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254 I Don't Lose My Life
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

"I...I this is what?"

     In fact, Zhou Hu didn’t hear the fat man’s frigid irony and scorching satire words at all, because at that moment when his sphincter was out of control, Zhou Hu’s mind was weng’ed, as if something had exploded. It's chaotic.

     Although Zhou Hu is not regarded as the top hedonistic son of rich parents in the capital, he has a great reputation. His temper is irritable, but Zhou Hu still wants the most basic face, but this is what is happening now. If it spreads out, then Zhou Hu really has no face to mix in the capital circle.

     "Clothes, take your clothes off for me..." After a pause for about ten seconds, Zhou Hu came to his senses and grabbed his companion beside him, shouted in low voice: "Hurry up and take off your clothes. give me……"

     "Brother Tiger, I... If I take it off to you, won't I just have a bare butt?" That buddy was a little unhappy, saying that this year is his birth year, but he wears red underwear in it, he is not in the public place with numerous people The hobby of taking off pants.

     "Damn, I will let you take off your shirt and give me your suit..."

     Zhou Hu is about to cry at this meeting. He wants to tie his suit around his waist so that it can cover the wet part of his butt. As long as he leaves the restaurant, Zhou Hu can open a room nearby, and then Ask your companion to buy yourself some underwear to put on.

     "Brother Tiger, I...I am Pierre Cardin's suit..."

     My companion was a little distressed. The suit of tens of thousands of dollars covered Zhou Hu’s ass, and he would not be able to wear it anymore. At this time, this buddy is weighing his friendship with Zhou Hu, whether he is worth a suit. It."I will buy you two sets tomorrow..."

     Zhou Hu’s eyes are about to burst into flames. Just for a while, the people on the to-and-fro on the second floor will always look at him, so Zhou Hu, whose lower body is wet, can’t wait to find a drill. Go in.

     "Brother Tiger, it hurts the feelings of money, you can use it..." As soon as you hear that one suit can be exchanged for two, the buddy takes off the clothes on his body.

     "You are not allowed to talk about it. None of you are allowed to talk about things today..."

      The common saying says that people want skins for their faces, and toads want a belly. They tie their suit jackets behind their waists. Zhou Hu stared at Fatty and the others, and all of his words meant to warn Hua Ziyi and Bai Chuxia, because these two people and his circle overlap.

     "Why can't you tell me?"

     The fat man’s beating voice rang, "My old man always talks about my eight-year-old bedwetting, and you pull your pants in your twenties. But you refuted my old man's words with actions. Go back to see my old man and dare not Dare to mention it again..."

     The fat man’s mouth definitely has the function of killing people to death. As soon as he said these few words, Zhou Hu’s eyes suddenly stared. If it weren’t for his powerlessness, Zhou Hu would kill people. Thoughts are all there.

     "You're looking for death!" Zhou Hu squeezed these three words from his teeth.

     "Looking for shit? No need to find..."The fat man said in deadly earnest, and at the same time, he glanced at Zhou Hu's lower body. Although the words were not finished, the meaning was absolutely clear. The expression on his face immediately caused Bai Chuxia to laugh again, and even Hua Ziyi lowered his head, with a unable to suppress smile on the corner of his mouth.

     "Damn, I..." Zhou Hu was originally a violent temper. After being squeezed by the fat man, he couldn't bear anymore. He grabbed the door with one hand and was about to rush towards the fat man.

     "Hey, you Get away from me. I...I'm afraid you can't do it..." Don't look at the fat man in his body, but his movements are not slow at all. Before Zhou Hu pounced on him, the fat man retreated Several steps. We separated from Zhou Hu.

     "Officer Bai, Brother Hua, let's go quickly. If you get something contaminated with something, oh..." The fat man shivered all over his body, and he was able to discern the contemptuous look in his eyes. Zhou Hu was so angry that he blacking out, and his body standing there shook several times.

     "What happened? Huh? Why is there a strange smell?"

     At this moment, Fang Yi spirit and qi calm walked out of the box with a refreshing expression on his face, his nose shook a few times, and frowns said: "It's so stinky. Isn't it a kid pulling his pants here? The adults nowadays are also true. They don’t care about children in public. They have no public morals..."

     Although Fang Yi’s voice was not very loud, it was absolutely clear to Zhou Hu’s ears. Zhou Hu, who was almost fainted by the fat, had already blurred his eyes. He felt those around him. The figures seemed to be talking about pulling their pants."Huh? Why does the smell seem to come from him?"

     Fang Yi’s words were like the last straw that overwhelmed the camel. Zhou Hu only felt the blood rushing to his head. He staggered under his feet and fell to the ground, his eyelids turned, but this time it was true and Real fell into a coma.

     "Mr. Zhou What happened? Hey, I didn't touch him..."

