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1046 Stealing Chicken Will Not Lose The Rice
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

Since living in the secular world, one must follow the rules of the secular world. Traveling far away is to visit the elders in the family. Therefore, in the next few days, Fang Yi and Bai Chuxia will travel together from grandfather to uncle’s house, plus Those cousins of Bai Chuxia received the wind for them, and a week passed quickly.

     Fang Yi is not in a hurry. He was originally in Worldly Desire Refining Heart. These the ways of the world are also a kind of cultivation, which can make people's xinxing reach perfection. Those who have lived in the mountains and forests since childhood lack this. This kind of experience, after a certain level of cultivation, the cultivation level will be stuck and not moving forward.

     Fang Yi asked Si Yuanjie to return to Jinling. Firstly, the Manchu army’s business was getting better and better, and the manpower was too busy. Secondly, Fang Yi wanted to let the simple-minded Si Yuanjie get in touch with some society. Leaving the secular world, he also has enough ability to deal with some things.

     When Si Yuanjie returned to Jinling, Fang Yi also followed him to visit the teacher and the father of Wei Jia. Since there was no time to refine medicine, Fang Yi gave his wife and Wei Mingcheng the Huanyang Pill to them. Down.

     Although it is a healing medicine, the Huanyang Pill itself also has the effect of Life Extending. What's more commendable is that the medicine of Huanyang Pill is very mild, unlike Qingxin Pills that can only be taken by people with spiritual consciousness. Two elderly people After taking it, the effect can be said to be set up a pole and see the shadow.

     Mr. Wei came from the war years. He is currently over ninety years old. Although modern medical conditions are better, his body is still deteriorating. He has shown a trace of lifelessness, but after taking Huanyang Pill, he is completely It's like being ten or twenty years younger, rejuvenated with vitality.The same is true for Sun Lianda. An old man in his seventies suddenly became a middle-aged man in his fifties. The original gray hair turned black overnight. When he went out the next day, Sun Lianda couldn’t Do not explain to people that I dyed my hair.

     For this a period of time, Wei Mingcheng sticks to Fang Yi’s side like dogskin plaster. The reputation is to be Fang Yi’s driver and personal assistant. It is also an excuse for the Yin Group. The current Wei Mingcheng doesn't care about the identity of the hidden group anymore. The ordinary members of the hidden group do not have the prestige of him following Fang Yi the fox exploits the tiger's might.

     It's like the current status of Wei Mingcheng in Jinling Wei's family is no longer comparable.

     In the past, Wei Mingcheng was the youngest one in Wei’s family, and its development prospects were also the least optimistic. However, in Wei’s current Wei Mingcheng, in addition to the old man and his father, there are even two uncles. The status seems to be inferior to Wei Mingcheng.

     Of course, Wei Mingcheng also failed to have an exuberant feeling at home. As soon as he returned home, he was repaired by his own father and told him that if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper, he must not make anything arrogant. By the way, this also made Wei Mingcheng quite rich and rich, but it was Brocaded Clothing Worn At Night.

     He stayed with the teacher and Bai Chuxia’s grandfather for about ten days. When Fang Yi left Jinling, he took away some of the antiques he left in Jinling’s room, but Fang Yi kept the ghost knife. And adjusted the formation of the living room in the room.The increase in cultivation base has also improved Fang Yi’s knowledge a lot. The subtleties that were originally impossible to discern are now clear as a flame. The adjusted formation is far more powerful than the simple version before. Array.

     During the ten days of living in Jinling, Fang Yi's whole body and mind were relaxed. The improvement of cultivation realm gave Fang Yi a feeling of being above the secular. However, there was still a teacher with Sanpao Fatty Manjun. The contact made him suddenly return to the world.

     Especially San Pao and Fatty still treat Fang Yi as a good brother, not at all because Fang Yi is alienated from the huge changes in his current status, but still arms around each other's shoulders very affectionately.

     Fang Yi also wanted to let the two of them walk on the cultivation road, and passed them the breathing technique before, but this time when Fang Yi came back, he found out that the two brothers didn’t take his words to heart at all, so they just meditated a few times. God, after I felt that cultivation really affected my sexual life, I left it alone.

     Fang Yi could only accept the choice of the two with a wry smile. Common saying said that they only looked at the moon and looked at each other, and only envy lovebirds don't envy immortal. They only want to live the ordinary life of ordinary people, but Fang Yi is also Can't force it.

     "Go to Thailand? Why, isn't it good in the capital? Although the environment in Thailand is good, it is too unaccustomed to eat."

     On the second day after returning to the capital, Fang Yi made this decision, and Wei Mingcheng immediately raised an objection. He has not yet reached the cultivation level of bigu. Three meals a day are necessary, and because of cultivation, This period of time Wei Mingcheng's appetite is still very big, he doesn't want to go to Thailand to eat those curry rice every day."Brother Wei, I didn't say I want to take you there. You don't have to go."

     Fang Yi smiled and looked at Wei Mingcheng. To tell the truth, Fang Yi likes to take him with him, because with Wei Mingcheng there, many things do not require Fang Yi and Bai Chuxia to work hard, his one person It's all done.

     "You two are going, can I say not to go?" Wei Mingcheng said in a bad mood. His uprightness is also Fang Yi likes. Otherwise, if he is a timid person by his side, Fang Yi will accept it. No more.

