《Ultimate Anti-Pretentiousness System》brief introduction

Ultimate Anti-Pretentiousness System

author: 太上布衣

[2o16 hot free new book] "Young man, when I started show off, you were just a drop of liquid!" "Fairy, take a trip down there, I promise to take you show off, take you to fly, and take you together!" Wearing a fanatic's armor and carrying a sun-flaming cloak on his shoulders. Infinity Edge in the left hand and Zhuxian Shenjian in the right. Sweep the invincible hand of Xiuxianjie, just ask who else? show off like the wind, always with me! The long road is long, show off accompanied! Xu Que embarked on a show off road, every day either in show off, or on the road to show off! 【Book Friends】:575o887o1 (Chinese Name: 最强装逼打脸系统)

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