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92 Dawn
    Author: Unknown
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Xinghe was silent for a long time this time. After a minute, Xinghe said in a very exciting tone: "Yes!"

     In an instant, Gao Yuan felt his body lightened and began to float into the sky.

     "It is possible in theory, but not in practice. According to my understanding of the earth’s nuclear bombs, this is one of the ultimate ways to utilize nuclear energy. Although the utilization is incomplete, the route is correct, but the only problem is that the delivery method is too much. Being backward, for any civilization that has mastered space flight, your nuclear bomb cannot pose a threat to it."

     The heart that has just begun to float is landed again. Gao Yuan and Wang Hu are in the same mood. A word of disappointment cannot be summarized at all.

     Gao Yuan looked at Wang Hu, then he dazed said: "Then how can we use nuclear weapons to threaten the serpent man?"

     Xinghe continued to use a very exciting tone: "The damage effects that reach the speed of light are effective, such as electromagnetic radiation, such as light radiation, but any spacecraft that can fly long distances in the universe has protective measures, so the effect is not great."

     The tone and content of the speech are completely irrelevant. Gao Yuan demons and gods at work said: "Can you choose the tone of speech? You should change to a calm tone to speak. This tone is uncomfortable to hear."

     Xinghe said in a very calm tone: "Is the mode I chose wrong? Sorry, I thought it would make you feel better."

     "It's better to talk like this. You said it is dangerous. What does it mean?"Xinghe spoke in a serious tone, saying: "When a high-level civilization is involved, the serpent people may choose to leave the earth, or they may choose to speed up the attack. Judging from the hostility and aggressive behavior of the serpent people towards me, they are more likely to choose Speed up the attack."

     "That's the question, what offensive methods does the serpent man have?"

     Well, Gao Yuan asked another very important question. Wang Hu, who wanted to speak, chose silence again and listened to Xinghe's answer intently.

     "Orochi’s expedition team has limited offensive methods. Their main method of occupying a planet is Genetic Weapon, supplemented by bio weapons. However, using the basic facilities of space flight, they can use...microwaves to remove all objects that may cause threats. Shattered in a very short time, molecular-level smashing effect. Similarly, if they find me, they only need to send a small aircraft to aim at me and use microwave irradiation, then I will be within one hundred one in four seconds of earth time. Decomposition, molecular level decomposition, but this kind of microwave consumes very much energy. In order to ensure long-distance flight, the snake people will not use Microwave Weapon at will when they cannot obtain new energy."

     "How far is it?"

     "The distance is controllable, and the energy consumption increases exponentially as the distance increases. It is impossible to accurately determine the launch distance of the Orochiman's weapon."

     Both Wang Hu and his chief of staff felt that they had acquired an extremely critical piece of information, military information, and then the two of them faced nodded.

     Gao Yuan smiled bitterly. At this time, Wang Hu coughed softly and said to Gao Yuan: "You know too much."

     Gao Yuan was shocked, and then he smiled bitterly: "Is it too late for me to leave right away?"Wang Hu spread his hands and said, "You have been following Lao Xiang for a long time. I believe you know the importance and necessity of confidentiality."

     "I know, I will never talk nonsense, absolutely never talk."

     Wang Hu smiled and said, "Go back to the team."


     Gao Yuan turned around and left. Although he still has too many questions to ask, the sentence you know too much is too scary.

     Gao Yuan turned to leave, but Xinghe said from behind, "Are you going to leave? But you didn't say goodbye."

     Stopped, then turned around, Gao Yuan waved his hand at Xinghe, and said, "I'm sorry, I'm glad to meet you, I'm really glad to see you, goodbye."

     Xinghe also waved his hand and said, "You are the first person I have communicated with since I came to Earth. My name is Xinghe. I am very glad to meet you. Have a good time, thank you, and goodbye."

     "My name is Gao Yuan... It's nice to meet you, happy, goodbye."

     Xinghe was very polite. He still had some differences to the first people on earth he saw, but these differences were not enough to make Wang Hu leave Gaoyuan behind.

     Gao Yuan left, and there were only five people left in the conference room, plus one Galaxy.

     Wang Hu thought for a while, and said to his chief of staff: "Xinghe's situation is still quite dangerous. We must send him to the highest command as soon as possible."

     "Of course."

     Wang Hu sighed and said, "I think our defensive strength is still a bit weak. Should we ask for help?"The common saying says that the staff does not have the chief, and the fart does not sound, but the position of the chief of staff of the brigade has already arrived, so Wang Hu must respect the opinion of the chief of staff when considering combat operations.

     The Chief of Staff's surname is Xu, and he said without the slightest hesitation: "Brigade Commander, do you think we are more important than Xinghe?"

     Wang Hu smiled and said, "Does this still need to be asked? Of course Galaxy is important."

     "Where is our refuge?"

     "Uh, Galaxy is more important..."

     "Where is the entire Shimen?"

