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91 Military Orders
    Author: Unknown
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There are still many questions, and even the most critical ones have not been asked, but now, it is not the time to patronize and ask questions.

     Wang Hu made up his mind, and after preliminary contact, he had already made a judgment.

     "Liu Yaozhong."


     "Send my order, Shimen Second Refuge will immediately enter the first level of combat readiness."

     "Li Zhi."


     "Contact the Supreme Command immediately, use all means, and use the code name Suguang contact password, so that the Supreme Command can support me at all costs. If necessary, please inform the Supreme Command of the specific location. Remember, the code name Suguang, and call in plain language."


     "Repeat the order!"

     "Contact the Supreme Command, code name Shuguang, call in plain language."

     "OK, executing command."

     Wang Hu looked at the officers at all levels, and then he said with a calm face: "When the excitement sees this place, it should be gone, enter the first-level combat readiness state, stand by each, Liu Siming.


     "Lead the guard platoon, guard here, protect our alien friends, uh... Zhou Shaoqiang."


     "Lead the Red Third Company and keep me outside this meeting room to protect my alien friends."


      At this time, Gao Yuan experienced Wang Hu's demeanor as a brigade commander.

     Once making a firm resolution, Wang Hu’s approach showed what is called pass like thunder and move like the wind. After realizing the value of Galaxy, he also immediately made a choice.

     "Old Xiang."

      "Present!"Xiang Weiguo has a higher rank than Wang Hu, but Wang Hu is the highest commanding officer here, so when Wang Hu gives an order, what Xiang Weiguo has to do is also executing command without the slightest hesitation.

     "Lead the volunteers into the combat state and tell the volunteers who saw Galaxy to learn to keep secret! This is a dead order. If you think that is unreliable, I authorize you to take all measures. This news must be blocked. I will not Worry, I am worried that the volunteers will leak news."

     "Yes! It is guaranteed that no news will be leaked!"

     When Xiang Weiguo said that he would not leak the news, it was clenching the teeth. Gao Yuan wanted to go back and remind Zhang Zhe that this time can be 10 million by all means. Don’t be a big mouth. There is no joke in the army. Wang Hu is the highest. The commanding officer gave a death order not to disclose the information, so whoever dares to go back and talk nonsense is really going to happen.

     Wang Hu exhaled, said: "Correspondent."


     "Can a wired phone work?"

     "The head of the report, the wired telephone can be used, the trial contact has been conducted, and it is not affected by the nuclear explosion.",Wang Hu without the slightest hesitation said: "Order the artillery units to enter the first-level combat readiness state, tell them that now when the enemy has attacked the area of my refuge, as long as the order comes, no matter where it is hit, the shells must be given. I fell down accurately. Also, even if zombies arrive at the artillery position, they are not allowed to give me up. If you can shoot one more shell, you will give me one more shell. All kinds of shells are ready for battle, and the shells are loaded. The 24 hours must be on duty, whether it is a day, a week, or a year! As long as the first-level combat readiness status is not cancelled, even if I die, I have to die on the gun! Just say that!"


     "Did you write it down?"

     "Report chief, note it down."

     "Show it to me."

     Wang Hu said over there that the correspondent quickly wrote down on paper. This is the most stupid method, but it is also the safest method.

     Wang Hu had to pass the shorthand of the correspondent. After reading it quickly, after thinking about it, he took out a pen and scribbled a few words on the paper.

     "I am serving the country in this battle. Whether or not I belong to Wang Hu, whoever dares to drop me at the crucial moment, I will kill him by myself!"

     Handing the shorthand notebook to the correspondent, Wang Hu said with a calm face: "Don't change a word. If someone asks something, you just say that Wang Hu said it. If you die in this battle, you won't lose money. Many said, go to contact."


     The correspondent took the shorthand notebook and ran forward. At this time, there were no soldiers left in the conference room.

     But Gao Yuan still stood still.Wang Hu exhaled and said solemnly: "The political commissar and the chief of staff stay, and the two experts also stay. The others..."

     Wang Hu suddenly looked at Gao Yuan and said, "Why are you still here?"

     Gao Yuan said anxiously: "The report chief, I am the first person to see Galaxy. I still have key questions to ask."

     "Oh, what are you asking, ask!"

     Gao Yuan immediately looked at Xinghe and said, "When I first saw you, there was a halo behind your head, but now there is no halo, why?"

     "Because after my spacecraft was destroyed, I lost my power source. The main engine of the spacecraft provided energy for my mecha. The halo you said was my power antenna. Now I have lost the main energy source. Standby energy."

     Gao Yuan said in a deep voice: "How long can the spare energy be used?"

     Xinghe did not hesitantly said: "Earth time, using full power for 20 hours, only basic functions can be used for 1600 hours, my current use method, 240 hours of continuous use."

     Gao Yuan was somewhat surprised, and said: "So short?"


     Xinghe didn't mean to explain, so Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "That means your spacecraft is like a signal tower, but the signal is energy. As long as you can receive the signal, you have a steady flow motivation."


     "How far is it?"

     "Earth unit, one hundred and four hundred kilometers."

     Wang Hu also couldn't bear took a breath of air-conditioning, while Gao Yuan said from Cautious and solemn: "So... is your energy source electricity? Can we provide you with energy?"This problem is critical, really critical.

     But Xinghe's answer disappointed Gao Yuan.


     "Then what is?"

     Galaxy is silent for a moment, and then he said: "It cannot be interpreted in the way of geophysics. I will try to explain that light has wave-particle duality in geophysics. This statement is accurate but incomplete, and the energy we use The source is the movement of particles, but this kind of particles is not among the more than 400 kinds of particles that have been discovered on the earth. The main engine of my spacecraft is a...more complete nuclear reactor. When I use the energy on the spacecraft...transmission device When doing long-distance Energy Transfer, my energy is transmitted in the form of waves with almost no loss. In general, I cannot use the existing vocabulary of Earth Civilization to explain it to you."

     Wang Hu wanted to speak, but Gao Yuan said anxiously: "Then you mean that the earth's nuclear physics is still in the Primary Stage, and our use of nuclear energy is also in the Primary Stage?"

     "Yes, it's not the Primary Stage, it's the most primitive stage. You saw the door, but you haven't touched the door yet. I explain it this way and hope you can understand."

     "Understand! Now a very important question, can our planet's nuclear weapons pose a threat to the Oryxians!"

     Wang Hu was a bit annoyed by Gao Yuan at first, but after hearing this problem, he immediately thought Gao Yuan had asked a very critical question.