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844 Opportunity (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

On the Thai site, Longwangda’s efficiency is not generally high. That night, a car with freezing equipment set off, and the car took Ahu’s body to Myanmar first. As for Fang Yi and Peng Bin, It is ready to leave the next day.

     As for Peng Hao, he still stays in Thailand. Firstly, his injuries need to be recovered. Secondly, when Peng Bin sets off foul wind and bloody rain in Myanmar, Thailand can as the intermediary and let Peng Hao negotiate with the Myanmar government. Both sides can have a step down.

     "President Long, why did you come here to see us in person?"

      Next morning, Fang Yi and Peng Bin unexpectedly discovered that Long Wangda had come again. According to yesterday’s words, Fang Yi and the others would go straight away today. Long Wangda didn’t need to come.

     "Wait and leave, there is something to tell you..." Long Wangda winked at Fang Yi and Peng Bin. The three returned to Peng Hao's ward, and Peng Hao was winking. Did not follow up.

     "Old Dragon, What happened?" Seeing Long Wangda's serious face, Peng Bin opens the mouth to ask.

     "I received a call in the early morning. Guess who it is?" Before Peng Bin and Fang Yi could answer, Long Wangda said directly: "It was Anthony Marcus who called me. You hadn' t thought?"

     "Anthony Marcus, where is he?"

     Hearing this name, Peng Bin’s eyes immediately turned red. Since knowing that Ahu was killed by Anthony Marcus, Peng Bin is incessantly not thinking about taking revenge and wipe out a grudge for Ahu, if this is not The case is hampered by the affairs of the Peng family. Peng Bin is probably already on the flight to Europe at the moment."He's in Las Vegas..." Long Wanda started talking: "Anthony Marcus invited me to watch a boxing match in Las Vegas. I think he should be in that place..."

     "Las Vegas!"

     Peng Bin’s eyes were about to burst into flames, and he stared at Longwangda closely, and said, "Old dragon, what time are you going at? Can you pass the time back a bit, and wait for me to deal with Burmese things. You go together..."

     "Peng Bin, Anthony Marcus was just a courtesy to me, not really inviting me over."

     After hearing Peng Bin’s words, Long Wanda couldn’t help but smiled. Although he almost died in the hands of James in Cambodia, after learning that the person behind the incident was Anthony Marcus, Long Wanda was already in his heart. It's a kind of concession.

     Long Wanda doesn’t know much about Anthony Marcus, but he is very familiar with the Dark Man Alliance behind him. Long Wanda knows that, regardless of being a member of the Thai royal family and the national teacher of Thailand, but in the dark In the eyes of those members of the Alliance, this identity is really nothing.

     As far as Long Wanda knows, several of the councillors in the Dark Man Alliance are true councillors of European countries. Not only do they hold a huge Underground Influence, they also have great influence in the government, and those countries are also far away. It is not comparable to Thailand as a small country.

     More importantly, Longwangda is also extremely jealous of the abilities of those members of the Dark Man Alliance. Compared with this organization, Southeast Asia's lower-head division organization cannot compete with it. If they offend them, they will definitely be Cause a conflict between the East and the West.So even if he didn’t receive a call from Anthony Marcus today, Long Wanda was only going to suppress James’ business in Thailand, instead of investigating the incident he was attacked last time. Long Wanda didn’t want to be because of his own business. Thailand has become a battlefield for the superhuman organization.

     "Brother, don't get excited..." Fang Yi patted Peng Bin on the shoulder, motioned him to calm down, and then looked at Long Wangda, opens the mouth to ask: "Old Long, Anthony Marcus was on the phone with what did you say?"

     "He just said that James is a member of their league. Let me take care of James's industry in Thailand..."

     When I mentioned this call, Long Wanda was also full of resentment, because Anthony Marcus's voice on the phone was very arrogant. Talking to Long Wanda was like giving an order, but at the last half-hearted attempt, he opposed the dragon. Wanda issued an invitation to watch the boxing match.

     And Anthony Marcus didn’t mention a word about Long Wanda’s attack last time. Long Wanda, if this is not the case, cares about the background behind Anthony Marcus, and almost talked to Anthony Mar on the phone. Kus turned his face, It should be noted, he has been so angry at what time.

     But in the end Long Wanda still endured it. Not to mention, the video alone allowed Long Wanda to realize the gap between himself and Anthony Marcus. If he didn't use the lowering technique, he would not be at all. Anthony Marcus's opponent.

     "Huh? Lao Long, how do you plan to take care of James' business?"After hearing Long Wangda's words, Peng Bin suddenly fell silent, and glanced at Long Wangda obliquely. The tone of his speech became somewhat Cynical, especially the pronunciation of the word "care" was increased.

     "All sealed up, no family left..."

