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"Of course I can make a knife. If I don't know how to make a knife, I can still call a knifesmith."

     Gao Yuan seemed very confident. Wang Hu liked Gao Yuan's confident appearance. He beckoned and said, "Come, sit down and say, how do you make a knife?"

     Gao Yuan shrugged and said: "This problem is too broad, there are too many ways to make knives. I don't know at all how to answer your question. In short, you can forge or sharpen the knife to make knives or forge. It's the blacksmith's method. Just punch out the knife with steel and finally quench it. In this grinding method, cut the steel plate into a knife shape and then quench it, or directly grind a knife with the heat-treated steel plate."

     To use a knife to the Weiguoguo, Wang Hu is a soldier who must have used a knife, but they can use a knife, but they don’t necessarily know how to make a knife. One reason.

     Wang Hu was nodded, he smiled bitterly and said: "I know that the bayonet is made by the arsenal, but how do the arsenal do it, then I don’t know. Now, we are thinking about how to solve your volunteers’ weapons, using guns? We soldiers are all experts, but if you want to use cold weapons, then we have to think about it. Xiangli is an expert in cold weapons, and you are an expert in cold weapons. So, let your opinions prevail. "

     Xiang Weiguo made a gesture to Gao Yuan, motioning him to listen first.

     "What I think is that a group needs two long knives, which can cut people into two with one knife."Xiang Weiguo made a slashing action, and then he said in a deep voice, "Stabbing to death and slashing, but I will not repeat the characteristics of zombies. For zombies, it is a long knife that can guarantee One Strike One Kill. The most suitable."

     Wang Hu repeatedly nodded and continued Xiang Weiguo: "Also, zombies are not humans. They don't know how to avoid or fight back. So in order to ensure the power, the knife can be appropriately heavier and longer."

     Xiang Weiguo's remarks were mainly for Gao Yuan, because he and Wang Hu had already discussed it.

     Gao Yuan nodded, said: "Uncle Xiang, Commander Wang, I understand what you mean, you called me to come, just want me to tell me how to do this knife."

     Wang Hu smiled and said: "It's not how to do it, but how to do it simply. It must be based on our existing conditions and can be done on a large scale."

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "The forging method can be ruled out. Forging has lower requirements for raw materials, whether it is long or short, round and square, as long as it is made of steel, it can be used to make knives. It can be made by iron-clamped steel. For example, construction steel bars are fine. The raw materials are definitely easier to find, but the problem is that there are no blacksmiths and mass production is impossible."

     "Well, talk about an easier way."

     Gaoyuan plan in advance, he doesn't need to think about it at all, because he has done the same thing too much.

     "The easiest way is to use car spring plates. This is the easiest material to find? You can even use iron plates with sufficient thickness. Of course, steel plates are the best. Is there any?"

     Wang Hu shook his head and said, "No, the spring plate is the most readily available, but is the performance of the spring plate okay?""Absolutely no problem. Spring steel belongs to manganese steel. As long as the heat treatment passes, the toughness is very good, and the hardness is also very good. The only problem is rust."

     Gao Yuan is now plan in advance. He smiled and said, "Look for vans and small trucks. The thickness and length of the spring plates can be used directly. The spring plates of large trucks are too thick and wide, and it is more troublesome to process."

     "Talk about specific processing conditions and requirements."

     "It's very simple, first fully anneal the spring plate, and then find a way to cut into the required shape..."

     "Wait, don't say it so fast, tell me more in detail, how to cut into the required shape?"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said, "Wire cutting, water cutting, gas welding, or even angle grinders. If it burns red, press it with a punch. Use whatever you can find. I think the most feasible way now is gas welding, right? "

     Wang Hu wrote Gao Yuan’s words on the notebook with a pen, and then he said very happily: "Yes, nothing else is difficult to solve, but we do have this acetylene gas welding, as well as the gas welding of liquefied petroleum gas. This is good, this definitely no problem!"

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "Okay, gas welding cuts out the shape, and then polishes it with a grinding wheel. The blade comes out, and then gas welding is still used. Of course, electric welding is also possible. Weld the blade and the iron pipe together, and a knife comes out ."

     Wang Hu dazed for a moment again, saying: "It's very simple!"Gao Yuan Tan said: "Of course it is simple, it is not difficult at first, this kind of knife must be ugly, but do you believe that the performance is at the level of a treasure sword in ancient times? Also, it is better that this kind of long knife does not need to be sharpened. It’s too sharp. Let me just put it simply. It can be used by grinding the edge directly with a grinding wheel. There is no need for fine grinding at all, saving time and labor."

     Wang Hu faced Gao Yuan nodded and said: "I think it is very feasible, then you are responsible for making the knife how is it?"

     "Okay, in fact, these are very simple. Once taught, you can arrange for someone to watch me do it last time. However, some requirements must be met. For example, the quenching step is very demanding, but I think some of the survivors must be engaged. For those who work in heat treatment, it would be nice to find someone who specializes in heat treatment."

     Wang Hu smiled and said: "You and Xiang team will decide on the knife shape. I am responsible for arranging the manpower and equipment for you. After the equipment is in place, start working on it, so that you can have weapons available earlier. Xiao Gao, you have given a very mature one. The solution, good!"

     Gao Yuan exhaled and said helplessly: "It must be mature. I played it like this in the beginning. The simplest material and the simplest way to make a knife."

     "I'm just curious, you've always been a knifesmith?"

     Gao Yuan shook the head, helplessly said: "I wanted to be a swordsman, but unfortunately it didn't work, so I had to go to work in the end."

     "Why not? Break the law?"

     "It's not against the law, it's because the courier doesn't send it..."

     Wang Hu was somewhat stunned and said: "Why do you have to send it out?"

     "Because it was bought by a non-local knife friend, there are only a few local knife friends."Wang Hu still didn't understand, Gao Yuan smiled and said, "The knives we play are different. They are high-end products. You thought I made pig-killing knives for dozens of dollars. That's fine. "

     Wang Hu became more curious, and said, "High-end? How high-end is it?"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Well, I'll sell it for a few thousand yuan. I don't make long swords and long swords. If long swords and long swords are more expensive, I am not good at it."

     Wang Hu was extremely surprised. He looked surprised and said: "A short knife is several thousand yuan? That is indeed high-end."

     A typical reaction of non-knife friends, Gao Yuan smiled and said: "Play, what you play is expensive."

     Wang Hu looked incomprehensible and unacceptable, but he still said with a gratified expression: "Going back to the topic, I have been worrying about this knife for a few days. Now I finally have a mature solution. Gao Yuan, tomorrow you Start making knives, try to make a few of them, and choose a useful promotion, is it okay?"