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7 Knife
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Luo Xingyu followed Gao Yuan into the bedroom, Gao Yuan took out two knives long and one short from his bag, and then he directly placed both knives in front of Luo Xingyu.

     "Take this knife."

     Luo Xingyu was a little surprised, she took the longer knife.

     "Pull it out."

     Luo Xingyu removed the buckle on the sheath and pulled out the knife.

     The blade is very bright and the pattern on the wooden handle is very beautiful.

     Gao Yuan said straightforwardly: "The knife handle is a stabilized birch wood tumor, the knife is 33 cm long, 3 cm wide at the widest point, and 5 mm thick. It is made of S30V powder steel from the American Crucible Company, BOS heat treated, Rockwell hardness 61, maintaining Sex and toughness are very good, enough for you to use for a lifetime."

     Luo Xingyu cannot bear saying: "It's so beautiful, and you're so professional!"

     Gao Yuanqing exhaled and said: "From now on, take this knife to your body, no matter what are you doing, don’t let this knife leave the distance you can reach with your hand, get familiar with it, use it, and treat it as you The extension of the arm. If you meet a bad guy, don't hesitate to stabb him with a knife. If you encounter a beast, stabb him with a knife."

     Luo Xingyu dazed for a moment, then she nodded and said: "I understand, I certainly will."

     Gao Yuan continued: "This knife is very sharp, but it is also too sharp, so don't use it to cut some particularly hard things, which will damage the blade. The knife is your most important tool in Wild Survival. It is more important than anything else. Treat it as kind to yourself as you are."

     Luo Xingyu also seriously get up, she nodded: "Understood, I will definitely cherish this knife.""The hardness of the birch tumor is not high, so the handle is relatively fragile. Be careful when using it. Also, the handle of this knife is made according to the shape of my hand. For you, the handle may be thick. You think the handle is too thick. I can trim it to the best fit for you, but the length cannot be adjusted. There is no suitable tool."

     Luo Xingyu looked surprisedly and said: "When you called on the radio just now, you claimed to be a knifemaker. Did you make this knife?"

     Gao Yuan Tan said: "Otherwise? Of course I made this knife. This is the first work I am really satisfied with. Moreover, this steel plate is expensive. It is troublesome to make a knife with heat-treated steel plate. It hurts my flesh at times, a headache when I make a knife, and it hurts me to give it to you, so you must treat this knife well."

     "Wow, I found you are simply multi-talented, that's amazing! Thank you Brother Yuan."

     After exclaiming, Luo Xingyu suddenly said: "Can I see the knife you use?"

     Gao Yuan hesitated for a moment, he really hesitated, but he still pulled out his knife.

     However, Gao Yuan did not pass the knife to Luo Xingyu.

     Gao Yuan's own knife didn't look as beautiful as Luo Xingyu.

     There is no rust but oxidized black spots, there are many traces of use, the sheath also has many scars, and the black handle looks ordinary."This knife is forged with high-carbon steel. I used rail steel or old rails from decades ago. I designed my own forging or quenching myself. Well, the length is 32 cm, and the Rockwell hardness is about It’s 58. The advantage of carbon steel is that it’s fast and easy to sharpen. This knife is sharp, but its retention is not as good as yours. It’s powder steel with modern technology. I think it’s a traditional craft at best.

     Luo Xingyu curiously said, "You have a lot of knives, why would you use this one?"

     Gao Yuan laughed, then he inserted the knife back into the scabbard and said, "This knife...I use it smoothly."

     After putting away his own knife, Gao Yuan took the knife and handed it to Luo Xingyu, saying: "This knife is bought, Swedish Mora, stainless steel, Scandinavian edged, very sharp. It’s best used against wood, of course you can use it to eat meat or cut fruit."

     The short knife looks very ordinary, with a plastic handle and plastic shell, which looks like a fruit knife.

     Luo Xingyu pulled out the short knife and looked at it, and said, "It's not as good as you can do."

     "It's not good-looking, but it's easy to use. This is a utility knife. You use it every day in your daily life, so take this knife with you. You will find that this knife is the one you use most frequently."

      clapped the hand, Gao Yuan said: "I'm a bit reluctant to send my knife out, well, now I'll give you something else."Gao Yuan took out a waist bag from his backpack. After he took the waist bag in his hand, he said, "This is a psk waist bag. It contains fire, allergy medicine, diarrhea medicine, cold medicine and anti-fever medicine. The water pill has three pieces of chocolate, whistle, and band-aid. These are all psks used in my daily life. They can be taken on the subway and buses smoothly but there are few things in it. But if you had this bag, a few It wouldn’t have been so bitter days ago."

     Gao Yuan with a look of emotion gave Luo Xingyu the bag, but Luo Xingyu was surprisedly said: "You used to carry this bag every day?"

     "Yes, that's why I was treated as a neurosis."

     Gao Yuan laughed very self-deprecatingly.

     "You look handsome with a smile...Thank you."

