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846 Bloodbath Border Mountain (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

Although the car that Longwangda gave to Peng Bin is a sedan, it has a high chassis. Walking on some uneven mountain roads is also as if treading on level ground. With Longwangda’s arrangement, it can be used on the Thai land boundary. Said it was flat land one could gallop straight across, without any trouble.

     However, as soon as he entered Myanmar, Peng Bin changed his means of transportation. At the edge of a woodland ten kilometers outside the market town on the Thai-Myanmar border, Peng Bin threw the car of worth several cities there, without even pulling out the key. , And the two walked seven or eight kilometers on foot, entering the outskirts of the market town.

     "Brother, will you lose your car?" Fang Yi asked Peng Bin on the road.

     "No, someone will drive away. If you lose it, Lao Long won't have to fight with me?" Peng Bin laughed and explained: "As long as it is a means of transportation, it will be targeted by people. Safety……"

     The current Peng family in Myanmar is not the same as before. If someone finds that Peng Bin is here, I am afraid that many people will have the pain to beat a drowning dog. So for the sake of safety, Peng Bin even Don't meet the person who picked up the car.

     "Brother, is this somewhere?"

     Fang Yi followed Peng Bin turns left and right, before arriving at a building with iron sheets outside, Fang Yi stopped because he felt that the warehouse-like building was full of murderous intent.

     "It's okay, come in with me..."

     Peng Bin waved his hand and walked straight to a small door in the building. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. Fang Yi found that Peng Bin knocked on the door regularly, using two long and three short methods, and the time rhythm was the same.With a sound of "zhī ya", the iron door was opened from the inside. A big guy looked up and saw Peng Bin. His eyes suddenly became round. When he was about to speak, he was pushed into the door by Peng Bin. After escaping in, Peng Bin closed the door easily.

     Almost as soon as the two of them entered the door, there was a sound of pulling the bolt in the room, which made Fang Yi’s hairs stand upright, and the body shake/sway pinched the neck of the person who opened the door and changed his body. Hidden behind him.

     "Fang Yi, don't do it, it's your own..." Seeing Fang Yi's reaction, Peng Bin was also taken aback, and hurriedly shouted: "What are you doing? Put the gun away and want to rebel?"

     "Brother Bin, Patriarch, is... the Patriarch is back?!" As soon as Peng Bin's words fell, there were babbled appellations in the venue. Hearing Peng Bin's voice, almost everyone was excited. .

     "Hey, I'm sorry, the natural reaction of the body? Are you okay?"

     Hearing those names, Fang Yi also knew that he had an oolong. Now he let go of his hand and looked at that person’s face. Fang Yi realized that he still knew the other person. This is exactly how the Peng family can practice incomplete exercises. Zhao Zhihao with bells and drums ringing.

     "Cough cough..." When Fang Yi put down for later, Zhao Zhihao coughed for several times, his face eased, and said with a smile, "Elder Fang, you are too quick to act. I can't respond at all. No?"In addition to Peng Bin and Ahu, in the younger generation of the Peng family, the only person who can practice the incomplete exercise is Zhao Zhihao. Originally, Zhao Zhihao thought that his cultivation level was very good, but when Fang Yi shot it, he knew that he was It used to be to view the sky from the bottom of a well, but in Fang Yi's hands, he couldn't get past it at all.

     "Patriarch, are you finally back?"

     "Patriarch, so much for long time, where have you been!"

     At this time Peng Bin has been surrounded by members of the family, and everyone’s eyes are red. During the period of time Peng Bin left, the Peng family has encountered too many things. The Peng family’s children of the fame in the past, Now I dare not show up in front of people, so I can only hide in this warehouse.

     "Line up, stand ready for me!" Peng Bin's face was a little cold, and he suddenly uttered a violent shout: "You are still not the children of the Peng family. If you encounter such a thing, you will lose one's head out of fear. I see you. It's itchy and ill-trained."

     Although Peng Bin hadn't shown up for a long time, the former Yu Wei of Peng Bin was still there. With an order, the noise in the court disappeared. Everyone lined up the team noiselessly and stood in front of Peng Bin.

     It was only then that Fang Yi saw that there were no less than a hundred people in this empty warehouse. At this time, the hundred people were formed into ten teams. In addition to Peng Bin, there was Peng Dong who Fang Yi knew.

     Peng Dong can also be regarded as a member of the Peng family, but the cultivation base is a bit worse than Zhao Zhihao. From the position where a few people stand, Fang Yi is able to discern. This time Peng Dong should lead the team and lead the Peng family’s children. Came to meet Peng Bin."Patriarch!" Looking at Peng Bin, Peng Dong's eyes were also a little moist, but he still straighten the chest, loudly said: "Peng Dong leads the family with a hundred children and reports to the Patriarch!"

     "Brother, thank you for your troubles!"

     The stern look in Peng Bin's eyes has disappeared at this time. Their Peng family brothers are sorted by age. There are seven cousins in total. Peng Bin is the youngest and the youngest, originally ranked seventh.

