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1444 Bluff
    Chinese Name: 神藏  Author: 打眼(Dǎyǎn, Drilling Hole)
    Original: | Translator:

Pushing open the gate of the Immortal Sword Mansion, you can see a courtyard. Compared with the world, this mountain, and the three magnificent characters "Xianjian Mansion" on the mansion plaque, the courtyard looks simple and simple, with bluestone paved ground and a well in the courtyard. A tens of meters tall, lush and leafy tree, further inside, is a courtyard wall with a round door in the middle of the courtyard wall.

     At this time, there are eight practitioners in the courtyard, and Fang Yi’s spiritual consciousness has been swept away. Among the eight practitioners, the lowest level of cultivation is the Initial Stage Golden Core, and there are two Intermediate Stage Golden Cores. Out of habit, Fang Yi will Self-Breathing converges, and what is still revealed is the cultivation base and spiritual consciousness of Late Foundation Establishment.

     When Fang Yi entered the courtyard, everyone also noticed Fang Yi, with surprised expressions on his face. Obviously, Fang Yi's cultivation level made them feel somewhat surprised, because he was the only one in the foundation-building stage.

     These people also just arrived. When they met each other, they realized that they were all Gold Core Realm's cultivation bases. Subconsciously thought that this Shenmu Order was specially prepared for the Gold Core Realm's repairers, but when Fang Yi entered the courtyard, eight people When I found that this person was actually a Late Foundation Establishment practitioner, I couldn't help thinking more.

     At present, they still do not know how to find opportunities in the Immortal Sword Mansion, and do not know whether the nine people will fight each other and kill each other. Everyone who invites people is just a brief introduction, and will not reveal what setbacks they will experience. test.

     A group of golden pill cultivators are also weighing in their hearts, if they need to fight each other, how to win, or how to save their lives, if there is a need for mutual cooperation, who should cooperate with.

     How powerful is the spiritual sense of the Golden Core Cultivator, just after meeting each other, everyone has various ways to deal with it.However, the appearance of Fang Yi has changed the minds of everyone, such as how to meet Fang Yi when fighting against each other, or how to avoid Fang Yi when cooperation is needed.

     The nine cultivators stood in the courtyard, examining each other, each with their own minds, but they didn't have any language communication, and they didn't have any spiritual communication. At this time, they were still in a hostile state.

     A breeze blew over the tree, and there was a sound of swaying leaves.

     "Since you are all here, please enter the Immortal Sword Mansion." A vague and vague voice entered everyone's ears. Then, the round door of the courtyard wall suddenly opened, and the round door was dark and dark, like Space Channel, I don’t know where to lead.

     "Everyone, since it's an opportunity, then I'll take one step first." A practitioner of Intermediate Stage Golden Core laughed and walked into the portal first. The rest of the people didn't have any hesitation, and went into the circle one after another. In the door.

     Nine figures appeared again, except for a small area under the feet that was still bluestone ground, the front then is an empty space, with no view of the sky from above and no ground from below.

      In the air, there is no big sun or starlight. It should be dark, but everyone can see the surrounding scenes in the eyes of everyone. There seems to be a faint light shining, but the source of that light cannot be found.

     Suddenly, nine corridors stretched out from under their feet, reaching the depths of the void, not knowing where to connect.

     "Everyone, please choose a corridor." The illusory voice sounded again, unable to find the origin of the sound, as if it was ringing in everyone's ears.There are nine corridors, almost involuntary to choose. One of the repairers set foot on a road at will, and soon the figure disappeared completely.

     The other eight people waited for a while when they saw that someone was going first. The spiritual consciousness followed the practitioner, and wanted to find out what the practitioner would encounter, but as the practitioner disappeared, their spiritual consciousness was also Cannot continue to follow.

     In this place, the spiritual sense received restrictions, as far as the eye can see, is the spiritual sense.

     "It seems that in this Immortal Sword Mansion, the divine consciousness is limited, and it is no different from vision." After a little test, the eight people understood it in their hearts.

     The nine corridors appear simultaneously, without any difference. It seems that there's nothing about it. Soon, the remaining eight people also lifted their feet into the corridors and marched toward the depths of the void.

     "This Immortal Sword Mansion will not give any introduction."

     Fang Yi entered Wormhole, and his sight was only a few hundred meters away. He tried to control the flying sword to fly, and suddenly found that the spiritual power in his body was rapidly consuming. Fang Yi quickly took the sword away and moved forward with one's feet firmly planted on the ground. When he got up, it seemed a bit dangerous in this place, Fang Yi had to ensure that his body was full of spiritual power.

     Fang Yi gently shook the head and found that in this fairy palace, it seemed that the flight was intentionally restricted. He didn't know how the eight golden alchemists, It should be noted, the golden alchemists flew, and they could directly mobilize the energy of heaven and earth , Does not need to consume spiritual power.

