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12 Not Special Forces
    Author: Unknown
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Xiang Weiguo’s words made Gao Yuan jump off the edge of the kang, and then he shocked and said, "How do you tell?"

     Luo Xingyu also looked shocked, and looked at Xiang Weiguo with a smile: "Not sure yet, now it's confirmed, you two haven't known each other for a long time, two days at most."

     What Xiang Weiguo said was correct, but how did he manage to discern within two days?

     Gao Yuan admired prostrate oneself in admiration, he trembled: "How do you see it!"

     "It's very simple. She is obviously hungry for a long time, and you are completely without signs of malnutrition. If you are a person who only cares about your own sister, this is the past, but from the way your sister just protected you, she must not be long-term The appearance of being treated harshly by you."

      "Damn it, makes sense!"

     "Also, the clothes your sister wears are all brand new. I think they only looked like they had just been put on at most one or two days, plus her clothes were frozen outside. According to the temperature here, Plus the degree of freezing, um, it should be yesterday afternoon. It was washed and hung up without wringing out. It can't be longer than the day before yesterday, so you should have only met for a day or two."

     "It might also be that she just washed clothes yesterday."

     Gao Yuan was not convinced, he just felt that his statement was normal, so he couldn't help but mention it.

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "I understand enough. Her new clothes were just put on, and her old clothes were washed yesterday. What happened? Did you keep her frozen so much for long time, and you only took the clothes yesterday? Wouldn't it be possible to dress her out? I must have changed into new clothes and washed the old clothes by the way, obvious at a glance."Gao Yuan was convinced, and he said with admiration: "Your eyes are really poisonous, and your skill is strong enough. I'm really convinced. Uncle Xiang, were you a special soldier before?"

     Looking at Gao Yuan with the word admiration written on his face, Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "It's not a special soldier."

     "Isn't that so?"

     "But I am responsible for teaching special forces."


     Gao Yuan was completely shocked, and Xiang Weiguo smiled proudly, and said, "Yes, I have never been a special soldier, but I have taught a special soldier for half my life."

     Why keep a low profile?

     Why be humble?

     When asked about an old man's greatest achievement in his life, his proudest career, of course Xiang Weiguo can proudly tell others what he has done in his life!

     Gao Yuan admired it very much, but he was also very puzzled: "You are not a special soldier but you have taught a special soldier, this is what?

     Xiang Weiguo said with emotion: "I joined the army in 1978 and participated in the War of Annan in 1979. At that time, there was no such name as a special soldier. We were called scouts at that time. Scratching the tongue, this is the job of the scout."

     Gao Yuan feels deep veneration for sb, he trembled: "That's a special soldier."

     "It’s not counted, the scouts are the scouts. I went to the front seven times before and after the war against Annan. I did more than one hundred missions for large and small, which can be considered with ample experience. I set up three collectives. Third-class power, a collective second-class power, one individual third-class power, and two individual second-class power."

      "Ah..."Personal second-class merit, twice, the person is still alive, Gao Yuan currently already is not admired and respected, he is kneeling, is respecting, because Xiang Weiguo is a living legend.

     Xiang Weiguo continued to smile and said: "Once I thought I was going to be glorious, maybe I could posthumously impart a first-class merit, but I didn't expect to survive, so I didn't get the first-class merit, so I was seriously injured and rested for half a year Then I went to the front line again, and then I went back to the military area to become an instructor who was responsible for training scouts, and then there was a special force unit, so I was transferred to the Shanshui Army Academy. Well, where I stayed until I retired. Senior Colonel Military Rank retired."

     Gao Yuan was so excited that he didn't know what to say, he could only stammeringly said: "No wonder, no wonder you are so amazing, so amazing, really amazing!"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "What's so great? To be honest, we, an old-school scout-born instructor, can no longer teach the current special forces. The main reason is that there is not enough culture. Back then, it was a rope and a knife. Now it’s different and the conditions are different. I don’t know how to fiddle with many new objects. We also want to learn culture, but the culture is still not enough, so we can’t teach much. Then we will retire when we are young."

     As a normal person, the first reaction what is to see the treasured old man Xiang Weiguo?

     Of course it is to worship a master!

     A fool knows the benefits of being able to learn kung fu in these last days.

     Gao Yuan stood in a daze for a moment, and then he suddenly said: "Master, you are hungry, I will cook the meat for you, I still have cabbage, pork stewed cabbage, you rest and drink some water, I will go first...""Well, what do you call me?"

     I accidentally said what was in my heart, flattering a bit too eagerly, Gao Yuan also discovered this, he said nonchalantly: "Uncle Xiang, you take a rest first, I will prepare some food for you."

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "Okay, thank you then, I'll rest my feet first."

     "Hey, just wait a while."

     Gao Yuan ran to the outside room happily, took a piece of wild boar, put it on the wooden block of the chopping board, and began to cut it.

     Cut the meat into pieces, Gao Yuan took two lunch boxes in the middle, and smiled: "If there is no bigger thing, just use this to cook the meat. It will be very fast."

     "You wait for a while."

     Xiang Weiguo got off the kang, he looked at Gao Yuan with a look of doubt and said, "Just cook meat like this?"

