《Demon Killing Contract》brief introduction

Demon Killing Contract

author: 沧浪潇然

[[The First World Chinese Suspense Literature Competition]]    The reason why Tianming became an exorcist was not because he wanted to subdue monsters and eliminate demons and maintain peace in the world.   It's because he has a ghost-inducing body, hell hell everywhere!  Becoming an exorcist is just to live and not be bullied by ghosts.   For money, Tianming and Hades signed the contract and solved 99 Supernatural Event(s). Later, I discovered that these 99 events do not have one is easy to do!  His life has been from the cradle to the grave from the cradle to the grave, again and again!  He is not alone, because he is not the only person who sign the contract.  What exactly does he do?   What kind of people will you meet again? What kind of opponent?   What amazing secret is hidden behind this?   Tianming every once in a while will be reminded by line by line subtitles. (Chinese Name: 诛魔契约)

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