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50 What Is A Unique Job
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan put down the radio, then he looked at Xiang Weiguo and said, "You all heard it, what's the matter?"

     Xiang Weiguo's face was cold, and said, "All are killed, spare no one."

     Luo Xingyu also said indignantly: "Too bad, isn't it? People went to help them, they killed people? And it was the soldiers who killed them! They must have been unprotected by those soldiers, these people are simply inferior to a beast |Pervert."

     With Xiang Weiguo's temper, he hated the news and made his teeth itch.

     However, Xiang Weiguo was very calm at this moment, too calm.

     "The top priority now is to figure out the location of this village. This is the most troublesome part."

     Gao Yuan was very excited about eyes brimming with tears of excitement. He looked at Xiang Weiguo and said word by word: "I have a map, a tourist map of Shimen City, but the location of the road and the village are very clear."

     Xiang Weiguo laughed and said, "Fighting for a lifetime, I never thought that one day I would use a tourist map, but... now there is enough tourist map, very enough!"

     Luo Xingyu said anxiously: "Then let's go at what time, tomorrow?"

     Xiang Weiguo waved his hand and said, "Bring the map."

     Gao Yuan really didn't expect this map to come in handy one day.

     A folded map was opened and spread on the kang.

     It was dark but Gao Yuan no longer had to spare the battery. The flashlight was illuminated on the map. Xiang Weiguo first found Nangang County, and then it didn't take long. Luo Xingyu on the side pointed to a little bit and said: Village, I thought it was a meeting."Gao Yuanhe moved Xiang Weiguo's gaze, then Gao Yuan said in surprise: "Yes, this is the village."

     The map shows that the village is not far from the county seat, which is twenty kilometers away. Except for the second time, you can only see from the map that there is a river to the east of the village.

     After all, it is not a military map, only one shows a tourist map of the main road, but it is really enough for Xiang Weiguo.

     "Look again, if the village called Liujiahui is more than one, you still didn't ask clearly when you were talking. You should ask about the second or even third salient feature besides the name of the village, but the pipe said just now. An aqueduct, and this Liujiahui is next to a big river, then it should not be wrong, but now we are preparing for the war, we must be as meticulous as we can, and there must be no deviation. If when things come to a head, If you find that you have found the wrong place, it may not only waste time, but many lives."

     It took three minutes to find Liujiahui Village, and to investigate the entire Nangang County to confirm that there was no second Liujiahui Village that used half an hour.

     It made Gao Yuan feel that this was unnecessary, but he knew that Xiang Weiguo was right, and now wasted half an hour doesn't have any relationship, but he would die if he found the wrong place.

     "Okay, now confirm that it is here. We are here. This is a map scale of one to 250,000, so the straight-line distance is...85 kilometers. If you follow the nearest road..."Xiang Weiguo gestured the map with his hand. His fingers just traversed the route on the map. It absolutely no did the comparison and did not use a ruler to measure it, but only after a moment of thinking, he said: "Recently The route is 128 kilometers. Fortunately, it’s not very far. According to your marching speed, we can reach the combat site in 48 hours."

     "So precise?"

     Gao Yuan felt a little inconceivable, but Xiang Weiguo calmly said, "If the distance error I said is greater than one kilometer, I will chop your fingers."

     "I just don't think you use a ruler to measure... You don't need to chop your fingers. Uncle Xiang, you are too cruel, you don't leave me room for questioning when you speak."

     Xiang Weiguo still looked confident and said: "What is a unique job? This is called a unique job. As a scout, as a special forces instructor, if I don’t even have this unique job, I dare to teach them. Recognizing maps? Remember, recognizing maps is what they learned in cultural classes, but when it’s actually applied, the instructors responsible for teaching maps must listen to me."

     "Knowing that Uncle Xiang is great, let's stop blowing.

     Xiang Weiguo raised his head and glanced at Gao Yuan, then he put his gaze on the map again, indifferently said: "Xiao Yuan, you floated."

     Is this a warning?

     It seems to be a warning.Xiang Weiguo slapped his hand on the map and said, "All right, no need to plan anymore. Tomorrow the sun will begin to charge the battery. First, the walkie-talkie, then the flashlight and headlight batteries. Two days should be enough, and another two days will be taken to arrive at Liujiahui, and finally one day period will be left as a response. There is plenty of time.

     "that's it?"

     "In this way, what is needed to deal with a few vicious and merciless social scumbags?"

     Xiang Weiguo said calmly: "You can't be proud of being a man, especially when you are fighting, but the problem is to deal with a few social scum, I can't make myself forcefully vigilant against them. It seems to me that I only need one person to go and kill them all in an hour."

     After speaking, Xiang Weiguo put the map in his pocket, and then he said in a deep voice: "Now cooking, eating, without other things, it's still early to start time, don't be too excited and excited, take a good rest ."

     To guard against pride and impatience, this must be true, at what time it is also true to say this, but a master has the confidence of a master, you can’t let a master think that he is always a rookie, and he must be cautious against anyone. and solemn.

     In this case, it would be guard against pride and impatience, but there is also a lack of momentum, what momentum? Lao Tzu World's First, hitting Unmatched Under the Heaven's momentum, no matter whether the enemy is strong or weak, Lao Tzu wants to win and is sure to win.

     Xiang Weiguo's momentum made Gao Yuan be fired up too, wishing to kill Liu Jiahui immediately, kill all the bastards, and rescue the bitch Fatty Yu.After the meal was over, Gao Yuan and Luo Xingyu lay on the kang, but Gao Yuan, who was able to sleep soon, began to toss and turn.

     "Can't sleep?"

     "I definitely can't sleep. I get excited when I think about saving that fat man, and if I want to fight with real swords, real spears, I get even more excited! Don't you be excited?"

     Luo Xingyu said strangely: "What's so exciting? Isn't it over after nine shots? It's very different from shooting?"

     Do you want to give Luo Xingyu science?

     But thinking about it carefully, Luo Xingyu seems to know what's going on for fighting, and Xiang Weiguo has instilled practical skills in her.

     So Gao Yuan discovered that she didn't need to give Luo Xingyu popular science. Luo Xingyu was not ignorant. She was just really confident that she would finish with nine shots, one shot and one kill, and it would be over if she killed all the enemies.

     It's just that it's not so different from shooting, and there's no way to know this level.