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107 Take Down
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
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"I pay five thousand. Anyway, the stuff is not expensive. Take it home and try it out. See if I can get it..."

     Just when Fang Yi asked for a number plate from the Manchurian Army, a voice rang out in the stadium. The speaker was an old man in his fifties. Before that, he photographed a Qing Dynasty Huanghuali chair that was more than 20,000, but it was a Pure collectors do not buy things for sale.

     "Spend five thousand to buy this thing?" Man Jun whispered: "The ancient jade is to be sold, but it also depends on the color. This jade is so powerful, it is strange to be able to sell it..."

     The reason why ancient jade is more valuable than new jade is that the value is in the color. If the color is good, and after more than ten years of playing, then a piece of jade will be worth several cities. The quality of the jade is not so good. It's important.

     But all kinds of Qin colors are in a tangle together, making the color of the jade look messy, it will give people a feeling of draw legs on a snake, no matter how good the quality of jade is, it can’t be played as a heritage gem.

     "Brother Man, I just like the jade pendant, but you gave me the number plate..."

     Except for the old man’s offer, no one bid for the price anymore. At this time, the host had already called for the second time of 5,000 yuan, and Fang Yi could not care about that much, and grabbed the number from Manjun’s hand. Card, loudly said: "I play six thousand!"

     "Six thousand, six thousand on the 28th, friends, do you have any more bids..." For the whole auction, a small object of several thousand dollars is just one hair from nine oxen, and the host is naturally not so. Shangxin, sales are not so hard.

     "Seven thousand, I really like this thing..." The old man called again."Ten thousand..." Fang Yi directly added three thousand yuan, and started talking: "Beautiful jade to support others, I also like this jade very much, and I hope that the elderly will be generous......"

     Fang Yi now feels the feeling of a penny suffocating a hero to death. He has a total of 23,000 yuan on him. If the old man continues to increase the price, once it exceeds 20,000, Fang Yi said that he could not speak to the Man Army.

     "Fang Yi, you are crazy. It's just a piece of jade that was ruined by Shuiqin. Your kid actually paid 10,000?"

     Man Jun firmly took Fang Yi's arm with his hand, for fear that he would raise the price after others bid, started talking: "If you like ancient jade. I will ask you to find a good piece for you, 10,000 yuan. You can buy a good one for a dollar..."

     Ancient jade is valuable. In addition to its beautiful appearance and a sense of vicissitudes of history, it also needs a factor, that is, it must be played for many years. Make Qin color completely fuse together with jade, just like the color of jade itself.

     However, the ancient jade that has just been unearthed is mostly dull-colored jade, which does not show the slightest luster of precious jade. Therefore, the valuable ancient jade is the thing that has been passed down several tens of hundreds of years, rather than just unearthed. There is no jade that has been played.

     So in the two thousand years of antique market, 10,000 yuan can indeed buy a good piece of unearthed ancient jade. Of course, because of the huge difference in prices between ancient jade and new jade, ancient jade fraud is also the most common.It's like to be able to make the effect of blood. Those fakers would even cut the hind legs of the live sheep with a knife, stuff the jade into it, and then sew it with a needle and thread. Wait a year or a half before taking it out. The jade will have a bloody effect. .

     "Old Man, I bought such a thing for 10,000 yuan, and you can do it at a loss..."

     After Fang Yi shouted the price, Xie Qingyang’s cool words came over again. Everyone is a professional, and the price of these items is naturally know sth like the back of one's hand. A gadget like the one on stage can be bought in the market for one or two thousand dollars.

     "Forget it, I don't want it..." After hearing Xie Qingyang's words, the old man hesitated for a moment. in the end still is I shook my head and gave up. A few thousand dollars would be okay to play with the plate, but it would not be worth more than ten thousand dollars.

     "Has no one bid any more? Well, 10,000 yuan once, 10,000 yuan twice, and 10,000 yuan three times. The deal!"

