《Wu Breaks the Nine Desolates》brief introduction

Wu Breaks the Nine Desolates

author: 无敌小贝

True Spirit Continent, Tianjiao is in the world, evildoers are fighting, the king can roar and the stars can fall, and the emperor can cover the sky with his hands. Xiao Ye, a lowly born young man, got antiquity inheritance. From then on, Martial World pushed all enemies horizontally, broke through the nine famines, and burned the nine heavens with bloody battles. On the invincible battlefield, geniuses are like a sea of blood and evildoers have become mountains. Xiao Ye marches forward step by step, reaching the top of the world. My generation of warriors should rather break than bend, kill and decide, be happy with enmity, and kill all enemies in the world! (Anyone who has voted as a favorite to enter the book friend group, confession is successful, the scumbag has become a tyrant, the cock has become a male god, and the money can be picked up by walking, yes, it is so magical! Group number: 464262649) Share books "Wu-breaking nine shortage" author: invincible Beckham (Chinese Name: 武破九荒)

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