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0 Chapter List 2725 Orthodox Long Ears
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Pulling back further, the one old long-eared family appears in the painting, holding a spherical object in his hand. In front of this long-eared clan, the person who represented himself and was shining with golden light reached out to take it.

     "What does it mean?" Greg showed a confused expression on the side, "Now I am the only one left in the Long-eared tribe. Who is on this picture? Is it the me who is old? Then this one is shining golden. Who is it again?"

     Jia Zhengjin glanced sideways at him, and said, what does it have to do with you? This long-eared race is obviously not you.

     "Anything else?" Greg asked curiously.

     Ren Bufan pulled back again, and the scroll reached its end.

     Sure enough, there is another picture. There are countless humans in the picture, which looks like a battlefield.

     The battlefield is very chaotic, and all races are fighting together, and there are even their own figures among them.

     On the battlefield, a huge figure covering the entire sky appeared, as if it suddenly attracted everyone's attention.

     "It's this demon again!" Seeing the huge figure in the last painting, Greg exclaimed, "What does it mean?"

     Jia Zhengjin slightly pondered, and silently put away the scroll.

     "Wait a minute, I haven't understood it yet!" Greg said to him, "What does it mean in the painting? Will that Demon still find me?"

     "Don't think of yourself too importantly." Jia Zhengjin glanced at him, "At least I didn't see it in the next two pictures that are aimed at you.""Really? But there is a long-eared old man, does it mean that I am old? There are demons reappears, and so many races are fighting. Could it be that after I go to the outside world, demons will attack all races, just for Find me?" Greg exclaimed, "then am I dangerous?"

     "I'm not saying, don't think of yourself too importantly!" Jia Zhengjin was a little speechless. "This old man of the Long-eared tribe may refer to your ancestors. As for the last picture, there is indeed you in it, but the demon does not seem to be rushing. Come with you, it looks at all races."

     "Is that right? But what if it's me?"

     Jia Zhengjin shook his head helplessly, then turned and walked to the other side.

     After the team members select the appropriate equipment, they will gather in full gear, and put the remaining Magic Weapon and equipment aside.

     "Head," Albis also put on a complete set of mighty steel armor, carrying an epee in his hand, all of which are heavy magic equipment, and his face is full of excited look, "These magic equipment quality is very high!"

     "Well, it's good enough." Jia Zhengjin glanced, all the members in front of him were replaced with new equipment, and they looked more like regular troops. However, the temperament is still difficult to conceal, revealing the unique taste of adventurers.

     "I've checked carefully, each person only took the equipment they needed, no more collars, and the rest is here!" Sko also put on a whole new set of magic robe, with a mysterious method in his hand. Rod.

     "Very good!" Jia Zhengjin looked around and turned to Greg, "You can get a set yourself! By the way, what are you Combat Profession?"Greg heard the words and looked doesn't look at those magic equipment: "Our long-eared people are craftsmen! The talent is to build Weapons and Equipment and enchant them. Fighting is unrealistic for us!"

      "Really? After your people become undead, they are quite powerful in combat."

     "Strong fighting power?" Greg thought for a while, "that part is not the long-eared clan of Pure Bloodline."

     "What does it mean?"

     "Our orthodox long-eared race has no combat effectiveness. The gods bestowed the long-eared tribe with sacred craftsman talents and did not endow Battle Ability. Those so-called battle-type's long-eared races are actually hybrid long-eared races born from the combination of humans, orcs and other different races. Ear tribe. They have the Strong Combat Power of other races and their mission is to protect the long ear tribe, so they can return to the tribe." Greg earnestly said, "In the beginning, the hybrid long ear tribe was rejected. It seems that the original orthodox long ear tribe was rejected. The ears are extremely repulsive and disgusted with marriages with other ethnic groups. Later in the mainland for a long time, their ideologies and concepts gradually changed, passed down from generation to generation, and marriages began to slowly appear, and the number of miscellaneous long-ears gradually increased."

     "Oh? Are you an orthodox long-eared tribe or a mixed blood?" Jia Zhengjin asked.

     Greg immediately replied proudly: "I am the long-eared race of Pure Bloodline!"

     "So besides here, without other long-eared tribe?"

     "Yes! All the Long-eared tribes are here, and our clansmen never separate." Greg replied, "But now, I am the only Long-eared tribe!"

     "Then if you want to keep the ethnic group going, you must marry girls from other ethnic groups, and the offspring can only be mixed blood and long ears.""No-!!!" Greg was originally smiling, and suddenly stared wide-eyed when he heard this, showing a frightened expression, holding his head and screaming, "God! I didn't expect it? I'm only one long eared. The tribe, either let the tribe be extinct, or we can only marry the foreign tribe, and only the mixed blood Long-eared tribe will be left in the future? how can it be like this! Is the Pure Bloodline of our Long-ear tribe going to end on me?"

     "To be precise, it ends on your child, provided that you are married to other ethnic groups." Jia Zhengjin reminded.

     "Puff!" Greg kneels down on the ground a little collapsed, his whole body dull.

     "Head," Albis came to Jia Zhengjin's side, glanced at Greg, and whispered in his ear, "This guy is useless! There is no fighting power, what can you do with us? Should you stay and eat rice? After taking him out, give him some money to find a way out?"

     Facing Albis’s suggestion, Jia Zhengjin responded calmly: “Anyone has his use, not simply measured by combat effectiveness. Didn’t you hear that? The Long-eared race is a craftsman who is good at making magic equipment. Now all magic equipment is here. It’s all from their hands. A craftsman who can make magic equipment is very valuable!"

     "Yes!" Albis nodded quickly, "The head is still smart."

     "This is common sense..."

     "Hello!" Seeing Greg was still squatting there, Albis kicked his ass from behind, "Get up!"

     Greg woke up from the sluggishness and looked back at Albis: "Why kick me?""Nonsense! From now on, you are me, the craftsmen of the creature adventure group, can't be rude in front of the group leader, understand? If you want to be obedient, you can mix well in the adventure group. If you are not obedient, just throw you here! "

     "Don't!" Greg hurriedly said, "You can't leave me alone."

     "Then don’t be so lifeless, it makes people look uncomfortable. Hurry up and prepare, we have to leave before dark! Are all the treasures here? There are others without others? Don’t hide privates, otherwise you will not Maybe wait thirty years to come back and get it!"

     "It's all here!" Greg nodded surely.

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