     "The air in the capital is too turbid, which is not good for cultivation."

     Fang Yi gave an explanation. In fact, it is indeed so. Compared with those places of verdant hills and limpid water, the thin auras that float in the air of the capital are less, and as long as you live here, there will be trivial matters. , So Fang Yi wanted to go to Thailand to retreat for a period of time, to sort out the current cultivation base and refine some pills.

      there is still one. The reason is that Fang Yi wants to see the little devil in Thailand. The spirituality of this little guy is getting closer and closer to people, but the wild nature has also been developed, even in Thailand. During that period of time, Fang Yi rarely saw the little devil.

     "That's what you said, when shall we go?" When it comes to cultivation, Wei Mingcheng immediately changed his tone. As long as it is beneficial to cultivation, he unconditionally supports it.

     "Leave tomorrow. You don't need to arrange a plane. Let's take Laolong's private plane."After Longwangda left, all his assets were handed over to Fang Yi for his control. The private plane was only one of his huge assets, which was very unassuming, and Longwangda also arranged a Group to take care of these assets. Fang Yi was not needed. Excuse me, just make a call when you use it and let someone arrange it.

     Fang Yi is not the kind of person who to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing, nor would he refuse to enjoy it just to flaunt his simplicity. His realm is far higher than ordinary people’s thinking. Fang Yi acts only For the sake of convenience, he would naturally not squeeze the flight with a private plane.

     People stand at different heights, and the scenery they see is different. Fang Yi can now enjoy this convenience with peace of mind, but if he changes his environment, Fang Yi can also live a life that is regarded as hard by ordinary people. To paraphrase a sentence from Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty, that is Fang Yi's current state of mind is already capable of "not being happy with things, and not being sad with oneself."

     It was like a passer-by in the capital. Fang Yi, Bai Chuxia, and Wei Mingcheng left the capital again, but apart from those who belonged to the cream of the crop’s of the pyramid, they didn’t have any influence on others. At noon the next day, Fang Yi and others had already arrived at the manor in Longwangda.

     For this kind of mature royal resort, the difference between Longwanda's presence and absence is not very big. Even if Longwanda does not show up in the future, the manor will continue to operate in an inherent way.

     As for whether Fang Yi has the ownership of the manor, it doesn’t matter. In short, Fang Yi can control everything in the manor. Just like when living here in the past, Fang Yi requires the guards and service personnel to not enter the Core Region where they live. .The first thing Fang Yi did after coming to the manor to settle down, Fang Yi ran to the back mountain, and a whistle sounded thousands of meters in his mouth. The sharp voice spread out from the mountain and echoed back, Fang Yi I believe that if the little devil hears it, he will definitely come back to see him.


     Sure enough, shortly after Fang Yi's whistle sounded, the familiar squeaking sound rang in the distance. After a while, a black shadow like lightning rushed towards Fang Yi's location.

     "Huh? What's going on, why are you hurt? Who can hurt you?"

     When Fang Yi first saw the little devil standing on top of the dark night leopard, his brows frowned, because he found that the little devil's aura was much weaker than before, and his whole body looked a little dispirited and listless.

     "It's that village!"

     When the little demon saw Fang Yi, his spirit was obviously excited a lot, and he jumped onto Fang Yi’s shoulders, and his consciousness fluctuated. "I wanted to go to the village to play with Xiao Hei, but I didn’t expect to be given away It hurts, I really can't beat it!"

     "Desolate Village?"

     Fang Yi not to know whether to laugh or cry while looking at the little devil, took out a bottle of Qingxin Pills from his pocket, and after opening it, he stuffed all three pills into his mouth, in a bad mood and said: "I You don't dare to go to that place now. You are brave. It would be nice to be able to come back. Don't go there anymore. Eat this first. When I go back, I will refine some better pills for you."When Fang Yi’s spiritual sense swept the little demon king, he knew that the injury it suffered was not very serious. It was just that the spiritual sense was damaged. Qingxin Pill was just the right symptom. However, if the Yang Dan refining went well, Fang Yi would naturally take it. Make up for the little devil.

     "You seem to be better than before." The little devil looked at Fang Yi a little strangely. The animal's sensitivity to Qi was originally very keen. In addition, the little devil and Fang Yi had been together for so long, and he felt Fang Yi all of a sudden. Changes in the body.

     "Of course, I have already been promoted to the Qi refining stage, and I am considered a real Qi Refiner." Fang Yi heard this laughed, and communicated with the little devil, Fang Yi doesn't have any burden, it is rare to show off.

     "How did you break through during the Qi refining period?"

     The inheritance that the little devil accepts is a little different from that of Fang Yi and others, but it also knows the Qi refining period, and the little devil has been stuck at the congenital peak for a long period of time, unable to break through. It has been in the mountains and forests all day long. In fact, I just want to find some opportunities to help myself break through.

     Including this trip to the deserted village, the little devil saw a plant containing the strength of Extreme Yin growing on the edge of the marshland. It just lost to the ghost in the marshland. It was unsuccessfully trying to steal the chicken. Eclipsed a few meters.

     "Come with me and kill that guy!"

     After taking three Qingxin pills, the little devil’s mental power quickly recovered. The most important thing was to see Fang Yi come back. The little devil instantly had the backbone, just like a bullied child saw his parents. , Kept clamoring in Fang Yi's mind that he was going to take revenge and wipe out a grudge.

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