is placed here and casually picked up, how can it not make them excited?

     Even in front of magic equipment, those gold and silver treasures are not that attractive.

     "Wait!" Seeing the group members rushing to the Weapons and Equipment storage location, eagerly selecting or vying, Sco frowned and saw, "Everyone stop! Let the group leader see it before assigning it. "

     The members of the group were really obedient and stopped moving instantly, and some of them still had weapons and armors in their hands.For them, magic equipment is extremely attractive, and it is impossible to let go. But if you don't listen to the leader's words, what should you do if you don't assign a 7th-level monster? All are in a dilemma.

     In the face of such a situation, Jia Zhengjin didn’t care. He snapped his fingers and said calmly: “You find suitable equipment and allocate them according to your profession. But don’t take more. Everyone is a group, and there are good things to share. Don’t compete with each other. , The amount of magic equipment here is amazing, each of you can make up one set and there is still left, discuss it!"

     Upon hearing this, the team members showed surprise expressions and shouted in unison: "Long live the team leader!"

     Sure enough, there was a lot of civilization afterwards, and there was no scramble action. Instead, they checked magic equipment with each other and exchanged them according to occupation and suitability.

     "Head, you are following them too!" Sco couldn't help but whispered in Jia Zhengjin's ear, "These magic equipment are all precious. Everyone is very extravagant. How can one set one? These are the common property of our adventure group, which should be taken back and distributed carefully according to the situation..."

     "It doesn't matter!" Jia Zhengjin smiled at him, "Here are the elite of our adventure group, the strongest gathered. Your strength is the strength of the adventure group. Sco, go and choose the magic equipment that suits you! For us I won’t be stingy. Only by making you more formidable existence, the Holy Spirit Adventure Group can deter all enemies!"Scott looked at Jia Zhengjin in amazement, and sighed after a long while: "I admire the commander's aura! It is an honor for me to meet you! I believe that under your leadership, the Holy Spirit Adventure Group will surely resound throughout the entire continent. To become the most powerful organization!"

     Jia Zhengjin smiled and nodded, motioning him to quickly choose equipment.

     Looking at the list of members of the adventure group, the loyalty of these elite group members has all reached the full value of 100, and the charm of magic equipment is too strong!

     Loyalty reaches 100 points full value, it is die-loyal status.

     Regardless of his attitude towards you, loyalty need not be questioned. Faced with various situations, you can use your life to protect and even execute the command of the commander.

     Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to buy people's hearts and achieve a state of die-hard loyalty, let alone these with ample experience, well-informed veteran adventurers.

     Thanks to the help of Jia Zhengjin's system, there is this loyalty setting.

     Due to system restrictions, members with full loyalty will naturally become diehard.

     Sco also joined the ranks of selecting magic equipment. As the head of the team, Jia Zhengjin was not in a hurry, turning the head and looks to the "bookshelves" on both sides.

     Greg looked away from the team members and fell on Jia Zhengjin, slightly astonished: "You are different from them, there is no greed in your eyes!"

     Jia Zhengjin said with a smile: "I'm not greedy, but I don't need it that much. Can I read these books?"

     "Of course!" Greg said, "Since I have brought you to the treasure house, everything in it can be taken at will. After all, it is one of the good conditions we have said."Jia Zhengjin smiled and nodded, walked to the bookshelf closest to him on the right, and reached out to pick up one of the books.

     Speaking of books, they are actually scrolls made of animal skins, not the kind of paper flipping books.

     When Jia Zhengjin touched one of the scrolls and was about to pick it up, he found that the scroll was shattered.

     Due to the long history, during the period doesn't have any protection measures, these beast skin scrolls have been severely weathered.

     "How can it be like this!? Greg was taken aback, don't dare to believe, walked to the bookshelf, and when he reached out, he accidentally touched the bookshelf. With a "crash", all the scrolls were scattered.

     "Tsk tusk, it's a pity!" Jia Zhengjin shook his head gently.

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