     However, the energy of heaven and earth in this fairy sword mansion was called by the Golden Core Cultivator for fear that it was not so easy.Fang Yi’s guess was correct. The eight Golden Core Cultivators found this problem when they entered this World. With their cultivation realm, they could not call the energy of heaven and earth in this world at all. Like Fang Yi, they could only rely on double foot.

     At the beginning, Fang Yi was not fast, and he was always vigilant about the surroundings, not knowing what test would be in this corridor, but after running for several hours, Fang Yi didn't notice anything, so he started to move forward with all his strength.

     Suddenly, Fang Yi suddenly felt that there was a figure flashing away, and the figure rushing forward suddenly stopped. Fang Yi's spiritual consciousness enveloped the surrounding hundreds of meters, and he glanced around, but found nothing.

     "Is it an illusion?"

     Fang Yi slowed down and walked slowly forward. Now he is close to the spiritual consciousness of the Intermediate Stage Golden Core practitioner. Although the scope has been reduced by the influence of the environment, the intensity is not reduced. Fang Yi can be sure that he Within the range of several hundred meters covered by the divine sense, even a grain of dust could not escape his detection.

     Although suspicious in his heart, but doesn't have any found that Fang Yi could only move on, speeding up gradually, and at the same time the divine consciousness enveloped the surroundings, and he did not relax for a moment.

     "Swish." A silhouette appeared in Fang Yi's divine consciousness. Fang Yi was coldly snorted. The Life Source Flying Sword that had been prepared for a long time turned into a stream of light to chase after him, but that form was so fast that it was easily thrown away. Opened Fang Yi's Life Source Flying Sword.

     At the next moment, that form stood in the corridor, opposite Fang Yi, with his arms around his chest, engrossing Fang Yi.

     "It turned out to be a cultivator during the foundation building period." The figure made a sharp voice.Fang Yi also looked at the creature in front of him. This creature looked like a human, with hands and feet, but no nose and mouth. There was a huge vertical eye on his face, and Seven-Colored Light flashed in the vertical eye.

     The creature stood there, its figure flickering rapidly, hard to tell if it's real or sham, as if in this space, but not in this space, Fang Yi's divine sense probed the past, but he couldn't feel the strength of this creature at all.

     Fang Yi’s grave expression, Lianyun sea area, cultivator world, and even foreign battlefield, in many secret realms, Fang Yi doesn’t know how many cultivators and monsters he has seen. As long as his cultivation is not higher than his spiritual consciousness realm, he will Can detect the strength of the opponent's cultivation base.

     If the creature in front of him had no special means, his cultivation strength should be surpassing by far himself.

     Especially the terrifying speed of the opponent is that he can't even catch up with his Life Source Flying Sword, and it is extremely possible to have a strength far surpassing him.

      If so, there is this creature blocking the way, I am afraid that this trip to the Immortal Sword Mansion will end here, but the trip to the Immortal Sword Mansion is over, then there's nothing about it, I'm afraid that this Immortal Sword Mansion doesn't care about their lives, and that this creature Just kill here.

     But when I thought about it, I found it impossible again. The strongest among the nine cultivators who obtained the Shenmu Order was the Intermediate Stage Golden Core realm. If the strength of this creature is far greater than their own, then the nine cultivators are afraid this time. It's all about to be broken here, unless this kind of creature just appears randomly in a certain corridor or a few corridors.

     Various thoughts in a flash flashed in his mind, Life Source Flying Sword hovered in front of his chest, and the four-color light cover enveloped him, Fang Yi was ready to fight at any time."Heh." The creature's one vertical eye looked at Fang Yi, chuckled: "The little guy in the base-building period, are you planning to fight me?"

     "You are not my opponent." The creature floated under its feet, and its body flickered between reality and reality: "Let's not talk about your realm strength, it is my speed. Can you keep up?"

     "I advise you, don't try to inherit any treasures, just retreat, otherwise you really have to start, you are afraid that you will die here." The creature's voice gradually became cold.

     "Jun Tian, do you know what thing this is?" Fang Yi was wary, and his spiritual knowledge communicated with Jun Tian Ding.

     "I don't know, I'm just an alchemy furnace, and I'm not a master!" Jun Tianding in a bad mood replied to Fang Yi, and then said: "However, I feel that this thing...seems very weak."

     "Very weak?" Fang Yi asked, dazed for a moment, somewhat astonished: "Can you see his cultivation level clearly?"

     "No." Jun Tianding Qi Ling said: "It's just an intuition. Anyway, I don't think he has a high level of cultivation."

     "This is not the time to be intuitive."

     Fang Yi smiled bitterly and said: "I don't see how his cultivation strength is, and his speed is like ghost and demon like. Even my Life Source Flying Sword can't catch up. In case there is a discrepancy with your intuition, my Xiaoming can be explained here."