     "Yes, just cook like that."

     "Well, is there any seasoning?"

     "There is salt, nothing else, oh, there are some packets of instant noodle seasoning I didn't want to use but I still keep it, use this."

     "You keep it, I said you don't have any pepper aniseed star anise cinnamon or something?"

     Gao Yuan shook his head bitterly and said, "I didn't think about preparing these at the time."

     "Then your wild boar is not delicious."

     After talking to Weiguo, Luo Xingyu said in the same way: "Yes, it's ugly, but... it's better than nothing."

      laughed, Xiang Weiguo said, "I'll come."

     In Gao Yuan's surprised eyes, Xiang Weiguo opened his rucksack from the kang.Xiang Weiguo's rucksack is the kind of early marching rucksack. Although it can be loaded, it has a single function, it is just a big pocket with two straps.

     However, there were a lot of things in the rucksack. Xiang Weiguo first took out a bag of things from the top of the rucksack. What was completely and unable to discern the plastic bag, and then he took out a pot from it.

     Gao Yuan blurted out and said: "Marching pot!"

     "It's not for military use. I went to the mall and saw it was practical and portable. I bought one if it was strange. My wife said it was useless, but it didn't work."

     The outside of the pot that Xiang Weiguo took out was dark. It must be used frequently, but a large pot is much more convenient.

     Gao Yuan’s cautious and solemn said: "Do you have any seasoning?"

     Xiang Weiguo gave the pot to Gao Yuan and said, "You soak the meat in the pot, soak it in cold water, and change the water every half an hour. I'll go out."

     "What to do you?"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "Wild pork is a good thing. Don't spoil it. I'll find some seasoning and come back. Soon, don't rush to cook the meat. This will take a little longer."

     Xiang Weiguo leaned on his short stick and left, he was not afraid that his rucksack would still be here.

     Looking at Xiang Weiguo's back, Gao Yuan suddenly said: "Xiao Yu, we have met a cow and an honorable man."

     Luo Xingyu was nodded, and then she whispered: "Brother, told Uncle that there is a large refuge outside, you said...Should we go?"

     Gao Yuan hesitated, Luo Xingyu immediately said: "If you go, I will go, if you don't go, I won't go either."

     "Wait for Uncle Xiang to come back and ask about the details, now it's a bit early to say this."Gao Yuan didn't want to stay in this mountain village all his life, but he also felt that it was too early to leave, so after hurriedly ending the topic, he began to soak the meat in the water as Xiang Weiguo said.

     Gao Yuan could still see Xiang Weiguo. Xiang Weiguo was walking around the edge of the village, but he quickly entered the mountains.

     I don't know what other seasoning Xiang Weiguo can find on this cold weather, frozen ground, Gao Yuan deeply doubts it.

     About an hour later, Xiang Weiguo returned, but when he returned empty-handed he returned with an extra plastic bag.

     When the big plastic bag is opened, there are some grass roots, and a lot of pepper and ginger.

     Gao Yuan was surprised, and said, "What is this?"

     "Zanthoxylum, there are a lot of pepper trees planted in the village, and they still have it. The grass roots are wild green onion flowers. Um, the flowers are gone, but the grass roots have a taste. This is Jerusalem artichoke instead of ginger. It is delicious to make pickles, but it can also be seasoned. That’s what left nothing to be used in winter."

     Gao Yuan can only nod his head, what else can he say, in front of a person who specializes in teaching special forces, let's learn.

     But Xiang Weiguo was not in a hurry to cook meat.

     "If there is less meat, take a pig out of the back seat and cut it into big pieces, the size of a fist."

     I don’t know what to do Xiang Weiguo, but just do what Xiang Weiguo says.

     He sent Gao Yuan to cut the meat, but Xiang Weiguo looked at Luo Xingyu and said, "What medicine do you feel now? Is there any phlegm in your cough?"

     Luo Xingyu said in a daze, "No feeling, cough and no sputum."

     "Well, how long have you been hungry? How many catties originally, how many catties now?""I haven't eaten enough for two months... It turned out to be 99 pounds, but I don't know now.

     Xiang Weiguo thought for a moment, and said: "It was 100 catties, now 80 catties. You have lost too much weight and your body is so weak that it is not easy to handle."

     "Uncle Xiang, I turned out to be 99 pounds..."

     "Are you still caring about two catties?"

     Xiang Weiguo not to know whether to laugh or cry, he looked at Gao Yuan and said, "What medicine do you have? How much?"

     Gao Yuan is now facing the prostrate oneself in admiration that Xiang Weiguo admires, he immediately said: "There are all commonly used medicines. There are 20 boxes of cephalosporin, 20 bottles of 100 ibuprofen, 10 boxes of medicine for diarrhea, and Ten boxes of cold medicine, uh, the scattered ones are all in the medicine box. They are all commonly used medicines."

     This time it was Xiang Weiguo's turn to be surprised. He was very surprised and said: "Did you rob the drugstore or something, so many?"

     Gao Yuan was finally able to show a smug smile. He smiled and said, "I bought it before the disaster and I used it with a credit card."