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468 Seriously Injured
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

In the blink of an eye, Yu Xuan and Chen Kai have been in Myanmar for three days, and the time since they lost contact with Peng Bin and Fang Yi has stretched to twenty days.

     At this time, it was already entered until December. Although the daytime temperature in Myanmar is still around 30 degrees, Yu Xuan's heart is getting colder and colder, and his face is getting harder and harder to look.

     The one hundred thousand army of the expeditionary army dragged down by having a family to feed, but it only took more than 20 days. Peng Bin and Fang Yi are two great guys, plus there is a supply point in the middle. Said that in about ten days, they should come out.

     "Uncle, you are not in good health, should you go into the tent and rest?"

     In the evening of this day, the sky was lightly raining. Peng Bin took an umbrella and stood at the mountain pass that entered the Yeren Mountain. It has been three days in a row. Every day, Yu Xuan will stand and wait here for the reception staff to return, but every day The results will disappoint Yu Xuan.

     Myanmar is wet and rainy, and Yu Xuan’s joints are not good. Whenever he encounters such weather, his legs will be sore. But even so, Yu Xuan insists on waiting here, because the torment of waiting in the tent needs more Better than physical pain.

     "It's okay, I can hold it!"

     Yu Xuan shook the head, with his eyes still looking at the dense forest in the distance. The first place where the people who go in and respond to each day appear is that dense forest. The original desolate and uninhabited primitive forest has been stepped out by Ahu and the others. Came a small road.

     "Well, old uncle, I'll stay here with you..."Chen Kai knew his uncle’s temper. Yesterday he brought a folding chair over, but was kicked away by Yu Xuan, so Chen Kai didn’t say anything anymore, he could only stand. Accompanying Yu Xuan.

     "Huh? It seems that someone has come out..." Chen Kai's eyes were sharp. When he waited for about five to six minutes, there seemed to be movement in the dense forest.

     "Yes...Is it?" Yu Xuan rubbed his eyes, but he really couldn't see the scene there. He picked up the telescope on his chest, and Yu Xuan wanted to see more clearly.

     But Yu Xuan no longer needs the binoculars, because at this moment, the sound of a burst of intensive submachine gun shooting suddenly resounded through the entire mountain forest. All those who were resting in the tent were awakened, one by one carrying their guns. All rush out.

     "What happened?"

     A middle-age man with a scar on his face ran to Yu Xuan's side first, and pointed his muzzle in the direction of the forest when he spoke. This man is Peng Bin’s cousin, and he is also in charge of Peng Bin this time. He Fang Yi is the leader of the team.

     "Brother Peng, someone came out over there. They should have fired the gun..." Chen Kai pointed to the distance. At this time, more and more people came out. Chen Kai saw several familiar figures, all of them Go into the mountain in the morning to search for Peng Bin's people.

     "Get ready for battle!"

      The middle-age man waved his hand, and the few people who rushed out behind him suddenly occupied a few points and lay on the ground, but their guns were aimed at those who came out. They were not going to shoot their own people, but to deal with them. Unknown danger, maybe there will be someone behind the search team and the enemy will follow.

     "Stretcher, they carry the stretcher!"The number of people coming out of the dense forest has reached more than 20 people. Yu Xuan observed with a telescope and suddenly saw four people walking out carrying a stretcher. However, due to the angle, he could not see the person on the stretcher. face.

     When Yu Xuan yelled, the person who ran out of the dense forest had reached a distance of about 100 meters from the mountain pass. As the Savage Mountain could not communicate, this person yelled Burmese native language while running.

     "Safety, lift the alert!" Hearing that person's shout, the scared man waved his hand, handed the gun in his hand to the people around him, and ran forward to meet him.

     " only has one stretcher?"

     Yu Xuan, who has been observing the dense forest in the distance with a telescope, is somewhat shivering with the hand of the telescope, because there are 50 people out of the dense forest, but the stretcher is only one, and Yu Xuan did not see Fang Yi’s Figure.

     Moreover, the appearance of the four 50 people is a little weird. Some people use grass to plug their nostrils, while some people use rags torn off their bodies to cover their mouths and noses, each of which only reveals a pair of eyes, let Yu Xuan see very baffling.

     "Uncle Yu, wait here, I'll go and take a look..." Chen Kai confessed and jumped off the slope where they were standing.

     "Wait, I'll go too..."

