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552 See You If You Want!
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

"Peng Bin, he really came back..."

     Seeing Peng Bin appearing, the people surrounding Peng Lao San showed various expressions on their faces, some were frightened, some were delighted, and some were angry, but apart from Peng Laosi, who was also Peng Guangjie, others But none of them spoke.

     "Peng Bin, what do you mean?"

     Peng Guangjie turned his head and looked at his nephew with a trace of anger on his face. Although he is usually timid and cautious, he is still Peng Bin’s elder, and even the four powerful elders of the Peng family. For one, the face of in front of everyone was so run by Peng Bin, which is almost equivalent to a slap in the face by Peng Bin.

     "Since Peng Guangjie served as the Family Elder, I have always been cautious and conscientious, and I dare not slack off one day, Peng Bin, you just tell me what you mean!"

     Peng Guangjie not to overlook, nor spare looked at Peng Bin. He knew that his nephew was very difficult to deal with. If he can’t keep him down, I’m afraid this incident will add a lot of changes. As for why Peng Bin came out of yet another room , Peng Guangjie didn't ask much, because he knew that his old house was full of institutions and many rooms were connected.

     "Speak clearly, Uncle, what do you want me to say clearly?"

     Peng Bin looked at Peng Guangjie like a smile yet not a smile, and said, "Bringing so many outsiders to the ancestral house to make noise, Sishu, you are good at it? Do you think my dad is bedridden? You should be at the helm of the home?"

     "You have little spit blood, Peng Bin. The people who came here are all from Elder Council's. They have the right to see Big Brother!"Peng Guangjie’s face was very ugly. He did not expect that the elders of the other families would come to the house and ask for a Family Elder meeting after hearing the news of Peng Bin’s return. Although this situation was not what Peng Guangjie wanted to see, but now He can only sustain it.

     "Oh, do all these people have the right to see Abba?"

     Peng Bin's eyes turned to Chen Guo, who was already standing next to Boss Chen, and said with a cold laugh, "I remember that Uncle Chen came to see Abba before, he came alone, at what time you need so Many people accompanied?"

     There were only nine members in the Presbyterian Church. At this time, there were more than 20 people standing in the Peng’s house. As soon as Peng Bin said this, everyone was dumbstruck and unable to reply, because even if the Presbyterian Church was held, they The entourage is also not qualified to come here.

     "Xiaobin, did you come back at what time?"

     The energetic Boss Chen suddenly showed a smile on his face and said: "Aren't we worrying about our eldest brother's body, just come here in a swarm? The younger generations in the family are worried about our body, so they followed. Your Uncle Chen has violated the rules, I will let them all quit..."

     Boss Chen knows Peng Bin’s strength. The reason why he brought so many people here is that he was worried about any accidents. But after hearing Peng Bin’s words, Boss Chen came to his senses. This is the old house of Peng’s family. He said that he had only brought more than a dozen people, and even if he brought in hundreds of thousands of people, they could only lie down.Having been entangled with Boss Peng for decades without being (to) devoured, the Patriarch of the Chen family is obviously not an easy one, and he simply took the responsibility above his own body. He relied on the old man to make Peng Bin unable to. Take this thing to do.

     "Don't, since it's here, you will all see my dad..."

     Looking at Boss Chen, this smiling tiger, Peng Bin could not wait to punch him to death. If he was willing to let him go so easily, he quit, and when he stepped to the gate of the fenced house next step, he stood loosely there, started talking: " Third Uncle, let the door open. Since they want to go in, let them go in and see Abba..."

     "Xiaobin, what is this for you?"

     Seeing Peng Bin's actions, the smiling face of Boss Chen couldn't help becoming stiff and hardened. They knew all about the vicious and merciless of this little Chen family, not to mention the fact that they were so dizzy today. Peng's old house no less than dragon's pool and tiger's den gave Peng Bin the opportunity to catch everything in the one net.

