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16 Three No
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In a high-level understanding, shouldn't the training that a special soldier should be very strict, or even very strict, Xiang Weiguo has already started training him, but why is it different from what he imagined?

     Without endurance training, without training to strengthen physical strength, let alone hell-level training, or even high-intensity training.

     Even doesn't have any training content related to special forces.

     Now Xiang Weiguo only taught Gaoyuan one thing, and that is how to use a stick.

     Gao Yuan didn't dare to ask, but after five days, Xiang Weiguo had always asked him to practice three stick moves repeatedly, nothing else.

     Today, Gao Yuan finally cannot bear.

     Why Gaoyuan couldn’t bear? Because Luo Xingyu’s cold got better, her food was gradually increasing, and her body was recovering day by day. Today, she can finally come outside and sit and watch how Gaoyuan trains Up.

     Stabbing, dialing, hitting, back and forth are three times, always without other actions, Luo Xingyu just looked for a while and it was annoying, not to mention that these three actions have been repeated for five days.

     "Uncle Xiang, can I ask some questions?"

     Finally, after practicing for a long time and Gao Yuan could take a break, he immediately asked his own question.

     "Just ask."

     "Uncle Xiang, I am repeating these actions these days, why do you only teach me these?"

     Xiang Weiguo earnestly said: "with familiarity you learn the trick."

     Gao Yuan looked respectful, but Xiang Weiguo did not speak, after a long time, he cannot bear and said, "What about then?""Then? What then? There is no more."

     Gao Yuan couldn't help his breath: "Uncle Xiang, special forces are not trained like this, right? You said you can teach me, but now it's too easy for us to practice these!

     Xiang Weiguo looked high and earnestly said: "Who said you want to train you as a special soldier?"

     Gao Yuan was stunned. Xiang Weiguo still earnestly said: "I want to teach you Wild Survival, how to fight, and even how to kill. Although these skills belong to the special forces that must be learned, but only these cannot become A special soldier, so I didn't want to train you as a special soldier."


     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "Without that environment, without that condition, there is no need for that."

     Gao Yuan dissatisfied or resentful said: "What do you say?"

     Xiang Weiguo calmly said: "First of all, the special forces are trained in the barracks, have good medical conditions, have sufficient Logistics Support, wait wait/etc etc. What you see on TV is the instructor's hard work. Squeeze the physical strength of the special forces and desperately exercise their physical and psychological endurance, but things are definitely not that simple. There are at least three people behind a special force to provide protection for him. Behind the training of special forces is a system of support, if only to death It doesn’t matter if you practice, it’s not training but have disregard for human life."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, he felt that this was indeed the case.Xiang Weiguo continued: "After talking about the environment and the conditions, you can understand it easily. We do not have the training environment. Naturally, there is no condition for you to train. First of all, if I want to squeeze your physical strength to the extreme, at least Need to have sufficient food supply, but we do not have, then just talk about simple clothes. How many clothes do you have? If I let you groping every day, your clothes will rot if they can support it for a few days After the clothes are rotten, do you have to freeze if you have no clothes to wear in the winter? I won’t say what to do if you get hurt, what if you get sick.

     Gao Yuan has already there's nothing about it and continued to ask, but Xiang Weiguo still continued: "If I let you spirit weary, strength exhausted every day, what should I do if there is danger? What if you don't even escape for your life? ?"

      sighed saying, Gao Yuan helplessly said: "Well, you are right, I think it is too simple."

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "Let’s finish talking. Why do you say that you are not necessary to be a special force? Because the combat target of a special force is enemy soldiers, not zombies or wild beasts, so I don’t have to take you Train as a special soldier, because your opponent is not a soldier."

     Gao Yuan nodded, said: "Then what's the point of how many times you let me practice every day?"

     Xiang Weiguo said seriously: "Thirteen of the foundations. I wonder why you haven't asked me all the time. Are you not curious?"

