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272 Si Yuanjie's Experience
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

"People of Jiang Hu? Why? He is a martial artist?" Si Yuanjie closed his mouth when he heard Fang Yi's words, but Hua Ziyi became curious. In the environment he lives, there is very little ability See the people of Jiang Hu mentioned by Fang Yi.

     "Forget it..." Fang Yi replied vaguely. Although he saw the origin of Si Yuanjie, others might not be willing to say it in public, so Fang Yi didn't say much.

     "You kid, it's really hard to see through, people from all trades actually know the people..."

     Hua Ziyi shook the head without further questioning, like his family background, let alone the age of the decline of martial arts, even when martial arts were prosperous, this martial practitioner also has the status of there's nothing about it in his eyes.

     "Hey, Brother Hua, can you eat the baked sweet potato I just bought?"

     The fat man saw that the atmosphere in the car was a little weird. He raised a plastic bag. He was very particular about it. When he bought roasted sweet potatoes, he bought four of them all at once. Even Huazi Yi Fangyi and Bai Chuxia bought them. Up.

     "Do you want to make trouble? How about changing you to drive?" Hua Ziyi glared at the fat man from the rear mirror. Although he was driving a unit car, it would be a hassle for the traffic police to stop him.

     "Hey, I'll keep it for you..."

     The fat man chuckled, Fang Yi and Bai Chuxia said: "He doesn't eat let's eat it, come, try it, let alone, the sweet potato baked in Beijing is better than our Jinling's, a sweet potato can be eaten as a meal... …"

     "I don't eat..." Bai Chuxia waved her hand. She was on a diet this period of time to lose weight. How could she eat such high-calorie foods?

     "I will try..."Fang Yi, who was sitting in the middle row, reached out. Suddenly he looked up and saw Si Yuanjie in the back row. He immediately took the bag that the fat man had handed over and said back, "Si Yuanjie. Come, eat some sweet potatoes... …"

     At the moment of raising his head, Fang Yi saw Si Yuanjie actually licking his lips, and his eyes were staring at the sweet potato. He naturally understood that this kid was afraid that he was hungry.

     "Thanks, thank you..." Si Yuanjie was not polite. I took out a roasted sweet potato directly from the bag, and took a bite without peeling it.

     "Hey, this thing is very hot..."

     ∞R∞R, the fat man's heart is very good, he reminded Si Yuanjie, because the roasted sweet potato seems to be already cold from the outside, but the temperature inside is very high, the fat man was scalded just now.

     "'s okay..." Si Yuanjie, whose mouth was filled with sweet potatoes, replied slurred, and took almost 35 mouthfuls. He ate a big sweet potato into his stomach and looked at the bag in Fang Yi's hand wishing to continue.

     "Here, what else..."

     Fang Yi simply handed the bag directly to Si Yuanjie’s hand. There were two sweet potatoes left in it. Fang Yi could see that Si Yuanjie’s skill was very good, almost reaching the stage of refining essence into qi. , Is exactly when there is not enough food in the iron lung and steel stomach.

     Because Fang Yi has also experienced this stage. In the initial stage of refining essence into qi, a large amount of high-calorie food needs to be supplemented. By refining food to increase true qi, in ancient times, people who refine qi used medicinal materials such as ginseng and mountain essence to replenish the vitality of itself.When Fang Yi first entered the realm of refining essence into qi, he picked almost all of Fangshan’s medicinal materials, and the wild beasts in the mountains also suffered seedlings. There were at least dozens of wild boars hunted by Fang Yi. only. Only in this way can we have survived that stage.

     "Thank you..." Although the light in the car is relatively dark, Si Yuanjie's face can still be seen reddened, but the speed at which he eats the sweet potatoes is not much slower than before, almost every two or three bites.

     "Dude. Come on, take a drink, don't choke..." The fat man who kept looking back at Si Yuanjie was looking at dumbstruck. He thought he was quite edible, but compared with Si Yuanjie, he That appetite is not much better than a big girl.

     "Dude, have you not eaten for a few days?" Throwing a bottle of mineral water over, the fat man opened the mouth to ask.

     "Three, I haven't eaten for three days..." Si Yuanjie said, making all the people in the car dazed for a moment. What kind of society is there now, there are still people who can't eat for three days?

     "I... I just got to the capital when someone cheated my wallet..."

     Si Yuanjie said embarrassedly: "My ID card is gone in my wallet. No one wants me to find a job. Today I want to go to Panjiayuan to sell something. The surname Wu wants to lie to me. If you don’t If I come forward, I'm ready to fight back..."

      After talking a while, Si Yuanjie showed an indignant look on his face. He was originally a very simple rural youth, who imagined society very beautifully, but what made he couldn't think that society was far more sinister than imagined After coming to the capital for three days, Si Yuanjie slept in the bridge hole for three days.

     "Si Yuanjie, how did you get deceived?"There was a trace of surprise on Fang Yi’s face. He knew that Si Yuanjie’s cultivation was when he needed a lot of food. He was hungry for three days and didn’t have any crooked heart and evil thoughts, indicating that Si Yuanjie’s personality was very good. It's not bad. I want to come to my house to teach the door rules very strict.

     "I met a mother and daughter at the train station, and their accents were like people from my hometown. They said that the husband had a car accident in the capital. The mother and daughter had no one to rely on and didn’t even have the money to settle the husband. So begging at the station, go...I see them poor..."

     After listening to Si Yuanjie's talk, Fang Yi, Fatty and the others couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. They dare to feel that this kid looks tall and strong, but is actually a rookie with no social experience.

     In the things that Si Yuanjie encountered, some people were deceived in the past few years. Although there are also now, but at most they only throw ten or eight yuan to the other party. It is rare that all of them are deceived even with their wallet and ID card. of.

     It turned out that after Si Yuanjie heard the local accent, he first took out a hundred yuan to get the mother and daughter to buy a ticket to return to their hometown, but he couldn't stand the pleading of the mother and daughter. I took out two hundred yuan and asked them to buy an ashes and go to the funeral home to take their husband's ashes home.

     When things got here, it should have been already finished, but seeing Si Yuanjie so cheating, the mother and daughter who had turned around came back and said they wanted to thank Si Yuanjie and wanted to treat him to dinner. To show their gratitude to him.Si Yuanjie had just got off the train and was hungry. He was hungry and his heart pressed to his back. When he heard the meal, he immediately agreed. He followed the mother and daughter to a small restaurant, ordered some dishes and ate, half-eaten. At that time, Si Yuanjie went to the bathroom.

     But what Si Yuanjie never expected was that after he came out of the bathroom, the mother and daughter who were sitting at the table for dinner were already vanish from sight, and they brought the wallet and clothing he put on the table to pay for. The small box with some clothes also disappeared.

     Even if Si Yuanjie was stupid, he knew that he had encountered a liar. Fortunately, the backpack he carried with him was still there, and the owner of the small restaurant knew that he was cheated, so he waived the meal money, otherwise Si Yuanjie I am afraid that on the first day of coming to the capital, I will sell myself to work to pay off my debts. (To be continued.) u
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