     In fact, Boss Chen would not have made such a mistake originally, but Peng Bin's fame is too bad, and Boss Chen was afraid of a new branch grows out of a knot, so he thought of convening an elders meeting urgently, setting certain things down, and convening elders. Yes, there must be Boss Peng present, so they will break into the old house of the Peng family.

     "I'm not doing anything? Just let you go in and see Abba..." Peng Bin beckoned at his third uncle, and said, "Third uncle, fourth brother, come here..."

     "it is good!"Peng Laosan waved his hand and took his son to Peng Bin's side. Only two people in the Peng family could command Peng Laosan. One was Peng who was lying in the room inside, and the other was later than him. Peng Bin of a generation.

     "Xiaobin, we have to convene a presbytery meeting, so we have to go beyond the rules. Let's forget about this, let's go back..."

     There was a bad feeling in Boss Chen's heart. When facing Peng Bin, he was a little drummer in his heart. Because Peng Bin acted, many things did not follow the rules, and the elders and younger generations belong to him It's even more a joke, even Peng Bin's words from Boss Peng can be heard or not.

     "Don't, everyone is here with enthusiasm. If I don’t let you see Abba, I will definitely be scolded by Abba..." Is the door of home so easy to enter?"

     These words of Peng Bin made the complexion big change for those who have evil plans. No one thought that Peng Bin turned his face faster than the book. Even the smiling tiger boss Chen couldn’t laugh this time. He touched it with his right hand. In the pocket, there is a cell phone.

     "Xiao Bin, what do you mean, are you leaving us here?"

     Boss Chen tried very hard to squeeze a smile on his face. He did a lot of work when Peng Bin was missing, but he never expected that Peng Bin was not planted in the Savage Mountain and came out so quickly."Uncle Chen, I don't understand what you said. Don't you want to see Abba? I must satisfy your wish..." Peng Bin suddenly laughed again and said: "The door is over there, push Open the door and you will see Abd. My third uncle has already stepped away. Why don't you go in?"

     "Okay, I'm also very worried about my eldest brother's illness. It will be better to see my eldest brother..."

     Brother Chen gritted his teeth and stated that the two brothers winked at Chen Guo behind him, and said, "The previous elders' meeting was held outside. This time the eldest brother is sick, let's hold an elders' meeting in front of his bed. Xiaobin, do you understand the rules?"

     "Yes, there can be no outsiders..."

     Peng Bin smiled. According to the rules set by Boss Peng, when Elder Council's is held, only elders are eligible to participate. Everyone else can only wait outside. Peng Bin is not a member of Elder Council's, so naturally he cannot break this. rule.

     "Chen Guo, open the door..."

     Boss Chen turned his head and gave an order, Chen Guo stepped forward and pushed open the door of the room that was guarded by Old Peng, stepped into the room, looked around, and said to Boss Chen: "No one inside... …"

     "Peng Bin, this is What does it mean? What about Big Brother?" Boss Chen finally lost his smile on his face.

     "Uncle Chen, there is no one here but there is still a door. Dad is in another room..."

     Peng Bin said with a smile, but only he knew that the door in that room had become a decoration, because behind the door, an iron plate heavier than the wall had fallen, thinking To break the door down and enter, I am afraid that the entire wall will be demolished.

     "Chen Guo, open the door..."Fighting openly and maneuver covertly with Boss Peng for decades, Old Nature Chen knows that the old house of Peng's house is powerful, so he would never enter this room whatever the case before he saw Boss Peng, and he signaled the room now. Chen Guo inside opened the door inside.


     Standing in the room, Chen Guo agreed, but when he was about to turn around, a very strange smile suddenly appeared on his face, and his body softened and collapsed in front of that many people. On the ground.

     "This... this is what is going on?"

     Seeing Chen Guo falls to the ground, the statement immediately rushed in, but when he just raised his brother, there was a smile on his face, and he fell on Chen Guo's body. The two brothers lay directly together .


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