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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Jia Zhengjin was taken away by Millie, but his wives were not worried, driving the mecha to join Zhao Chun's team smoothly.

     Finding that Jia Zhengjin was not in the team, Zhao Chun hurriedly asked.

     Tina pretended to be worried and explained in detail what happened before.

     "What? He was arrested?" Zhao Chun was shocked, "What can I do with this?"

     "We'll retreat first back to Omega Base to ensure your own safety." Tina replied.

     "You are to give our army the queen, that will cause him to be arrested by the enemy." Sheldon said, "Why don't we kill and save people?"

     "With our military strength, it is fundamental to follow the path to one's own doom!" Zhao Chun frowned.

     "Actually I don't think I need to be worried!" Johnson pondered, "First of all, he is the leader of our allied army, the master of this powerful alien army. With this identity alone, the opponent will not jeopardize his life casually. Secondly, didn’t Omega Base catch a Hazawi important figure? Maybe we can change one!"

     "That's right!" Zhao Chun said after hearing the words, "Then we should return to Omega base as soon as possible. As long as we stand up to this wave of enemy offensive, we can contact the opponent and ask for a hostage exchange!"

     "But we try to be careful when we go back. Omega is now surrounded by the Hadzawi army and must find a place to hide first." Johnson said, "Wait until the end of the battle before returning to the base."

     "A few rest assured, when we return to Omega Base, we will do our best to exchange for your husband!" Zhao Chun promised.Tina and others said that through Nuwa, Jia Zhengjin could be seen to be taken to Alpha Base, and he was no longer on Pucci's side. It is impossible to exchange him back.

     Of course, he didn't tell the other party about this, but thanked him.

     Thousands of lobster soldiers also escaped from the ground and successfully reunited. Together with the thousands of recruits recruited by the Light Fleet and the hundreds of thousands of citizens who were willing to go with them, they fled far away from the Puse base and temporarily landed at a distance from the Omega base. In the mountains tens of kilometers away from the war zone.

     The team sent out scouts, led by George to inquire about the current situation of Omega base. At the same time, try to contact the base and report the situation here.

     The entire team is trimmed in the mountains, avoiding organic ankylosaurus or other dangerous beasts. Everyone stayed in the ship, or couldn't get out of the mecha. Once there was any wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble), they would run away immediately, and their spirits were tense.

     Compared with the tightness of the entire team, Jia Zhengjin's wives looked much more relaxed. When the team was resting, they stayed in an area by themselves, and determined the location of the husband's Qinglong mecha through the satellite photo passed by Nuwa.

     After a long time, the Azure Dragon, which had not responded, finally opened the communication channel.

      After a while, Jia Zhengjin appeared in the screen.

     "Kean, finally got in touch!" Tina hurriedly said, "What's the situation with you?"

     "Nuwa, pay attention to the surrounding situation!" Amy reminded, "If any member of the Light Fleet approaches, please report immediately!"

     "Order received!"Jia Zhengjin faced the wives who appeared in the camera, smiled and replied: "This Millie is one of the ten knights of the Hadzawi Empire and has the ability of Spiritual Control. She wants to bring me back to Earth and ask me to tell the Emperor Hadzawi Loyalty, and by the way, contribute to the Nuwa and the so-called'alien technology' that we control. He even wanted to conquer the'extra galaxy'."

     "It turns out that it is!" Meng Xiaoting was somewhat worried, "Then you contact us at the other party's base, no problem ma? Will it be exposed?"

     "Basically they thought I was controlled by Millie, so there is no problem." Jia Zhengjin replied, "Even if I know that I am in contact with you, they think that Spiritual Control will only persuade you to surrender or something. So not a system problem. They are. I don’t know the frequency of our communication, we can’t cut off and analyze the content of the communication. Right now Millie is resting. As the ten knights, no one here dares to trouble me casually!"

     "Then what happens next?" Olivia asked.

     "Since the other party wants to take me to the earth, beat sb at their own game over there!" Jia Zhengjin responded, "Go directly to the earth, take the opportunity to find the family of the current world clone, and look for opportunities to bring them back to Jia Shijun, so that their family can be reunited. It can also make Jia Shijun less worried and worried."

     "Are you going directly to Earth?" Tina blinked, "What about us?""It’s very fast to the earth, and the pseudo-light-speed spacecraft is only several hours." Jia Zhengjin replied, "It doesn’t matter if the Nuwa can’t monitor other planets. My universe mirror is in the warehouse, and you can still see my side with it. Circumstances. Before I bring back the family of this World clone, you should help defend the Omega base. It is best to defeat the Hazawi Empire army. Of course, remember to keep a low profile."

     "Oh! Our nearby is okay!" Tina said, "When Nuwa manufactures medium mecha, Super Mecha(s) and even Super Battleship, the battle will be turned around."

     "Well! I also have no problem here. I am completely different. I will solve my family’s problems and return to make peace with you immediately." Jia Zhengjin talked, as if he heard some movement outside, "It sounds like Millie is here, temporarily closed. communication."

      "Shuā!" The communication signal was interrupted, but Tina and others could continue to control through Nuwa's satellite, turning the camera to see the mecha screen.

     Sure enough, Millie walked all the way to the Azure Dragon, raising her head and waving.

     Jia Zhengjin opened the cabin door and jumped down from above.

     "What are you doing inside the mecha?" Millie asked him.

     "I want to contact the wives and ask them to control the Nuwa to leave the Omega base to gather here and go to the earth together!" Jia Zhengjin pretended to be respectful.

     "Oh? Then they come here at what time?" Millie looked at the time, "The pseudo-light-speed transport ship to the earth will quickly will go, I guess it's too late!"

     "Failed to contact," Jia Zhengjin replied, "it should be the Nuwa who is still fighting.""Don't care about them, anyway, after meeting my Majesty, there will be time." Millie didn't doubt that the people controlled by her Spiritual Control would not betray.

      "Yes!" Jia Zhengjin made a submissive expression.

     "Do you know what you need to do after meeting your Majesty?" Before returning, Millie needed to arrange everything.

     "Know!" Jia Zhengjin replied immediately, "Allegiance to your majesty, dedicated all the power in my hand to your majesty, and help your majesty to conquer everything!"

     "Very good!" Millie nodded in satisfaction and raised her right hand flatly, "Long live Hazawi!"

     "Long live Hazawi!" Jia Zhengjin also followed.

     On the other side, Tina and the others, who were watching through the Nuwa ship, couldn't help chuckled at the screen. Husband pretended to look alike, Millie's little girl was deceived by him and she was still a proud face.

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