     After Fang Yi spoke to the two friends of Zhou Hu, he walked to Bai Chuxia's side with a look of disgust, started talking: "Let’s go quickly, people in their twenties are still pulling their pants. What a shame..."

     These few words of Fang Yi made Zhou Hu’s two friends suddenly feel feverish on their faces, but the facts are right in front of them, and they can’t say anything. They can only pinch their noses to frame Zhou Hu, who is unconscious. Back in the box, at the same time I dialed the emergency number 120.

     "Brother Hua, let's go, it smells so bad..." When Fang Yi walked to the top of the stairs, he turned around and called Hua Ziyi who was stared blankly.

     "Zhou Hu fainted..." Walking to Fang Yi's side, Hua Ziyi whispered and looked at Fang Yi and Fatty with an odd expression, and his eyes kept passing between them.

     Fang Yi's perception is so keen. After walking out of the hotel, he turned around and said, "Brother Hua, why are you looking at our two brothers?"

     "I used to read history and saw Zhuge Liang scolded to death and angered Zhou Yu. I always thought it was just a wild history compiled by later generations, but today I saw your brother's performance, maybe what the wild history said is true. What..."Hua Ziyi comes from a good background. He was a good kid who learned well and followed the compass and go with the set square. He didn’t even say a few swear words. He usually comes into contact with high-quality people. Yi and Fatty's so poisonous tongue can make people unconscious with words directly.

     "Brother Hua, what did you say? Why don't I understand?" After hearing Hua Ziyi's words, Fang Yi looked at him blankly.

      "All right, don't you guys stop acting for me..." Hua Ziyi stared at Fang Yi in a bad mood, started talking: "If you really want to act, I'll introduce you to a few big directors. The protagonist doesn't dare Say, the supporting role can definitely arrange for you..."

     "Hehe, I'm a little bit into the drama..."

     Fang Yi laughed and said, "Brother Hua, I didn’t do anything with Fatty. If that time Mr. Zhou asks you to ask us, don’t tell him. Our brothers can’t offend the younger brother in Beijing... …"

     Fang Yi's words didn't mean he was afraid of Zhou Hu, but he didn't like this kind of unnecessary struggle. After taking advantage of it, Fang Yi didn't mind that he took the initiative to give in and disappeared from Zhou Hu's sight. Among.

     "Don't worry, Zhou Hu dare not come to me to make trouble..." Hua Ziyi patted Fang Yi on the shoulder, and said; "I will accompany you these days, even if I run into him..."

     "Brother Hua, no need. You have to go to work. I will arrange it myself..." Fang Yi heard that shook the head. With a population of tens of millions in the capital, how could you meet Zhou Hu by such a coincidence? What's more, even if they met, the person who suffered in the end would not be Fang Yi's.Just like today, Fang Yi has always been tranquil and even-tempered in front of Zhou Hu, but he unconsciously patted Zhou Hu’s shoulder, causing Zhou Hu to almost lose his control over his body, causing trouble. A big joke.

     "It's really unnecessary for me to be with you in early summer..."

     Hua Ziyi's eyes swept over Bai Chuxia, and with his concentration, he didn't dare to look more. The little girl of that year has now grown into a big beauty who can attract all men's attention.

     Looking at Bai Chuxia's beautiful face and devilish figure, Hua Ziyi also secretly envy Fang Yi in his heart. Bai Chuxia, who is hailed as a cold beauty by the hedonistic son of rich parents in the capital, actually let Fang Yi succeed. If it were to be spread out, it would definitely not be Zhou Hu alone who would find Fang Yi trouble.

      "All right, the guest house is not far from here, you guys go back, I won't be a light bulb..." His eyes rolled on Fang Yi and others, Hua Ziyi left and walked a few steps After that, I didn't enter the bustling with activity crowd in Wangfujing.

     "It's still lively in the capital..."

     Fang Yi stayed in the antique market since he came down the mountain. It is reasonable to say that he is accustomed to seeing the bustling people. However, compared with the current Wangfujing Street, the antique market in Jinling is like a countryman entering the city, full of bustling noise.

     "Of course, this is the place where people all over the country want to come..." The fat man stabbed the bottom with his elbow and started talking: "Let's go around and go back. I heard that there are people here until 12 o'clock. There are many shops. The door is closed very late..."When Fatty came to Beijing with Sanpao last time, although they also played some places, they lived far away from Wangfujing, but this was the first time they came here, so they were a little excited.

     "Hey, fat man, I said you don't have any eyesight..."

     Fang Yi looked at the fat man in a bad mood and said, "Brother Hua didn’t act as a light bulb and went away. What is it for you to follow us? Go, wherever you go, just go back to the guest house to sleep at night... "

     Fang Yi has never been alone with Bai Chuxia since the last time he confirmed his love relationship with Bai Chuxia at the airport, so it would be very hard to see the fat man. He said something in his mouth and his body moved. Kicked into the crowd.


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     . (To be continued.)
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