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53 In Crisis
    Author: Unknown
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Can hear the screams, very sad.

     The screams continued, and there was no sign of abating, indicating that the people inside were injured, but the injuries were not so serious, at least they would not die in a short time, and they would not lose their threat.

      At this time, Yu Shunzhou was completely stunned.

     No matter from which point of view, Yu Shunzhou is not a person who resign oneself to adversity, but he definitely cannot kill someone who is still indifferent.

     So in just a few words from Gao Yuan and the others, they wiped out all the bad guys who had tortured him for a long time. Yu Shunzhou was fake if he was not surprised.

     Yu Shunzhou was more frightened now.

     "Ban...Brother, you are...awesome now."

     They were all brothers, but they didn't have any scruples when they talked. It was normal to laugh and abuse each other, but now, Yu Shunzhou slammed back with a slut.

     Gao Yuan was looking at Xiang Weiguo, but Xiang Weiguo was listening attentively to the screams in the courtyard. After a while, he waved at Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan hurriedly arrived in front of Xiang Weiguo.

     "The people inside were injured, but they didn't die. At most, they were slightly injured. This scream is true but too exaggerated."

     Can the screams distinguish minor injuries and serious injuries?

     Xiang Weiguo didn't explain much to Gao Yuan. He just whispered: "Throw another grenade. This time I want you to make the grenade explode in the air."

     Gao Yuan immediately took out a grenade and returned to the gate again. With the help of the courtyard wall, he pulled off the tab. After waiting for two seconds in his hand, he threw the grenade through the door.This time Gao Yuan was thrown with his hands. The grenade was not thrown from the raised high point, but at the lowest point.

     The grenade flew a distance of more than ten meters, and the flight path was flying from low to high.

      With a bang sound, the grenade exploded in the room, and this time, even Gaoyuan was able to discern. The grenade exploded in the air because the blast differ to some extent.

     This time the scream disappeared, and disappeared very quickly.

     Nodded, satisfied with Xiang Weiguo, he drew out the pistol, loaded the bullet, and then turned the handle upside down and handed it to Yu Shunzhou.

     "Take it, go inside and see that those who are seriously injured and not dead are shot and hit the head."

     Yu Shunzhou took the gun, he stared at Xiang Weiguo in a daze, then turned to look at Gao Yuan.

     "What are you doing staring blankly, go."

     In these doomsday years, people cannot be too weak or too timid. Gao Yuan thinks it is right whether Xiang Weiguo wants Yu Shunzhou to strengthen his courage or to adapt him to a new life.

     Yu Shunzhou took the pistol and walked in in stride.

     Xiang Weiguo followed Yu Shunzhou, and he would still provide protection for Yu Shunzhou.

     A man lying prone in the yard, with a rifle under him, motionless like a statue, but Yu Shunzhou still fired a shot without the slightest hesitation.

     "Let you bully me!"

     After two steps, there was another man lying prone on the ground. The rifle in his hand had been thrown out a long way, but Yu Shunzhou still made up a shot.

     "Let you asshole bully, bastard!"

     This is painful to beat a drowning dog, but Yu Shunzhou is still murderous-looking.Xiang Weiguo took the walkie-talkie and said, "Xiao Yu, pay attention to whether there are any zombies coming in the direction of the village. If there are any, let us know in time, it's over."

     "Received, over."

     Yu Shunzhou entered the room. The people who were solved by Gao Yuan with two grenades were all inside. He said loudly, "You get what one deserves?"

     There were three more bangs, one of which was injured. It was still alive but unable to move, so Yu Shunzhou shot one in a real sense.

     Yu Shunzhou came out and said solemnly to Weiguo: "What's the matter must be taken, quickly take it, we leave here, the gunshots are loud, and it may attract zombies."

     Now Yu Shunzhou is excited and joyful. He waved his pistol and said loudly: "You must bring on the radio, even my walkie-talkie, my refuge is with them. I took my things, even my knife!"

     Xiang Weiguo stepped forward and grabbed the own hand gun. After taking the gun back from Yu Shunzhou's hand, he said, "Stop talking nonsense, get your things. Give you five minutes. Xiaoyuan, the two of us, will go out on guard and take the guns. Pick it up and don't leave it."

     There are three rifles here, two fell in the yard, but there is no third rifle.

     Yu Shunzhou was frantically searching for valuable items, and Gao Yuan, after carrying both rifles on his body, shouted: "Fatty, how come there are only two guns? Isn't there three guns?"

     Yu Shunzhou yelled from the room: "Let's grab one."

     Gao Yuan immediately looked at Xiang Weiguo, who was on guard at the door, and Xiang Weiguo complexion big change, and said: "How can I say such an important thing now? Who robbed it!"Yu Shunzhou came out carrying the big bag that originally belonged to him, with the radio in his hand, and he said with a smile of joy: "There are no other things, nothing else to eat, these people are hungry."

     Gao Yuan grabbed Yu Shunzhou's clothes and said angrily: "Ask you who stole the third gun!"

     "I don’t know, they went out hunting a few days ago and they came back with a dog, but a big pit dog, they gave the dog to eat, and then a bitch went out and shit the day before yesterday, and he stabbed him in the back. , I also snatched the gun. For these two days, I and them have to wander around every day, trying to find the person who snatched the gun."

     Gao Yuan said anxiously: "Then you dare to hang around outside? You are not afraid of being shot to death? So big, you don't have to say anything earlier!"

     "Be alert! Xiaoyu, observe around us, there are people with guns threatening us, and warn us to shoot after finding out, do not directly attack, it is over."

     When Xiang Weiguo urgently confessed to Luo Xingyu, Yu Shunzhou said helplessly, "It's useless to say, we have searched around several times, I guess that person ran away early."

     Gao Yuan faced Xiang Wei Guodao: "What should I do?"

     Xiang Weiguo said with a calm face: "If the gunman is nearby and can see what we have done, he is probably not hostile to us. Let's leave him alone now."

     Looking around at the terrain, Xiang Weiguo immediately said: "Go and meet Xiaoyu first, and then we return the same way, moving fast."The three began to walk towards the hillside where Luo Xingyu was located. Gao Yuan and Xiang Weiguo walked on both sides, observing from both sides. As for behind, there was no need to worry too much, because Luo Xingyu would take care of them.

     On the hillside there's nothing about it tall vegetation, only low shrubs, not good for Tibetans, so it should be not a big problem.

     There were no zombies chasing, and I don't know if there are no zombies in the nearby village, or if the zombies did not hear the sound.

     The three of them finally merged with Luo Xingyu, and Xiang Weiguo said solemnly: "Someone is hiding around with a gun. They may be hostile to us, so don't delay, be vigilant and leave here quickly."