     Luo Xingyu already had tears in her eyes, and she whispered softly: "Thank you, except for my parents, you are the best person in the world to me."

     Gao Yuan waved his hand and said, "Don't rush to thank me, because there are so many things you want to thank me, so stay at the end and say thank you."

     After a little thought, Gao Yuan said with a determined look: "Come with me, oh, now hang the knife, the big knife is attached to the belt, and the knife can be attached to the belt."

     Watching Luo Xingyu fix the knife, Gao Yuan took her out of the house, then pointed to an abandoned pigsty and said: "There is a 90-style hardtack hidden in there, and there are sixty-four boxes, a box of four small pieces. There are enough calories for a person to eat two small pieces a day, and there are also twenty 400 grams of canned beef in it. The canned beef from Russia is not tasty but it is real."Luo Xingyu looked shocked again, Gao Yuan pointed to the other side and continued: "On the cliff behind the broken house, behind a bluestone slab is a small hole with fifty cans in it, both Spam and domestic military cans. "

     He took Luo Xingyu and walked a few steps again, and came to under a shed at the back of the house where he lived, Gao Yuan possessed himself and lifted a few pieces of wood, revealing a bicycle inside.

     "The bike, with a large escape bag tied to it, has enough food and water for a week, a tent, a set of clothes, an axe, a long knife, two short knives, saws, a lot of fire, a lot of medicines. , Two bottles of wine, two cigarettes, two cans of tea in small packages, a total of dozens of boxes of various medicines, these all are I bought shortly before the disaster, the shelf life is still very long, and a lot of things inside can be used as Currency usage."

     Pointing to a backpack hung in front of the bicycle, he said from a high distance: "The one fixed in front is a Bob backpack. The spare one contains food and drinking water for three days, a knife and an axe. If you are in danger, you need to escape. Even if there is no time to bring anything, and there is no way to get on the bike and leave, then come over and run with only this backpack."

     Under the gaze of Dumbstruck’s Luo Xingyu, Gao Yuan used wood and branches to hide the bicycle again. He clapped the dust on the hand and said: "In addition, the tools we have and are using are a spear and a long An axe, a short-handled axe, this is the one hanging from my waist, a folding saw, an engineer shovel, and some rope, um, by the way, we there's some left good things."

      "What!""Twenty toothbrush sets, small soap, shampoo, and two rolls of toilet paper!"

     Luo Xingyu stared wide-eyed, Gao Yuan said a little embarrassed: "Well, toilet paper is precious, I have given it to you, don't use it normally, wait for your menstrual period."

     Luo Xingyu looked at Gao Yuan dumbly, and then her tears flowed down again.

     Today Luo Xingyu was crying.

     "Why are you crying again?"

     Luo Xingyu cried out, she choked and said: "You are so kind, this is not a good person card, I am just very excited, and I feel so happy now, you must be sent by God to rescue me. "

     Crying and crying, Luo Xingyu suddenly hugged Gao Yuan, then she leaned her head on Gao Yuan's chest and began to cry loudly.

     "Don't cry, don't cry, shouldn't you laugh if you feel happy..."

     "I'm really going to starve to death. I don't know how long I can eat only cabbage and radish. I'm so cold. I really feel like I'm freezing to death. I'm so scared. I can't sleep. I can do everything. No, I'm desperate, I really feel that I will die soon, thank you, thank you for saving me..."

     Luo Xingyu's venting cry made Gao Yuan a little at a loss to know what to do, he didn't know where to put his hands.

      After hesitated for a moment, Gao Yuan put his hand on Luo Xingyu's back and patted gently: "Don't cry, um, don't cry, it will be fine later."

     "I really appreciate you...Thank you, brother."Gao Yuan sighed lightly and said, "Actually, I told you this because I was afraid that I might die that day. If I die and you are not dead, then these things can continue to come in handy, you should know , In the current situation, we are really likely to... will encounter accidents at any time.

     Luo Xingyu paused, but she cried harder immediately.

     Gao Yuan continued to whisper: "We are all survivors of the end times. We are companions. I can only rely on you. So of course I have to give you all these things. You should understand that if you want to survive, two people are better than one. People have a lot of advantages, so you don’t need to be too moved. I do what these all are should be."

     Luo Xingyu raised her head. She embarrassedly wiped Gao Yuan's chest wet, and said: "You are such a fool, and ah, even if two people are easier to survive, they will never Someone is willing to share everything with others like you."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "It depends on the situation. For example, if I met two people, then I would never expose myself, because these two people are probably already a small group. Two people can get more than three people sharing. If I meet a man, then I will not easily bring him here, let alone give him everything, because hard to fathom a person's mind."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan patted Luo Xingyu’s shoulder and smiled: "Your brother, I am afraid of death, so I will not easily believe in others. I also want to tell you these things. If I see strangers in the future, I must Be careful, because in this kind of apocalypse, the deepest good in human hearts will manifest, but the evil in human hearts will also appear."