     Fang Yi didn't know if he should be grateful to Qing Yang. His words made no one bid any more in the venue. After asking the host again, he shouted the price three times and knocked down the auction hammer heavily.

     "Finally got it..."

     Hearing the word "Deal", Fang Yi suddenly sighed in relief, don't know why. This piece of ancient jade seemed to have an inexplicable attraction to him, which was even more attractive than the "Yongle Dadian". Much more intense.

     "You kid, the whole family is a ruin!"

     Seeing that the mallet had been knocked down, Manjun's hand was also released. Now the timber has been turned into a boat already, he can't regret it. After all, there is still a 20,000 Yuan deposit at the Treasury Company."Brother Man, maybe I picked up a leak..."

     Fang Yi didn’t care about Man Jun’s words and said with a smile, even if this piece of jade is worthless in terms of commercial value, Fang Yi wants to get it in his hands. It should be noted, his consciousness is damaged, but he is finished investigating What happened after this jade pendant.


     Hearing Fang Yi's words, Man Jun and Yu Lao next to him were shocked, and then laughed out loud. If it is so easy to pick up the leak, can they still rely on this business to eat? Those so-called experts may have made a fortune long ago, and they cannot rely on a swindle all day long.

     "Young man, you have a good foundation, learn something steadily, this is better than anything..."

     Yu Xuan patted Fang Yi on the shoulder. People who are new to the antique industry are probably like Fang Yi, thinking in their dreams that they can pick up a big leak soars toward sky in a Leap, but their big leak is actually Every time I ended up taking medicine.

     There was no more things he wanted to shoot, Fang Yi also relaxed. In the later auctions, although a large red sandalwood screen inlaid with jade in the mid-Twelve-Kai Qing Dynasty was sold for a high price of 12 million, it doesn’t work with Fang Yi 't matter anymore.

     "Everyone, after the transaction is over, we have prepared a high-end buffet for everyone, and I hope everyone can come..."

     After the auction of the holding screen, even if the whole auction was over, under the guidance of some staff members, the antique dealers or collectors who bought the objects paid the fees on the spot.Small items were directly taken by the buyer, while some large items that were difficult to move were delivered to the place designated by the buyer by the collection company. After the payment was made, Fang Yi and Man Jun received the pieces respectively. Ancient jade and seven or eight broken ancient books.

     "Damn, you bought these broken books for 40,000 Yuan?" Looking at the rare ancient books in a beautiful wooden box, the whole army has the heart to cry, and at the same time Xie Qingyang hates his teeth.

     "Brother Man, shall we go to dinner too?"

     Fang Yi touched the ancient jade in his pocket, but he was full of joy. After he came into contact with this ancient jade, he realized that the ancient jade seemed to contain an indescribable spirit, but Fang Yi was not right now. Dare to recite sutras and use spiritual knowledge to explore.

     "Eat, why don't you eat it, grandma's, the buffet in this hotel costs 588 per person, would be a waste not to eat..."

     Man Jun put the wooden box into the bag he brought, raised the two meal coupons in his hand, and said, "Go, Brother Man will take you to a buffet dinner, so I've been here once."

     "Xiao Man, Fang Yi, wait a minute, my old man will go with you too..." Just when Fang Yi and Man Jun were about to leave the venue to go to the hotel restaurant, Yu Xuan didn't know where to pop up and played with him. Holding the cricket gourd that I just got.

     "Lao Yu, where is Mr. Su and the lady?" Seeing Yu Xuan approaching him, the whole army couldn't help being somewhat surprised. When he wanted to come, Mr. Su could not appreciate the buffet in this hotel, so he naturally took Mr. Yu and left.

     "They are leaving first, but I still owe this young man one thing..." Yu Xuan said with a smile."Old Yu, do you mean Wang Shixiang?" Fang Yi heard a somewhat surprised, he couldn't think casual joke, this old man actually took it so seriously.


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     . (To be continued.)
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