     Gao Yuan smiled bitterly: "It's not that you are not curious or you dare not ask, you can tell it now. Even if it is the basics, it is too simple to have only three tricks..."Xiang Weiguo said seriously: "It's not easy, because I teach you how to play, not a trick, and any play of thirteen hands is derived from the most basic three. I will teach you how to play first. , Wait until you have a certain foundation, and then teach you the footwork that matches the style of play."

     Gao Yuan listened attentively, raised his stick to Weiguo, and said: "You come to hit me, hit me as you want."

     Without the slightest hesitation, Gao Yuan raised the stick and knocked on his head. Xiang Weiguo didn't hide, nor did he cross the stick to block his head. He just picked up the stick and stabled it out quickly.

     Gao Yuan's arm was stabbed by the stick, and then the stick he was holding dropped weakly.


      called out in pain, Gao Yuan’s left hand covered his right shoulder, Xiang Weiguo indifferently said: "This is the usage of a thorn, moves later but arrives first, and it is fast and accurate. Now if you hit it again, it’s just this One trick."

     Gao Yuan hesitated for a moment, he was so cruel, he took the stick and knocked again.

     The same trick was used to break the law. He stretched out his stick to Weiguo, then rushed forward, and the stick in his hand fell on Gao Yuan's head.

     Xiang Weiguo's stick didn't really knock down, but Gao Yuan was scared into a cold sweat.

     Taking the stick, Xiang Weiguo took a step back, and said, "This is the foundation, but only the foundation is enough. The bells and whistles are deceptive, and the ones that really hit and wound or even kill are just so few, but faster. More accurate and ruthless, say it again What I teach you is that the style of play is not a trick. You can do all the tricks. Once you have mastered the basics, you will definitely not stab a boar with a spear.""I understand you such a saying, so what time can I practice well?"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "I have to practice all my life, and I can't put it all my life. There is no such thing as great accomplishment in divine arts. Great accomplishment in divine arts is something in the novel, the real kung fu You have to keep practicing, no matter what the kung fu is the same."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said: "What about boxing? Do you teach me how to fight with daggers?"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said: "I don't know how to fist. I can capture and fight. As for dagger fighting, you don't need to practice. It is enough to put your limited energy on this stick. I have just said it. This is the basis. , You can use everything after you practice."

     After speaking, Xiang Weiguo looked at Luo Xingyu and said: "I told your brother what I said to you. When your body is completely recovered, you can practice with him."

     Luo Xingyu nodded, smiling sweetly: "Okay, Uncle Xiang, I will definitely practice."

     Gao Yuan was still reluctant. He wanted to know that at what time he could truly achieve these thirteen hands, so he said earnestly: "Uncle Xiang, how long you have practiced, you can use this stick to compete with others. Didn't you get beaten when you hit?""I started to practice clubbing at the age of eight, and began to practice against my dad at the age of ten. When I joined the army at the age of eighteen, I still couldn't beat my dad. My dad still beat me whatever he wanted, because I practiced for ten years. He has been training for half his life, and the equipment is the best way to make up for the physical gap. However, after I arrived in the army, I found that no one was my opponent in the assassination. The recruit company had no opponent, and there was no opponent in the regiment. Even our group army has no opponents. If I have practiced for ten years of fake fart, but I have practiced for ten years of real kungfu, then we are very good, and we will be a champion."

     Gao Yuan was very excited, and Xiang Weiguo was very proud.

     Reached out and patted the shoulders high, Xiang Weiguo said very temperately, "Don't think about becoming a special soldier. You don't even want to be a special soldier without a gun? Even if you practice the stick well, the opponent holds a submachine gun. It didn't make you abrupt with the trigger."

     Gao Yuan felt helpless again.

     Xiang Weiguo wanted to comfort Gao Yuan, and smiled: "Come slowly, this is not something that you can practice in a few days. Now I'm going to cook. You go and continue to throw your stones. I really want to say you and the special forces. The closest thing is that the stone is thrown, so you have to practice hard."

     Gao Yuan knew that Xiang Weiguo was comforting him, but his dream of becoming a special soldier was so broken, so now he feels very sad, really sad.