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0 Chapter List 2803 Small Soil Bag
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Why are you here? "Julian was startled by Meili and Tartanier," y-you at what time came in? "

     The two went downstairs to the middle of the hall and looked at Julian: "We came first!"

     "This, is this what's going on?" Julian looked at Jia Zhengjin, "Didn't you mean without other people?"

     "I've never said this." Jia Zhengjin shrugged, "All right, listen to me! Originally I didn't plan to say it, at least I didn't plan to tell you at this point in time. But I'm afraid of trouble, if I don't make it clear It will cause more trouble. Fortunately, the situation has been almost stable after the construction of the Uzbek. It will not take long for the Empire to overthrow the alliance. I will tell you the entire matter directly, provided that I first sign a Magic Contract with me and promise not to tell anything except Anyone outside yourselves. Wait a while here!"

     Watching Jia Zhengjin turn upstairs, Julianne, Meili, and Tartanier look at each other in dismay, with confusion and questions on their faces.

     However, it was obvious that both sides came for the same thing, so there was an indescribable smell in the eyes of Julian, Meili, and Tartanier.

     Jia Zhengjin went upstairs to transform the body of the saint, and used magic to generate a contract. The Great 36 Constellations method allows him to do anything, almost omnipotent.After that, he restored Cohen's appearance and went downstairs and put the contract on the table: "The three of you have two choices. One is to turn around and leave. From now on, don't talk about today's affairs again, forget or bury the feelings you did. The second is to sign this contract. Its power will make you to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle. You can’t tell anyone, including your loved ones, the truth that I’ll tell in person later. It’s a cruel thing to understand the truth. , I’m afraid you will not be able to bear it, so you must think clearly.”

     "This is What does it mean? The so-called truth what exactly is it?" Julian asked anxiously.

     "If you want to know the truth, sign your name on the contract, but it is not recommended. I hope you can leave on own initiative and forget about this matter! You will still follow your daily life in the future... .."

     "Do you want to use this to fool us?" Mei Li went directly to look at the contract, "Well, I have to see what the truth is in your mouth! How to sign the contract?"

     "It's very simple, bite your finger and drip a drop of blood on it." Jia Zhengjin replied.

     Mei Li pulled out the dagger without the slightest hesitation, quickly cut the left thumb, squeezing out a drop of blood.

     The blood dripped on the contract, and the Seven-Colored Light was immediately emitted, and then it seemed that there was energy connecting it with Meili.

     "Help me!" Tartanil handed her hand to Mei Li. Mei Li cut her finger and squeezed a drop of blood on the contract.

     After the two of them finished, they held their fingers on the side to stop the bleeding, turn the head and looks to Julianne.

     Julianne hesitated a moment, staring at Jia Zhengjin for a few seconds before reaching out to Meili, "Let me use the dagger."Mei Li is not so stingy: "I'm coming!"

     As he said, he stroked Julian's finger with the dagger.

     Julianne frowned in pain, but fortunately, she quickly squeezed out the blood dripping. After signing the contract, she quickly put her finger in her mouth and disinfected with saliva.

     "I think you will regret it." Seeing that the three of them had signed the contract, Jia Zhengjin reached out and put it away, faintly shook the head.

     "You can't get rid of it, let's talk now! The truth what is? Is it related to your previous question?" Mei Li asked.

     Jia Zhengjin took the contract into his arms and glanced over the three of them: "Since you are so persistent, then follow along!"

     Talking, turned and walked towards the door.

     "Where to go?" The three looked at each other and quickly followed.

     "Come here!" Jia Zhengjin opened the door and walked straight out.

     At this point, Julian, Meili, and Tartanier couldn't back up, so they hurriedly followed.

     Following Jia Zhengjin, outside the gate of Summon Mount, the four rushed to the west gate and came outside the city.

     All the way to Mount Kina, Julian cannot bear ask: "Cohen, where are you taking us?"

      "Arrived!" Jia Zhengjin took them one step further and got off the back of the Shadow Leopard.

     The three of them also jumped off their mounts, put them into the poke ball one after another, walked to him doubtfully, and turned to look around.

     Here as empty as anything, except for lush trees and weeds, it is a remote road with few people coming over."Cohen, why did you take us to Mount Kina?" Meili asked, "What does this have to do with your so-called truth?"

     "Come!" Jia Zhengjin pushed aside the trees and walked inside.

     The three of them hesitated a moment and all followed.

     Entering the bushes, and soon came to a small soil bag full of weeds, Jia Zhengjin stopped.

     When the three behind saw him stop, they all stopped and looked at the little dirt bag in doubt.

     "I'll ask again, are you sure you want to know the truth?" Jia Zhengjin turned around and asked the three of them seriously, "It's still too late to turn around and leave."

     "Just tell me!" Meili looked at him, "Since we are following, we are not going to back down."

     "Yes!" Tatanil nodded surely.

     Jia Zhengjin turned to Julian, who was also nodded in response.

     "Okay, you all have to dig up roots and inquire at the base, then I'll be honest!" Jia Zhengjin said to them, "See this little dirt bag?"

     "Yeah!!" The three of them turned their eyes to the small dirt bag and responded together.

     "The real Cohen is inside! However, it has already been turned into ashes." Jia Zhengjin stepped aside, "Julian, your real green plums and hobby-horse, the Cohen Hand who longed for you, already not in the world." Meili, Tartanier, I am not the bottom of the ten thousand years as you know."

     "Cohen, you, your joke is a bit big..." Julianne complexion changed, "Even if you don't want to accept me, there is no need to lie like this...""Yes, Cohen!" Mei Li didn't believe it either. "You just point to a small dirt bag, just say it's your own grave, and then tell us that you don't belong to oneself? We are not kids, even if we refuse, at least find one Is there a reasonable reason?"

     "I don't believe it either!" Tatanil said.

     "What about this?" Jia Zhengjin used Soul Projection to change his image in front of the three of them, from Cohen's appearance to Sage Mode.

     Seeing the familiar Cohen turn into another person, Julianne, Meili, and Tartanier are all dumbstruck, fixed in place like a stone sculpture, and there is nothing in their mind.

     They don't know the status quo, why did Cohen become yet another person? Is it true that what he said is true? Why is this happening? The real Cohen at what time died? Why did he become Cohen?

     Or, to get rid of himself, what Magic Item did Cohen use?

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