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43 Go Home For The New Year
    Author: Unknown
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Luo Xingyu's gun is the best.

     Why is Luo Xingyu's gun the best? Because the same gun has its own advantages in accuracy, and Luo Xingyu's 95 machine gun is the one with the highest accuracy among the twenty machine guns.

     And Luo Xingyu's machine gun is also equipped with a scope, a brand-new scope, used by 88 snipers.

     Now Luo Xingyu has a machine gun with a precision that is not inferior to the general level of 88 sniper. It can be fired continuously, can be single-shot, has a larger load capacity, and is lighter, so why does Luo Xingyu need to use 88 sniper? .

     Luo Xingyu would not use her main gun when she was practicing shooting, because the barrel has a life span, and the scope also has a life span. Basically, after shooting two thousand bullets, the scope will be out of alignment. It's time to change.

     So Luo Xingyu used other guns when training, anyway there are guns here.

     However, after Luo Xingyu’s initial excitement passed, she should have a headache when she saw the gun, because she now has to shoot thousands of bullets a day. At the beginning, she had to shoot 10,000 bullets a day. I just want to throw up.

     The shooting volume of tens of thousands of shots per day is really not something a girl can bear. Later, after realizing that Luo Xingyu really couldn't bear the shooting volume of so big, Xiang Weiguo reduced her to 5,000, and now it has dropped to 2,000. .

     Therefore, Luo Xingyu's daily routine is to shoot two thousand bullets on Flight 95, and he is not allowed to eat if he can't finish the shot.

     As for Gao Yuan, he worked even harder. In addition to shooting, he had to receive some physical training and tactical movement training.I don't practice much bombing, because everything pays attention to a talent. The talent of lofty bombing is quite high. Although you can't leave it without training, you don't need to focus on bombing.

     A very embarrassing fact is that grenades are not used to fight zombies, nor are grenades used to hunt. As for war, does Gao Yuan have a chance to fight?

     Lived in a military camp for almost a month.

     In the barracks there is land to live, food to eat, and endless bullets.

     But after living in the barracks for a month, Gao Yuan can't stop and feel a little homesick.

     The home I think about is, of course, their abandoned small mountain village home.

     Staying in the barracks temporarily, just because there are enough bullets to hit casually, but you don’t have to live here.

     If you want to continue living, then of course there is no problem. Gao Yuan's shooting and throwing grenades every day did not attract zombies, but the problem is that Gao Yuan is really homesick.

     Luo Xingyu should be homesick too, this can be done from the plummet of her appetite.

     Luo Xingyu, who only ate three steamed buns and two bowls of porridge, put down his chopsticks.

     "Poor appetite?"

     Gao Yuan picked up the fourth steamed bun. The steamed buns steamed by Xiang Weiguo were about the same size as a big bowl. In the past, Gao Yuan could not even eat one meal, but he now eats at least four.

     No vegetables, no meat, just steamed buns, pickles and rice porridge, and then at least ten kilometers of armed running every day, five thousand bullets, plus Xiang Weiguo's whip stick, plus dozens of strokes To throw bombs, anyone would have to eat four steamed buns."You eat, I'm full."

     Luo Xingyu just seemed a little bit emotional, she yawned and said: "I will wait for you to finish eating and clean up before leaving."

     It's dark, doesn't have any entertainment, and has consumed a lot of physical energy during the day, so Gao Yuan and they naturally resumed the tradition of resting at sunset.

     Gao Yuan looked at his watch, and then he suddenly said, "Hey, is it time for the Chinese New Year?"

     Xiang Weiguo and Luo Xingyu were also dazed for a moment, and then Xiang Weiguo asked in surprise: "Should it be time for the New Year?"

     Gao Yuan didn't hold his mobile phone. The mobile phone was in the Faraday Cage, but the mechanical watch he was wearing had a calendar.

     After changing the solar and lunar calendars to calculated, Gao Yuan nodded, said with certainty: "The day after tomorrow is the New Year!"

     It's actually time for the New Year.

     There must be no Chinese New Year atmosphere now, but in the face of the biggest festival in the tradition, the Spring Festival, it always seems to be treated with caution.

     Luo Xingyu cautious and solemn said: "It's time for the New Year, otherwise...Let's go home for the New Year!"

     Gao Yuan nodded immediately and said, "I think it is also going home for the New Year, Uncle Xiang, what do you think?"

     Waved his hand to Weiguo, and then he happily said: "Then go back to celebrate the New Year!"

     Luo Xingyu and Gao Yuan couldn't help but cheered, because they really didn't want to live in the barracks for a long time, but they were embarrassed to say it.

     Training in the military camp is for training, purely for survival, but the problem is that now Gaoyuan has survived, and after solving the survival problem, they are living well, so naturally they lack enthusiasm for training.It’s okay if the amount of training exercise isn’t that great, but the problem is that Xiang Weiguo’s eyes can’t rub the sand. In his opinion, he either doesn’t practice. They still took on a lot of training.

     This is also the condition to keep up. If I was short of food and clothing before, it would be impossible to practice like this.

     "Since you want to go back, hurry up, and set off tomorrow morning, and strive to be home for the New Year before dark. In this case, you have to make preparations this evening and pack them."

     Xiang Weiguo quickly made arrangements, and he said to Gao Yuan: "You go to the ammunition depot and take out all the bullets. Except for the ones you carry, you will use the trolley to drag the rest. I thought about it. Although the route we go back is I need to go around the village, but the car must be able to go. On the way back to the city, there is only one local car can’t get through. But let’s trouble it, just move the bullet twice and then move the empty car over. In this case, we at least Can bring five boxes of ammunition and a line of grenades."

     Bring five boxes of ammunition and a box of grenades. The temptation is too great. Gao Yuan ate the buns in a hurry and said, "It doesn't matter if we can get home the day after tomorrow. The bullets are still important. I will move the bullets and you will pack the others. "

     Gao Yuan left in a hurry. He wanted to take out the guns and bullets he took away, put the unused guns back, and then welded the door of the armory again. In this case, even if other people came in the future, he couldn't do it easily. Take away the weapon.In fact, Gaoyuan didn’t care about other people’s life and death, and wanted to block other people’s access to weapons, but considering the current environment, most of the good people or ordinary people have entered large shelters. They don’t need to run here to find weapons. There is really no way to determine whether they are good people or bad people.

     It’s okay if a good person gets a weapon, but if a bad guy like Luo Xingyu gets so many weapons and ammunition, for those good people, it’s a catastrophe, because in this doomsday, bad people are comparable to zombies. More terrifying.

     So this armory must be sealed.