《Human Dao Zhizun》brief introduction

Human Dao Zhizun

author: 宅猪

Since Pangu Splitting the Heavens, the three emperors rule the world, the five emperors determine the relationship, Between Worlds, the human is the primate of heaven and earth... At this time, it is the end of the human emperor of the three emperors, and the five emperors are undecided, and the human race is not the primate of heaven and earth. Here is the savage and barbaric era. There are many gods, evil gods, gods, gods, demons, demons, gods, Demon Horde Messy Dance; all races coexist, grow savagely, and rule the world, but the emperor is old and the human race is weak and is regarded as Sacrifice and food... This is not a prehistoric, but a wild and unrestrained wilderness! Return to Chinese classical mythology and write people (Chinese Name: 人道至尊)

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