     "The Immortal Sword Mansion draws materials from the World Tree, casts nine Shenmu Orders, and issues a Shenmu Order every three hundred years to gather nine cultivators to gather in the Immortal Sword Mansion. There must be a plan.

     Jun Tianding Qi Ling analyzed to Fang Yi: "If at the first level, let the nine practitioners to have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it, turn around and return, then this Shenmu Ling will also be there's nothing about it makes sense.""If it just appears randomly to test your luck, then it won't talk to you here, just shoot it directly, will it take your life then, isn't it between his thoughts?"

     Jun Tianding Qi Ling continued: "Plus my intuition tells me that this thing is only fast and has no strength at all, so I guess that he is just bluffing there and wants to make you retreat."

     "That's right, his grandma's, this year is fullness for the bold, famine for the timid!" Fang Yi gritted his teeth and took a step forward. With a solemn expression, one hand stretched out and said: "Offend Up."

     As soon as the voice fell, sword qi gushed out from Fang Yi's hand, Qian Hundred Dao Sword Qi shrouded the creature like a big net, at the same time, the sword qi in his hand continued to shoot out, as if to shroud the void.

     "You really dare to do it."

     The creature was screamed and suddenly rushed to the big net made up of sword aura, his body seemed to disappear, and then reappeared, and then passed through the big net. Just now, his body seemed to hide in another space, and his body flashed again. , Two claws with long nails grabbed Fang Yi.

     Although Fang Yi had the means to protect his body, he did not dare to resist it rashly, and at the same time he exploded, spreading lower layers of sword energy in front of him.

     Although he did not rashly resist by defense, Fang Yi believed in Jun Tianding’s instincts by eight points. The sword qi he released didn’t have any Gengjin spiritual power, and the power could only hurt ordinary people. Late Foundation Establishment cultivators, if the other party really has a cultivation strength that far surpasses their own, they don’t need to care about these sword auras at all.But every time that creature approached these sword auras, it would hide in another space, walk out again, and so on, avoiding these sword auras.

     This shows that even if these sword auras can't hurt this creature, they can already give it fear.

     Moreover, Fang Yi found a problem at the same time as Fang Yi's body retreated. The creature's speed was clearly far faster than his own. If he really wanted to catch up, it was only a blink of an eye matter, but the creature was avoiding his sword. While angry, I always keep a distance from myself. Although fiends usually chase and kill, there's nothing about it.

     "It seems that you really guessed it right." Fang Yi said to Jun Tianding Qi Ling, "Almost scared him."

      Human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food, this is the truth in the secular world, and in the world of cultivators, also the same.

     In the Lianyun Sea, if there is an Antiquity Cave Mansion appearing, no matter what opportunities or dangers are in this cave, it will surely attract many cultivators to come, and even cause dreadful slaughter in order to get a place in the cave.

      The final goal is to obtain the treasure or opportunity in the cave.

     Fang Yi is a little different. He can put life and death away for the sake of his close relatives and friends, but he is rarely willing to work hard to get any treasures. If it weren't for Jun Tianding's words just now, maybe Fang Yi would have turned around and returned.

     The body shape in the bursting retreat slowed down, and the sword energy released in his hands gradually became scarce. It seemed that the spiritual power in the body was excessive consumption, and it was gradually weakened.

     But the creature kept keeping a distance of tens of meters from Fang Yi, waving his paws, as if to tear the body to thousands of pieces."Really so." When Fang Yi saw this, he understood that the specific An Ding was not false, and immediately coldly snorted, his body stopped abruptly, and then rushed forward and shot at the creature.

     The creature was suddenly taken aback by Fang Yi's actions, and his body disappeared instantly, allowing Fang Yi to pass by where he was just now.

     "Cunning." The creature stretched out a long nail to point at Fang Yi, and then flew to Fang Yi, his paw raised and patted Fang Yi.

     This time Fang Yi didn't evade, so he stood in place, letting the paw pat on the four-color mask.

     Not even a slight fluctuation was caused. Through the four-color mask, Fang Yi looked at the creature, and the creature's one vertical eye also looked at Fang Yi.

     It's a pity that there is only one vertical eye on this face, and no expression can be seen, but Fang Yi guessed that if the human face was changed, the expression at this time should be greatly embarrassing.

     The moment the paw hit the four-color mask, Fang Yi already knew the creature's cultivation base, which was the strength of the initial stage of Qi refining.

     The strength of the early stage of Qi refining, relying on the speed and similar aura-covering methods, unexpectedly keep on saying, yelling to himself “the foundation-building period little guy”, as long as he recalls that scene, Fang Yi has a kind of not to know whether to laugh or cry I feel that this thing is very talented in acting.

     The strength was completely exposed, the creature floated and then retreated, arms drooping on both sides of the body, head down, unspeakably a kind of depression.

     The sharp voice also seemed lonely, the sighed saying said: "Oh, the rations for three hundred years are gone." 58 Reading

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