     On the way Longwangda came, he had already figured out how to deal with this matter. He didn’t want to offend the Alliance of the Dark Ones, but it didn’t mean that Longwangda was afraid of him, Anthony Marcus. If the other party dares to come to Thailand again, Longwang Da also has full confidence that he can't come and go, after all, Thailand is Longwang Da's territory.

     "Huh? Lao Long, have the courage!" Peng Bin gave Long Wanda a somewhat surprised look. He couldn't think Long Wanda would not give Anthony Marcus any face.

     "It's a big deal if you don't go to Europe. What can he do for Anthony Marcus?"

     Long Wangda smiled coldly and said: "Anthony Marcus didn't have a good idea to develop an industry in Thailand. I don't know also just sufficed, but now that I know, he will never want to enter Thailand!"

     The Dark Alliance is an underground organization of the parliamentary situation, who doesn't know at all how many years this organization has been established, but according to some records in the organization, it seems that this organization has had many activities several hundred years ago.

     European supernatural powers are roughly divided into three categories: vampires, werewolves, and wizards. The parliament is basically controlled by these three organizations. Many years ago, these three organizations actually attacked each other. Had a tragic fight.Although after negotiation and a series of cooperation, they jointly formed the Dark Man Alliance, but the innate opposition and hatred between different types of supernaturalists still exist. In some meetings of the alliance, you can often see quarrels. occur.

     Long Wanda was originally by no means familiar with Anthony Marcus. What he was familiar with was an aristocratic MP from the UK. After receiving a call from Anthony Marcus, Long Wanda called his old friend. By telephone, I learned why Anthony Marcus wanted to develop his power in Asia.

     The Alliance of the Darks has been established for hundreds of years, and the inherent forces have penetrated into every corner of Europe and South America. As a new member of Parliament, Anthony Marcus can enjoy many privileges, but he does not have his own territory. The East, which has never been dip a fingered by the West, has become a coveted target of Anthony Marcus.

     For China, although Anthony Marcus had ideas, he did not have the courage to develop power in that place, because as early as more than a hundred years ago, the Western supernaturalists who followed the invaders into China did not have much in China. It was cheap, I heard it was heavy casualties, but I had to return it.

     In addition to China, Thailand, which has a well-developed industry and gambling industry, is undoubtedly the most suitable country for the development of Underground Influence. Now some people in the Dark Alliance know that Anthony Marcus means Southeast Asia, and Long Wanda easily Just inquired about the whole story.For the Eastern powers, the old guys in the Dark Ones Alliance have always been quite jealous. This is why they have not developed power in the East for a hundred years, so what they do with Anthony Marcus is that An attitude that neither supports nor opposes.

     According to the news that Longwanda has received, from the current point of view, the development of power in Southeast Asia is only Anthony Marcus’ personal action. Unless Anthony Marcus can hold a foothold in Southeast Asia, he will not receive support from within the alliance before then. .

     This is where Longwanda's confidence lies in daring not to give Anthony Marcus face. He is afraid of the entire dark alliance, but not necessarily afraid of Anthony Marcus alone.

     Moreover, the attack on Long Wanda in Cambodia is almost well known. If he shows weakness to Anthony Marcus again, Long Wanda himself will probably be criticized a lot. His position as the number one leader in Southeast Asia is also Otherwise.

     After listening to Longwangda’s analysis, Peng Bin touched his chin covered with scum, thought for a while, and suddenly started talking: "Lao Long, let me ask you a word, do you want to report Cambodia’s siege? hatred?"

     "Anthony Marcus is in the West, we are in the East, want revenge easier said than done?" Long Wangda did not have hatred in his heart. The disciples who had followed him for decades died in that attack, Long Wang Da to Anthony Marcus can be said to hate sb to the bone.

     But Long Wanda also knows very well that unless Anthony Marcus comes to Thailand again, and he can have time to calm down the killing game, it will be difficult to kill him. After all, Anthony Marcus also has a reputation in the Dark Man League. Sorry, otherwise it would not be his turn to take the seat of that councillor."Lao Long, it is not difficult for you to kill Anthony Marcus according to my arrangement..."

     Peng Bin in the eye flickers has a glimmer of cold light, started talking: "You do as Anthony Marcus's orders first, lift all his properties in Thailand, paralyze Anthony Marcus, and then find an appropriate time. Go to see him, Anthony Marcus would never expect you to kill him in his turf in whatever the case, so that's the best time to take action..."

     "Go to Anthony Marcus' site and kill him?"

     Hearing Peng Bin's words, Long Wanda couldn't help but mouth opened wide, and shook his head repeatedly: "Peng Bin, Anthony Marcus is on his own site, and the security protection must be stricter. Is your idea a bit whimsical? "

     Long Wanda must not be optimistic about Peng Bin’s plan, not to mention whether he can find a shot in Anthony Marcus’s own turf. Even if there is a chance to shot, Peng Bin may not be Anthony Marcus. Si's opponents, at that time, they will not kill people, but kill them.

     (End of this chapter)
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