     Yu Xuan put down the binoculars and slowly climbed down the slope, but his old arms and legs could not be compared with Chen Kai. After hearing what Yu Xuan said, Chen Kai, who had run out for more than ten meters, could only turn his head back. Supported Yu Xuan.

     "Ahu, Ahu, have you found them?"When the distance was several tens of meters, Yu Xuan yelled loudly. The appearance of the stretcher made him feel uneasy. Yu Xuan didn't know whether someone in the search team was injured or he found the injured Peng Bin and Fang. Yi.

     "Lao Yu, Found!" Ahu's voice came over, but it made Yu Xuan stagger at his feet, and quickly grabbed Chen Kai's hand. After he stood firm, his pace accelerated by a few points.

     The search teams are all young men, and they are moving much faster than Yu Xuan. After 7~8 minutes, they already came to the mountain pass from the dense forest, and met with everyone who came over.

     "Fang Yi, where is Fang Yi?" Yu Xuan's eyes swept across the faces of everyone in the search team, but his expression became more anxious, because he did not see Fang Yi from these people, nor did he see Fang Yi. Come out by yourself.

     "Old Yu, the matter is a bit complicated, let's go back and say..." Ahu came up to support Yu Xuan, and said back: "First bring the eldest brother back to the camp, and let the doctor treat immediately..."

     "Then...Is that...Peng Bin on the stretcher?" Yu Xuan asked with a trembling voice when he heard Ahu's words, "What is Peng Bin's injury? Why is there a stink, Fang Yi, Is Fang Yi okay?"

     When I was far away from this team, Yu Xuan faintly smelled a smell. When he came to him on a stretcher, the smell became stronger. Only then did Yu Xuan know why Ahu and the others had covered their noses. , Feelings are smoked by this taste.Yu Xuan subconsciously thought that this was the smell of Peng Bin's body after his injuries deteriorated. This also worries Yu Xuanyu. Peng Bin's injuries are so severe, so what is the state of Fang Yi who has not appeared now?

     "Old Yu, don't worry, my eldest brother passed out, and now we don't know what the matter was born?"

     With a helpless look, Ahu grabbed Yu Xuan, who was about to lift the clothes on the stretcher, and started talking: "Let’s go back to the camp first. After the eldest brother wakes up, we will know whats the matter..."

     "No, Fang Yi didn't find it, I won't go back!" Yu Xuan came stubbornly. He and Peng Bin didn't have the affection of master and apprentice. Yu Xuan was not waiting here for Fang Yi. He didn't find Fang Yi right now. He didn't want to go back.

     "Uncle Yu, we have left half of them. They are still searching, so don't worry..." Ahu winked at Chen Kai next to him, and the two of them halted Yu Xuan to persuade him. Go back, and the stretcher with Peng Bin lying on it has already been carried back to the camp.

     In order to prevent Peng Bin and Fang Yi from having an accident in the Savage Mountain, the search team itself brought several doctors who served the Peng family. When Peng Bin was carried to the big one tent, the doctors became busy. .

     "Ahu, what the matter was born? Where did you find Peng Bin? Where is Fang Yi and others? Why is he not there?"

     Yu Xuan, who returned to the camp, stopped Ahu, and asked like a gun, while Peng Bin’s cousin walked over with a serious face and said, "Ahu, let’s talk about it, Binzi. Why did he hurt so badly? He was hurt by what thing?""San Ye, I... I don't know either, what the matter was born!"

     Ahu knows that this middle-aged person named Peng Hao, Ranked Third among Peng Bin’s generation, is considered to be a big figure in the Peng family with real power, and has a very good relationship with Peng Bin. Although Ahu is Peng Bin’s direct line, In front of this person, I dare not neglect.

     "At that time, it was the team of Xiaojun who discovered the boss first, and then signaled us to pass. When I passed, the boss was already unconscious..."

     Ahu told the story again, but he said it was nothing, because just a few minutes after Peng Bin met the search team, he passed out in a coma, whether it was Peng Bin’s search team or he rushed over. The Ahu of the two had no idea what happened to Peng Bin.

     Since Peng Bin was seriously injured and they did not carry any medicine for the symptom, although Fang Yi was not found in the place where Peng Bin was present, Ahu could only return to the camp with some people, and there were still four to 50. people continue to look for Fang Yi around the jungle.


     ps: What a hot day, ask for a few monthly tickets to cool down!

     . (To be continued.)
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