     Wang Hu did not hesitate. He nodded and said: "I understand what you mean, the whole Shimen, no, even if it is half of the Shenzhou, it is still not as important as Xinghe. This is a bit frustrating, but we can't fight it alone. Retreat, since Xinghe is our only hope, then Xinghe is naturally the most important."

     Chief of Staff Xu said seriously: "Then I don't need to say more, brigade commander, everything is important to the safety of Galaxy."

     Wang Hu stopped/stood, he smiled at Xinghe and said, "Please wait a minute, you two will talk to Xinghe again, I will make a call."

     Wang Hu hurriedly left the conference room and came to the combat communication room.

     Now the computer has no internet, no TV signal, and no broadcast, but communication is not a must.

     At least the military retains the extremely rare magnet phone.

     The communication room is very busy. Half of the dozen or so telephones are in use. There is no manual switch or automatic telephone switch. There is no effect of dialing a number to reach someone. .The telephone here is a magnet telephone, and two telephones are connected to a dedicated line. The usage is the kind that can be used after picking it up and shaking it.

     It is primitive, backward, but also very reliable. Although the communication distance is relatively short, it can continue to talk as long as the line is continuous. However, the explosion of Galaxy's spacecraft did not affect the magnet phone.

     Therefore, the two refuges in Shimen, as well as the refuge and artillery positions can still be contacted by telephone.

     Wang Hu picked up a special line phone and shook it. After the other party was connected, he said in a deep voice, "Hey, I am the second Wang Hu. I am looking for Comrade Chen Peng, the head of one of you, no matter where he is and what he is doing. , Let him call me back within three minutes, most urgent."

     After speaking, Wang Hu hung up the phone, and he paced back and forth in the communication room, which made the people in charge of communication all speak much quieter.

     After a short while, that is, two minutes, the phone rang.

     The communication room must be not far from the commander, otherwise would it be very inconvenient.

     Wang Hu grabbed the phone and said solemnly: "I, Wang Hu."

     "I'm Chen Peng, what are you talking about?"

     Wang Hu takes a deep breath deeply, saying: "Chief, let me just say, the sun rising in the eastern sky, the dawn is beginning, I am now..."

     Wang Hu is a colonel and Chen Peng is a major general.

     "What did you say? You say it again, are you serious?"

     "Really! Seriously, really serious!"

     "Good! Good! Great! You go on!"

     "I want to support."

     "No problem! Full support, I will support you even if I don’t have any underwear! I'm serious too!"Wang Hu thought for a while and said, "You have someone from the special forces brigade, right..."

     "Yes! A big team! Give it all to you! Need manpower? Is it enough for me to give you half? Not enough, I give you all the people!"

     "No, give me all the people in the special operations team, I don't want other personnel, I only need the special operations team, but I want your full firepower, and the range can reach my side. Now aim directly at my coordinates! Enough! If you can't, you can maneuver the heavy firepower to within the range, okay?"

     "Two towed 155 artillery regiments, one self-propelled artillery regiment, one long-range rocket artillery regiment, and one 122 rocket artillery regiment. All the heavy firepower assigned to me is given to you! Give you tanks and armored vehicles too, useful!"

     "No, long-range firepower is needed. When mobilizing, the action should be as small as possible. You have the coordinates of my one, but I cannot establish direct contact and command system for a short time. If fire support is needed, I can only order through your side for the time being. Now, Chief, I'm ready for the first level!"

     "I will immediately enter the first level of combat readiness! Fully cooperate with you, support you, Lao Wang, Wang Hu!"


     "I don’t ask what you are, but you definitely don’t drop the chain, Shuguang... I don’t ask, I will tell you a word, I can support you undefended, but you want to drop the chain. I...I broke you!"

     "You don't need to collapse me, I collapsed myself. Chief, you should understand who I am, Wang Hu.""I know your armored tiger, but this... well, I believe you, Wang Hu, let me say one more thing. All the troops of my one can support you. My division and all the assisting troops will be given to you. , It’s okay for my teacher to give you a hand, as long as you need it, don’t be polite. I don’t know what’s going on on your side and I won’t guess anymore. I only ask you one thing, just one thing, keep Our dawn!"

     Just now, the Galaxy's spacecraft exploded. It is conservatively estimated that half of China knows about it. So Chen Peng said that if he didn't guess, he would probably understand that the destiny of mankind had a turning point, otherwise he will not so happy.

     The refuge for hundreds of thousands of people can be left undefended just to keep the light on.

     A ray of light in the darkness.

     Wang Hu deeply takes a deep breath and whispered: "Lao Chen, I use my friend's identity to say to you, I don't know at what time dawn, but when there is dawn, then it is not far from dawn."

     "I understand."

     "Hang up, you can transfer as soon as possible."

     "I understand, Pharaoh, thank you."

     Chen Peng took out everything he could hold, but he thanked Wang Hu.

     And Wang Hu also said no trace of politeness: "You're welcome, goodbye."