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47 Who Is Gao Yuan
    Author: Unknown
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"What did I hear? I heard it right?"

     "You didn't misheard, who is Gao Yuan?."

     "Who is lofty!"

     "Who is Gao Yuan? Please say something, not to hit you, but to express my respect for you."

     "Sprink dog food in the New Year, I eat delighted to (do sth, idiom), tears are streaming down my eyes, who is Gao Yuan, Luo Xingyu, bless you!

     Luo Xingyu's words instantly caused the radio station that had just silenced to ring again, and this time it seemed more enthusiastic.

     Luo Xingyu looked at Gao Yuan and said, "Did I say something wrong?"

     Gao Yuan was dumbfounded, but Xiang Weiguo quietly said, "I don't know if I said anything wrong, but I know Gao Yuan is famous."

     Is it famous?


     Put yourself in the situation and think about it, when this human is facing extinction, a group of survivors remember how the past New Year passed. At this time, a woman confessed to a man.

     Luo Xingyu first said that she missed her father, and then said that she loves loftyness, what is this? This is the happiness that a survivor pursues in the last days. The family and love pursued are all people, all mankind, entire worlds and realms' human beings pursue the best things.

     In the past, this confession may be posted on Moments of Friends, on the Internet, or on short videos. In the era of information explosion, this sentence cannot attract any attention.

     But now, Luo Xingyu's words are now said on shortwave radio stations, on the few radio stations that survived.

     What is touching love?

     This is it!

     What is hope?

     This is it!It's really hard for Gao Yuan not to be famous.

     "I am the Shanghai First Refuge highest commanding officer, Zhao Lin. On behalf of all officers and soldiers and all members of Shanghai First Refuge, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to Luo Xingyu and Gao Yuan. Although I do not know where you are, I I firmly believe that you will love will find a way, thank you."

     It was a long sentence that Zhao Lin should finish at last, but he said thank you, not knowing what he wanted to thank.

     After Zhao Lin finished speaking, the entire public frequency band of the radio was silent collectively.

     Why was it silent, because someone indicated their identity, marked their position, and then expressed their blessings to Luo Xingyu and Gao Yuan in an official capacity.

     This Zhao Lin's background is a bit big. Those who are in front of the radio station may now be considering whether to salute on the radio station, or to stop the voice as if they have never been there.

     At this moment, someone on the radio said in a deep voice: "I am Zhang Shaoyang, the chief conductor of Ohara Second Refuge. I heard that the radio is very lively. I will join in the fun too. I want you to say that you don’t have to be cautious and don’t worry about occupying the public chat. box, only tonight, because we really need it once... no, it needs a miracle.

     Now, on behalf of Ohara Second Refuge, I would like to express our holiday greetings to all our compatriots. I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I also wish Luo Xingyu and Gao Yuan, two children, Wishes Coming True.

     Finally, I want to say, Lao Zhao, don't express your opinion casually, who knows if they are together, over. "

     There was no silence on the radio station. After a while, someone said on the radio station: "Return to Suihu Chunnian, Lao Zhang talks too much nonsense, I will just say a word, get together, it's over."

     Is it now a commander's special?It seems not. After Hu Chunnian finished speaking, someone finally said cautious and solemn on the radio: "I just want to know who Gao Yuan is, don't ask who I am, I am a non-commissioned officer... over."

      the first person to bury funerary dolls Luo Xingyu stuck out the tongue, but she smiled happily.

     Gao Yuan shook the head towards Luo Xingyu, whispering: "Don't say it..."

     Luo Xingyu brows raised in delight, eyes laughing and picked up the phone, and said: "I am Luo Xingyu, eighteen years old this year, so I am a legal adult, I like Gaoyuan, others are fine, also Tall and handsome again! Oh, we are together now, thank you for your blessings, and I wish you find the one you love the most soon, thank you."

     In the brief silence on the radio, everyone seems to be waiting for someone with weight to come out and start a new call.

     After a while, a prickly sound rang.

     "...Sanctuary, bad signal... together, over."

     "The Nandu County Refuge, wishing New Year's greetings to the people of the whole country, and wishing Luo Xingyu and Gao Yuan, since they are together, Gao Yuan will come out and say something.

     "We are broadcasting to the entire shelter, and speak from afar."

     "Quick, quick! Anzai First Refuge, turn on the radio, the public band, there is a beauty confession! Hurry up, I can't hear it when it's late, don't say I didn't notify you, it's fast!"

     "This is Jinmen Third Refuge, Anzai First Refuge, did you play the frequency? Go out and say something, but you wait for a while, let's call... the chief, come on!"

     The radio call became a group chat."Jinmen Third Refuge Commander Lin Feng, I wished to all the compatriots and comrades, and expressed my heartfelt blessings to Luo Xingyu children and Gao Yuan. I hope you will be happy and happy. Please you guys must take care of yourself. Please you guys must… …Well, be happy! You are our hope and our good wish, bless you, it is over."

     Xiang Weiguo was full of emotion when he heard it. He turned to Gao Yuan nodded and said, "Is it a man, go up and say something, now you two are no longer the business of two people, you are... everyone’s idol, go, Say something!"

     Luo Xingyu raised the microphone, Gao Yuan swallowed, he took the phone, and said awkwardly: "What am I talking about...I am so panic now!"

     Luo Xingyu smiled sweetly and said, "Everything is fine."

     Xiang Weiguo said seriously: "Say what everyone loves to listen to, and say what everyone wants to hear!"

     Gao Yuan took the intercom. He waited for the last one to finish, and finally pressed the intercom. Then he trembled: "Hello everyone, I am Gao Yuan, I want to say... Xiaoyu, I love you! I want to say to everyone, thank you for your blessings, Xiaoyu and I will be good, I'm here to give you New Year greetings, thank you.

     Putting down the intercom, Gao Yuan is like putting down a piece of hot coal.

     The pressure is so great, the pressure is really great.

     Luo Xingyu looked at Gao Yuan, with his eyes crooked and the corners of his mouth cocked, and said in a low voice to Gao Yuan, "I love you too."

     Xiang Weiguo pointed to the radio station and said: "Xiao Yu also said on the radio that nothing happened, everyone is waiting for you to speak."Luo Xingyu took the phone, pressed it, and said with a sweet face: "Brother Yuan, I love you too, you finally confessed to me, thank you everyone for your help, thank you everyone, it's over."

     "Don't finish, you guys go on."

     "Wow, this wave of dog food makes me feel comfortable all over, it feels like... It's really comfortable, no, why do I want to cry, bless you, wish you (to live together until the) white hairs of old age."

     "Why do you cry during the festival? Gao Yuan, you are great! I would like to express my blessing to you on behalf of the whole refuge."

     "I am Zhao Lin, I don't know where is it Gao Yuan and Xiaoyu, if possible, please come to Shanghai First Refuge, we will definitely give you the best treatment, over."

     There are always voices on the radio. On this night, Gao Yuan and Luo Xingyu became famous, in a very strange way.