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56 Junjie
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan felt that Xiang Weiguo admired Jia Weidong very much, and it was the kind of appreciation that does not conceal.

     But just letting Jia Weidong go, Gao Yuan felt unacceptable, even if he snatched Jia Weidong's gun.

     "Uncle Xiang, just let him go?"

     Gao Yuan looked at Jia Weidong with enthusiasm, and looked at Weiguo towards Gao Yuan, with a look of helplessly said: "Just you and I still have light rain, do you think the three of us will carry him to Refuge's, is it possible? Can't you still hold the gun? Do you want more things? Besides, do you know the way? Do you know the location of Shimen Refuge's, reversibly know that the best way to go recently?

     After speaking, Xiang Weiguo looked at Jia Weidong again, and said: "You have to take responsibility for the person you injured. Carry the stretcher. If you send the person to the refuge, you will be fine. How about this requirement is not excessive. Right?"

     Gao Yuan felt that this requirement was not excessive, and if Yu Shunzhou couldn't die, he could really spare Jia Weidong, because the most important thing now was to save his life, as long as Yu Shunzhou's life was saved, everything was easy to say.

     Jia Weidong thought for a while, and then turned to Xiang Weiguo Road: "Okay, I don't need the gun anymore, knowing that you won't give it to me, you have to return it as the spear."

     Xiang Weiguo eyebrow raised and said: "Why, you still refuse to enter the shelter?"

     Jia Weidong said firmly with a face: "They say it is easier for dogs to carry Rabies Virus. Although they don’t know whether it is true or false, they will never allow dogs to enter the refuge, and they can’t get close, so I definitely won’t enter the refuge. ."

     Xiang Weiguo does not conceal his admiring eyes, he nodded and said: "Okay, you are also affectionate and true, then we won't force you, where is the dog?"Jia Weidong put out two fingers in his mouth, and made a loud whistle, and then the dog barked from far to near, and soon four big dogs ran over.

     "The white one is a bit that bites a dog and calls a big egg, and the smaller one is a bit string, which is called..."

     Yu Shunzhou said angrily: "Don't introduce your brother, I’m here hurting!"

     He shouted, knowing that he would rely on these people to save Yu Shunzhou and changed his face, looking at Gao Yuan, "Brother Yuan, can you feel sorry for me, brother, can you?"

     Gao Yuan felt embarrassed, he immediately said: "Wait, right now, right now!"

     Gao Yuan hurriedly chopped two branches back, but Jia Weidong said deeply: "The spear is not easy to handle. Use the spear and the stick once again."

     I took off two tops and made a simple stretcher. When Yu Shunzhou was put on it, Gao Yuan couldn't bear saying: "Thanks for you to lose a lot, or else you won't understand you, fat man, you can be considered a successful weight loss. Up."

     Yu Shunzhou said weakly and without strength: "It makes you lose weight even after the last meal."

     Luo Xingyu and Xiang Weiguo one after the other, Gao Yuan and Jia Weidong carried Yu Shunzhou, a few dogs wagging their tails, and followed them towards the path Jia Weidong pointed out.

     Now there is no need to say whether you want to go to Refuge's problem. People are like this. Of course, it is important to save your life. As for other problems, they are not a system problem and are not considered at all.

     "Oh, oh, it hurts, Jia Weidong, you..."

     Jia Weidong whispered: "If you dare to scold me, I will throw the stretcher, you try."Yu Shunzhou shut up immediately, which is called Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends.

     After Yu Shunzhou's feet, his head was facing Gao Yuan. Now he can't scold Jia Weidong. He looked at Gao Yuan and said in a low voice: "How is it?"

     "Very good, eat and drink, sleep warm and comfortable."

     Yu Shunzhou immediately said with a furious look: "The bastards took my things and asked Lao Tzu to give them will be very hard working. They ate less than chickens, slept later than dogs, worked more than cows, and killed them. They are cheaper for them."

     Jia Weidong said solemnly: "Well, it's not as good as my dog. My dog still has wild boar and badger meat. I can't finish it all."

     "You... can you shut up and talk to you!"

     Jia Weidong loosened his hand and Yu Shunzhou went down smoothly, but Jia Weidong immediately pulled up the stretcher again, and then he as if nothing had happened said: "My hands slipped."

     "I'll slip your uncle! Yuan brother, give me a gun, even if I die halfway, I have to shoot him first."

     Jia Weidong still said indifferently: "Do you know how to get to the shelter?"

     "Nonsense, of course I know!"

     "Will you take a shortcut? The 30 kilometers I said is also a shortcut. You have to make a bend around the road from Nangang to Shimen and go west? That's 60 kilometers, right?"

     Yu Shunzhou held his breath several times, and then he finally looked at Gao Yuan and said, "Where did you get your gun?"

     Gao Yuan felt helpless, and said: "Can you rest for a while, don't you hurt?"

     "It hurts, I only speak when I hurt."

     Xiang Weiguo indifferently said: "Speaking wastes energy, wastes energy and dies quickly."Yu Shunzhou hesitated for a moment, and finally closed his mouth.

     At this time, Gao Yuan finally felt that his hands were too tired. Once the stretcher was loosened, he quickly squeezed it, and then turned upside down.

     "Brother Yuan, do you follow him to fix me?"

     Gao Yuan hurriedly said: "I'm sorry that I slipped my hands. I really slipped my hands. You are too heavy, and you are still too heavy if you lose weight!"

     "I am now 180 pounds!"

     Jia Weidong whispered: "No wonder it's so heavy."

     There is no need for Yu Shunzhou to refute, Gao Yuan just cannot bear saying: "Can you not say death?"

     Jia Weidong was still polite to Gao Yuan. He looked back at Gao Yuan and said, "Brother, are you tired? Let's change heads."

     Gao Yuan suddenly felt that the young man Jia Weidong was quite polite and sensible.

     The upper body is lifted high, which must be heavier. Now Jia Weidong is willing to change with him. That is really seek but fail to get.

     Xiang Weiguo looked at Gao Yuan, and said, "Change me to lift?"

     "No, change your head first."

     The stretcher was put down, Gao Yuan and Jia Weidong changed directions, but Jia Weidong refused to put Yu Shunzhou in front of him like Gao Yuan. He turned the side of Yu Shunzhou's head upside down and said, "Brother, I'm going to go ahead. I don't want to watch. Hold him."

     Yu Shunzhou said angrily: "Ciao! You think I like to look at you! You fucking target me like that? What does it mean? I didn't eat your dog!"

     Puff, puff...

      With two abruptly arising sounds, Jia Weidong let out two long farts, and immediately made Yu Shunzhou shut his mouth.

     And after two long farts, Jia Weidong said deeply: "I don't believe it!"Gao Yuan is helpless, because Jia Weidong is secure in the knowledge that one has backing. If you want Yu Shunzhou to survive, you can only rely on Jia Weidong to lead the way and help others.

     Carrying a stretcher is really hard work. Now Jia Weidong is just stimulating Yu Shunzhou, and he can fart two at most.

     The key is that Jia Weidong walks really fast, so he has to speed up and follow along.

     Finally, Yu Shunzhou fell asleep, which ended his pain, at least it was better than the psychological and physical pain when he was awake.

     From morning until dark, changing people to rest all the way, Gao Yuan finally saw a light.

     Jia Weidong stopped and said: "The refuge is here. Just stay here. If you go further, this dog can't pass. If you see it, you will be killed. I won't go forward."