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352 Apprenticeship Ceremony (2)
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
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"Brother Chao, why doesn't Qin wait to see you so much?"

     After seeing Lao Qin leaving, Sun Chao was relieved, Fang Yi couldn't help being somewhat curious, because in his eyes, Qin Haichuan was an old man who liked to support his younger generations, and coupled with his relationship with Sun Lianda, it shouldn’t be right. Sun Chao's eyebrows were vertical. ",

     "Then old man, I am angry with me..." Sun Chao said with a somewhat weird face, shook the head, "It's all about Chen Guzi's stubborn things, there's nothing to say..."

     "Brother Chao, Tell me about it, you can provoke Lao Qin to make such a big fire..." Fang Yi was not such a gossip originally, but Sun Chao's appearance with an odd expression It made his curiosity suddenly become stronger.

     "He can't think about it himself, it's none of my business..." Sun Chao said with an unhappy expression: "It's been ten or twenty years, this old man is still angry with me, I'm Is there any way..."

     Perhaps it’s been a long time since this incident was held in my heart, and Sun Chao actually talked to Fang Yi. It turned out that when Sun Chao was young, he took the exam for the Central Academy of Fine Arts and was the first batch of college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination. I learned Chinese painting.

     At that time, Qin Haichuan and Sun Lianda were already friends who had squatted in the bullpen together, so Sun Lianda entrusted Qin Haichuan, who lives in the capital, to take care of his son.

     Qin Haichuan is naturally very attentive to the advice of an old friend. He calls Qin Haichuan home for dinner almost every week. Sun Chao and Qin Haichuan's family are familiar with each other. Qin Haichuan even specially matched The key to the house was given to Sun Chao.Art people were still very different at the time. Sun Chao, who had long hair, attracted the attention of Qin Haichuan's little daughter, and then developed a good impression, and a faint affection appeared between the two.

     Two little children. Naturally, I can't hide the eyes of Qin Haichuan and their elders, but Qin Haichuan is still very happy to see it happen. After all, he and Sun Lianda are old friends. If they can become children of the Qin family, wouldn't the relationship be closer.

     But what Qin Haichuan didn't expect was when the two children's relationship was getting deeper. Suddenly, Sun Chao decided to study abroad to learn Western oil painting art, and wanted to take Qin Haichuan's daughter abroad to receive education abroad.

      Usually, people with high achievements or attainments in a certain field often have a more stubborn character. Qin Haichuan exactly like this, he has always believed that in addition to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, in terms of artistic achievements. European and American Countries are not worth learning at all. Sun Chao discarded Chinese painting to learn oil painting, which is simply forgetting his ancestry.

     At this point, Qin Haichuan and Sun Chao’s cognition diverged. However, the two of them were very stubborn and no one could convince anyone. So Qin Haichuan became the biggest obstacle to Sun Chaoguo, and Qin Haichuan couldn’t control Sun. ultra. But he can manage his own daughter.

     The end result is that Sun Chao went to France alone, and his relationship with Qin Haichuan's daughter. Qin Haichuan had to beat the mandarin duck.I don't know if I can't forget the previous relationship. After Sun Chaoyue, he has never looked for a girlfriend or fell in love. He devoted all his body and mind to artistic pursuits, and his efforts paid off. In his fifth year abroad, Sun Chao held a personal exhibition and gradually gained some fame.

      Up to the present, Sun Chao is already a master of contemporary Western oil painting, and one of his paintings must be at least one million US dollars. Many museums in the West have collected his works. In terms of artistic achievements, Sun Chao has already transcended national boundaries and became a world-renowned painter.

     Seeing Sun Chao’s current achievements, Qin Haichuan may know that he was wrong, but he, who refused to bow his head all his life, naturally refused to admit it, let alone admit his mistakes to a junior, so every time he saw Sun Chao, there's nothing about it good face.

     "How can this old man be so stubborn?"

     After hearing the old stories told by Sun Chao, Fang Yi couldn't help shook the head, and said somewhat furiously: "Brother Chao, can you tolerate this thing too? If I were you, how many times I saw this old man? How far away can you talk to him in a good voice?"

     To be honest, Fang Yi was really puzzled. When Qin Haichuan acted like this, Sun Chaoyu’s respect for his elders could not utter bad words, but Fang Yi didn’t know why the teacher could still associate with Qin Haichuan. Your own son, right?

     "Ahem, this... he is always an elder..."

     Sun Chao's expression was a bit embarrassing. Even if he didn't have the relationship between his father and Qin Haichuan, he wouldn't dare to do anything to the old man, because although he and Qin Haichuan didn't have the name of a son-in-law, they did have the truth of a son-in-law.It turned out that Qin Haichuan’s daughter also inherited her father’s character. Although Sun Chao left, she never married. She has been waiting from a girl in her early twenties to a 14-15 years old girl, regardless of the family. Said that she just wanted to wait for Sun Chao to come back.

     Sun Chao, who has been wandering abroad for more than ten years, is also unmarried, so after returning to China with win success and recognition, his old relationship with his former lover soon sprouted. In the past four to five years, the two did not receive a marriage certificate. , But they have always lived together.

     With this kind of infatuated girl, even if Sun Chao has all kinds of resentment towards Qin Haichuan, he can only be vanish like smoke in thin air.

     "Brother Chao, you won't fool the girl back again, are you?" Fang Yi casually teased him when he saw Sun Chao's embarrassed expression, but then saw Sun Chao's mouth opened wide because he was surprised. Yi was stunned.

     "Really cheated back?" Fang Yi seemed to understand Sun Chao's attitude when facing Qin Haichuan.

     "What kind of cheating or not, what do you know as a kid who has never been in a relationship?" Sun Chao glared at Fang Yi in a bad mood, feeling a little regretful about telling him about these things.

     "Brother Chao, I don't think the old man has any kind words, but I think he is regretting..." Fang Yi said with a smile: "If you work harder, maybe this Uncle Qin will become a father. So the teacher will be very happy..."

      "All right, you kid don't mix these things..." Sun Chao impatient waved his hand, but his heart moved.Sun Chao had also discussed with his wife who secretly registered for marriage abroad whether he wanted to tell Qin Haichuan the matter, but Sun Chao's wife, who knew her father's temper, suggested to slow down, so Sun Chao still shouts. Uncle Lao Zhangren.

     It's just that Sun Chao was a little moved when he heard Fang Yi's words today. Although he didn't say anything, he was already thinking about how to communicate with the old man in his heart to resolve these more than ten years of estrangement.

     "Brother Chao, take your time to figure it out, I will receive guests first..."

     Seeing Sun Chao looking thoughtful, Fang Yi chuckled and greeted the guests. Today, except for the guests invited by two teachers, there's some left turn up without being invited, the common saying says Those who come are all guests, and Fang Yi naturally can't shut them out.

     It wasn't until 10:30 in the morning that the guests were all here. Sun Lianda and Yu Xuan, who originally only wanted to invite more than a dozen old friends, didn't expect that more than a hundred people came to the hotel's banquet hall.

     The booked three-table banquet was obviously not enough. Sun Lianda could only ask Zhao Hongtao to reserve another eight-table banquet temporarily. Fortunately, the banquet hall was originally large enough, and the additional eight tables did not appear to be crowded, but the atmosphere was rather slightly The son became enthusiastic. (To be continued.) u
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