《The Free and Unfettered Young Scholar》brief introduction

The Free and Unfettered Young Scholar

author: 荣小荣

In the 21st century, an engineering man, traveled through ancient times to become a poor scholar. There is a library in the brain, all kinds of knowledge everything that should be here is here! In this life, if you don't talk about Feng Hou Baixiang, how can you play as a high official? Facing the rising morning sun, Li Yi made his great aspirations and bravely took the first step in this world. "Stop!" On top of the tall horse, a stunning woman dressed in strong clothes, looked carefully, and waved her bare hand: "Tied!" The murderous bandits behind her swarmed up... bridal room and ornamented candles night, look The stunning woman who opened the door... Li Yi's ambition had undergone a small change. What is the first grade official residence? Feng Hou Baixiang, boring! I want to be the man who is the king of thieves! Book Friends Group: 2o1688857, welcome everyone to join! (Chinese Name: 逍遥小书生)

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