     It’s just that Peng Bin and his second brother die an untimely death. Peng Hao, who was originally ranked third, is actually the oldest person in Peng Bin’s generation. So Peng Bin used to call Peng Hao the third brother, but later changed his words. Called the second brother because the original second brother died when he was a child.

     "Patriarch, I am incapable of putting the Peng family into such a dangerous situation..."

     Peng Dong lowered his head. After Peng Bin left, he was a member of the Peng family. However, several times led the family's children to fight with the outside world, and the Peng family was down. This also made Peng Bin deeply feel self-blame.

     "Brother, without any preparation, it's a weird thing not to suffer..." Peng Bin waved his hand and said, "This matter has nothing to do with you, don't worry, those who eat our food, I will ask them to give me double Spit it out."

     "Lift my head up and stand up my chest..."

     Walking to the front of the crowd, Peng Bin's cold gaze swept across everyone's face, and he yelled: "Extend your hand to touch your crotch and see if the egg is still in/at. It's not a man. If it's a man, Just follow me, Peng Bin, and fight back what we lost!"Although Peng Bin's words were a bit vulgar, they caused everyone's breathing to become rapid, and all of them were red. When did the Peng family soldiers experience this kind of stimulation? If this is not the case where the discipline is, I am afraid they will all roar on the spot.

     For these Peng family fighters, Peng Bin is their soul. Before, except for Peng Dong, anyone didn’t have the news that Peng Bin was still alive. Suddenly seeing the Patriarch, the people present seemed to be hit Injecting stimulants, every one of them is agitated, but eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

      "All right, give me rest, brother, you and Ahao come with me..." Seeing the look on everyone's faces, Peng Bin was nodded, and brought Peng Dong, Zhao Zhihao and Fang Yi into this warehouse. In one room.

     "Brother, is this somewhere?" Fang Yi curiously asked: "This town dragons and snakes mingle has all kinds of forces. Brother, if you gather people here, are you afraid of being discovered by them?"

     "This used to be a warehouse in the Peng family, but few people know it..." Peng Bin coldly smiled, started talking: "Since I am back, I am not afraid of being discovered by them. Wait two hours, I will let the whole of Myanmar Everyone knows that Peng Bin is back..."

     "Fifth, what are you going to do?"

     Hearing Peng Bin’s words, Peng Dong looked at him hopefully, and said, “I have brought you all of the most elite children in our family. I have brought five trucks of weapons. Apart from no helicopter, I I even brought ten mortars..."Peng Dong had always been with his family's children in the Savage Mountain. After receiving Peng Bin's order yesterday, he immediately picked a hundred people out of the mountain. It was also not long after arriving here. He still does not know Peng Bin's plan.

     "I want to bloodbath the Boundary Mountain..."

     Peng Bin in the eye flickers a trace of killing intent, said: "Don’t you all want to gnaw a piece of fat meat from the Peng family? Then go to a full-scale war. As long as you are hostile to the Peng family, then kill them all. Drop, I want to kill a rivers of blood!"

     People like Peng Bin who have already put life and death on the sidelines were originally a crazy temper. In the past, for the steady development of the Peng family, he was still doing things steadily, but now that the Peng family has been forced to a dead end, Peng Bin has no more Scruples.

     "Bloodbath the Boundary Mountain?" After hearing Peng Bin's words, both Peng Dong and Zhao Zhihao in the room were stunned, but the expressions on their faces were completely different.

     "Fifth, isn't it appropriate to do this? Boundary Mountain has all kinds of forces. Are we going to go to war with everyone?" Peng Dong said with a serious face, obviously disagreeing with Peng Bin's plan.

     Although Peng Dong's personal cultivation is good, he is not a general. Otherwise, he would not be beaten down in Myanmar. He considered things relatively safely. When he heard Peng Bin's words, the first thing he thought of was to do this. Peng Home will become the public enemy of all forces in Myanmar.

     "Brother Dong, there is nothing wrong, just do it like this..." Unlike Peng Dong, Zhao Zhihao looked excited at this moment, "We have to kill them to be scared, grandma, this period of time is old It's defensive, but it smothers me!""How do you say it? I'm not as strong as people, how can I not defend?" Peng Dong stared at Zhao Zhihao in a bad mood.

     "Four brother, Ahao is right. If we continue to defend, the Peng family will be gone."

     Peng Bin interrupted Peng Dong's words and started talking: "Offense is the best defense. Now I order, two hours later, the people outside will be divided into three echelons, and the boundary mountain will be blood washed. Except for the serious businessmen, the others Kill me all people, including the government soldiers!"

     Peng Bin’s order is simple, that is, anyone who dared to resist with a weapon is killed. In addition, as long as the children of the Peng family feel threatened, they can shoot and kill people unconditionally. Civilians and militants are in battle. The eyes of the Peng family's children are still very recognizable.

     "Fifth, are crazy, you want to kill government soldiers?"

     Peng Dong was really frightened by Peng Bin’s words. This is a practice that leaves no room at all. Peng Dong can fully imagine that when the news of Boundary Mountain spreads, it will not only be limited to Myanmar, but will be The world has attracted great attention.
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